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Mango Ice Candy

Ice Candy is one of the best treats to have during summertime in the Philippines. Who wouldn’t want to have something cold and sweet as you sweat because of the scorching heat in the summer?

Mango Ice Candy is one of the bestsellers flavor when it comes to ice candy. It is a season of Mangoes during summer that’s why it’s cheaper. Many ice candy sellers include mangoes in their flavors. Today, I’m gonna show you how to make Mango Ice Candy.

Mango Ice Candy Recipe


✔️1kg ripe mangoes
✔️2 liters water
✔️1 condensed milk 390g
✔️1 evaporated milk 370ml
✔️1 1/2 cup sugar (adjust as needed)
✔️1 cup cassava flour (or cornstarch)
✔️Food color egg yellow (optional)


1. Boil 2 liters water.

2. Chop the mangoes. Put in a blender. Add 1/2 can of the evaporated milk. Blend until smooth. Set aside.

3. In boiling water, add condensed milk, half can of the evaporated milk and sugar. Mix well. Add the blended mangoes and food color. Let it simmer in low heat.

4. Dissolve cassava flour in 1 cup of water. Make sure there’s no lumps. Add to the boiling mixture. Mix well. Let it simmer for 5 minutes.

5. Turn off heat and let it cool cool completely.

6. Once cooled down, put in ice candy plastic bags. Use funnel to put the mixture inside the bags. Tie and secure the ending tightly. Freeze overnight.


  • The purpose of cassava flour is to make the texture smooth and creamy (not icy) when you freeze the ice candy. This will give the texture similar to ice cream.
  • If you don’t have cassava flour, you can use cornstarch as alternative.
  • Make sure to cool the mixture completely before putting in the plastic bags to prevent early spoilage or bursting the plastic.
  • Keep it frozen. It can last up to 2 weeks to 1 month depending on the preparation and storage.
  • If you don’t have ice candy plastic bags, you can put these in ice cream molders or plastic cups to be frozen.

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