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Curly Tops

Curly Tops, or rather “Ricoa Curly Tops” as the products are under the brand ‘RICOA’ a popular chocolate company from the Philippines, and is actually the first chocolate factory founded in the Philippines. The chocolate with the tagline ‘Rich chocolate for chocolate lovers’ is a smooth and silky delicious darker roasted cocoa chocolate poured over small cupcake liners or wrapped in foil, packed in plastic packages or boxed. You can find them sold in grocery stores, sari-sari stores, eaten as is, added into baked goods for bites of nostalgia, made into a drink, or bought to fill up kid’s party bags or Christmas stockings.

Ricoa Curly Tops

A short Introduction

The Curly Tops candy or chocolate pieces are part of the Ricoa chocolate line that they have produced. Ricoa or written as ‘RICOA’ are part of the Commonwealth Foods (Philfood Division) has a line of different products, others being their own line of cocoa powders, syrups, other named products under Ricoa are Rico Nutes, Big Tops, Mini Choco Rice Puffs, and Flat Tops which were one of the chocolate snack brand’s main competitor in the early days. Both of the brands (Curly Tops and Flat Tops) were produced for more than 50 years starting from 1956 in Mandaluyong city. Still holding a strong hand within the industry even as an influx of a number of foreign chocolate brands.

While the ingredients list do change throughout the years, right now the known ingredients for Curly Tops are made of milk powder, refined cane sugar, whey, soy lecithin, oils (hydrogenated palm and palm kernel oil), cocoa powder, vanillin, iodized salt, and cinnamon powder. One should also note that these are produced in a factory that also uses cashew nuts and peanuts, Curly Tops are considered halal are packaged or placed in small yellow cupcake liners with a slight swirl on top then placed in a slim box, these are used for the packaging for the 12’s and 24’s pieces. While the other packaging with 10’s, 30’s and 100’s are typically made with the chocolate wrapped in plastic or light gold colored foil with the logo ‘RICOA’ embedded in the middle or a flattened top, and are packed in large plastic. The box and plastic are covered with the brand’s colors of white, red-orange, blue, and purple with a light gold line on the side.

A great snack, or gift for anyone. Sold as “A rich chocolate for chocolate lovers”, this nostalgic irresistibly rich tasting milk chocolate is so good you won’t be able to stop in just one piece!

Ricoa Curly Tops box packaging in store


What are the differences between Flat Tops and Curly Tops?

  1. Flat Tops are lighter in color. Curly Tops are smoother and darker in color and are said to be because of having more cocoa powder or using darker roasted cocoa beans.
  2. Curly Tops are smoother and softer in texture, while Flat Tops texture-wise are a bit harder, making these a bit harder to melt unless one would use direct heat.
  3. Curly Tops have a slight saltiness and taste a bit darker while Flat tops are sweeter.
  • Curly tops price philippines (as of 2023):
    • 10 pieces are around Php 17 – 19
    • 12 pieces are around Php 23 – 25
    • 15 pieces are around Php 27
    • 24 pieces are around Php 44 – 46
    • 30 pieces or 150 grams are around Php 53
    • 100 pieces or 500 grams are around Php 160 – 221
  • Curly tops calories: are around 80 calories per serving of 3 pieces (15 grams).
Ricoa Curly Tops plastic packaging in store

Curly Tops Recipes:

Ricoa Curly Tops opened chocolate pice outside packaging

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