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Flat Tops

Flat Tops is a milk chocolate candy that many Filipinos have fond childhood memories of. Created by the Philippine based company RICOA, who were also the first to create chocolate in the Philippines. Each pack contains around 30 to 100 pieces made of milk solids, hydrogenated vegetable fats (Palm oil and Palm Kernel oil), emulsifier (Soya Lecithin), refined sugar, cocoa powder, iodized salt, cinnamon, and vanillin. Shaped like a flattened dome, these do not have cocoa butter which results in a slightly waxy smooth texture, this milk chocolate is subtly sweet and mild in taste.

Flat Tops

A short Introduction

This milk chocolate comes in the iconic brown and red-orange packaging, sold by 30’s or 100’s packs. Each milk chocolate has the ‘RICOA’ name embossed on the flattened top, is individually wrapped in thin foil that’s decorated with the logo name in the middle, and the ends colored with the iconic red-orange. The Flat Tops chocolate company is RICOA under the Philfoods Division of ComFoods (Commonwealth Foods, Inc.) from Mandaluyong Philippines. The brand RICOA started in 1956, was the first company to manufacture chocolate in the Philippines, and created the then childhood treat Flat Tops and its supposed rival Curly Tops. although made by the same company, both do have some differences, aside from the shape of one looking like a flattened dome and the other looking like a flat mini cupcake-Curly Tops, which back then had a swirl design over the chocolate thus the name, but was re-made to fit the machinery for the new packaging. The two also have different flavor profiles, with the amount of cocoa powder, sugar and salt in the formula that differentiates it with one another as said by Comfoods Inc.

RICOA Flat Tops chocolate ingredients are composed of Milk Solids, Hydrogenated Vegetable Fats (Palm oil and Palm Kernel oil), Emulsifiers (E476 and Soya Lecithin) refined sugar, iodized salt, cocoa powder, vanillin and cinnamon. The texture of the chocolate is a bit waxy from the lack of cocoa butter that was removed due to the high temperatures of the Philippines’ tropical climate. These help keep it from melting or softening at room temperature, compared to ‘real chocolate’. Though these can still melt in high heat for example in a microwave, oven, or any other heat source.

While many adults and kids still do eat and these, find them in their goodie bags, or buy a whole pack in the store as a quick snack, you can also find innovative recipes made by many. 

Flat Tops in grocery store

Flat Tops recipes

Flat Tops packaging wrapped unwrapped open

Questions :

  • Flat Tops chocolate calories? Flat Tops calories are around 80 calories for 3 pieces (15 grams), with 5 grams of fats and 1 gram of protein.
  • Flat Tops vs Curly Tops? The difference between Flat Tops and Curly Tops is that Curly Tops have a darker color and are said to have more cocoa or a darker roast of cocoa beans used, and are a bit more smooth and subtly saltier. While the other milk chocolate is lighter in color and are a tad bit harder which keeps them from melting easily, and is slightly sweeter.
  • Where to buy Flat Tops chocolate? You can find them in almost all grocery stores in the Philippines, online stores, outside or abroad you can find them in Filipino or Asian stores.
  • Flat Tops prices: for 30 pcs (its around 55 to 75 pesos), and 100 pcs (is around 209 pesos or more).
  • Is Flat Tops chocolate halal? Yes these are.
Flat Tops unwrapped open

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