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Ube Cheese Ice Cream

Ube Cheese Ice Cream is a ube flavoured ice cream made with all purpose cream, condensed milk, cheese and ube flavour, and is a real favourite in Philippines. This rich presentation of velvety ice cream infused with bits of cheese is just as promising as its taste.

Cheesy Ube Ice Cream

Cheesy ube is a highly trending flavor during this time of pandemic. From breads like ube cheese pandesal to rice cakes like puto to simple snacks like ube cheese sticks, you name it. Good news is that you can now taste this flavor with ice creams. While ube and cheese are already yummy as individual flavor option of ice cream, what more if these two are combined into one!

Based on legendary origin myths, the first ever flavor of ice cream is simply wine and honey. An Emperor in China collected ice from the mountains and add the flavors to make the earliest sorbet. Now, it is best known to be delicious snack made from dairy milk infused with different flavors to satisfy cold cravings under extreme hot weather. Its flavor is multiplying over time, ranging from fruits like mango, strawberry, avocado, or additives like cocoa, vanilla, cheese, purple yam, and many more!

In the Philippines, an array of odd but surprisingly delicious combinations of ice cream flavors await you. Flavors like purple yam or ube, coconut, jackfruit, or even a spicy one if you are lucky.You will see vendors peddling wooden carts of the traditional sorbetes contained in metal cannisters. I remember when I was a kid, my mom consistently promises me to buy this yummy treat as reward for behaving properly during the day. So, it became my childhood habit to look forward to every afternoon when the sound of ice cream vendor’s bell is nearing our house.

How to Make Cheesy Ube Ice Cream

To have this delicious flavor in your ice cream, you need to look for ube flavorings. You can use the liquid one and an ube-flavored condensed milk for best taste results. As for the cheese, you can choose whatever type that suits your liking. Also, you might want to chill the all-purpose cream overnight to create thicker consistency as you make the ice cream in the morning.

Start the procedure by beating the chilled cream in a big bowl using a stand mixer. The texture should be doubled after a few minutes of whipping. Now, add the ube essences such as the liquid drops and condensed milk. Continue beating the mixture then add half a cup of  grated cheese. Slowly stir and fold the mixture. Get a separate container to transfer the composition into and spread it out presentably. Chill for hours until the texture gets firm and cold. Indulge!

Ube Cheese Ice Cream

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  • 2 cans/packs all-purpose cream (or 500ml whipping cream)

  • 1 can condensed milk (300 ml ube-flavor)

  • Ube-liquid flavor (Ferna brand or any brand)

  • 1/2 cup grated cheese


  • In a bowl, beat the chilled all-purpose cream using a hand mixer until it gets double in volume.
  • Add the ube-flavored condensed milk and a few drops of ube liquid flavoring. Whip the mixture completely using a mixer.
  • After that, add half a cup of grated cheese. Mix well.
  • Transfer the mixture to a freezer-safe container. Freeze for at least 6 hours. Serve and enjoy!


  • When using all-purpose cream, it is better to put it in the chiller a night before you make the ice cream. Chilled cream can make more stable consistency when whisking.
  • Instead of all-purpose cream, you can use whipping cream or heavy cream as alternative.
  • If you ube-flavored condensed milk is not available, you can use ube flavoring. Add as needed.

Watch How to Make Cheesy Ube Ice Cream

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