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Pan Fried Chicken thighs

Pan fried Chicken thighs are really scrumptious chicken dish and this filipino version is made by frying chicken thighs in a pan with garlic powder, butter, pepper, paprika, oil, salt and farnished with parsley. his quick and easy Pan Fried Chicken thighs recipe isn’t only delicious it just takes a more or less 10 minutes to do and you’re ready to eat it with a bowl of rice or aside of roasted potatoes.

Why do people love chicken?

Chicken has remained stocked in our freezers for many a reason. It’s a healthier choice compared to other canned goods or red or dark meat; it has a reputation for being a good source of protein, its easy and convenient to cook and store, almost all groceries, supermarkets, wet markets, and online stores have these in stock, its usually cheaper than beef, pork, or sometimes fishes. You don’t always need a complicated cooking technique or recipe to impress or create a dish out from. Chicken are so versatile that you can even buy a can of pasta or pesto and fry them with the chicken, prepare a soup with the chicken stock and chicken bones or chicken with bones and add seasoning and other vegetables to create a warm savory broth of chicken soup, there’s really less need to making sure the meat is soft and tender compared to beef that needs to be stewed chicken just need to be cooked in minutes, and just with a few ingredients you can bake or cook different cuisines using a number of ingredients with the chicken as a base.

Chicken can be considered as the non-time consuming meat. When people look for easy to do healthy and wholesome meal, you’ll be sure to see chicken as one of the listed recopies to recreate. 

Chicken health benefits and Pan Fried Chicken thighs

Chicken is one of the most popular dishes in the world for kids and adults alike. Not only is it delicious it also has a list f health benefits. Some health benefits includes being a good source of protein and less fats which helps build muscles, you’ll notice that people who want to bulk up would add chicken to almost every part of their meal or consume a lot in their diet. Aside from protein chicken also has minerals like calcium and phosphorus that keep the bones healthy, it also has selenium which helps lower the risk for arthritis.

Aside form bone strength other helpful nutrients chicken has are Vitamin B5 and Tryptophan which helps in reducing stress, this is because these two things help calm the body and help ‘induce happiness’  to the body. Magnesium, which is also present in the chicken also help with reducing PMS symptoms, for men the zinc in chicken help regulate testosterone level, chicken also boosts immunity that helps remedy the sick from flue and common colds and other infections. This can be proved by the usual chicken soup for the soul recipe we make at home when someone in the family feels sick or under the weather or when we ourselves feel under the weather. Chicken soup, with the addition of other seasonings, herbs or other natural additives like ginger, garlic and many more prevent invasion of the respiratory linings that cause infection, prevent inflammation, and boost immunity. This ingredient also promotes heart health, by lowering levels of homocysteine which are found to increase the risk of heat attacks. The American Heart Association recommends the consumption of chicken rather than red meat as it has less saturated fats and has a good source of omega-fatty acids that are beneficial for cardiovascular effects. 

Have a go at this simple easy and flavorful dish you can easily do in more or less 10 minutes!

Pan Fried Chicken thighs

Course: Main



A flavorful chicken dish for the whole family!


  • 360g chicken thighs

  • ½ teaspoon salt

  • ½ teaspoon pepper

  • ½ tablespoon paprika

  • 1 & ½ tablespoon garlic powder

  • ½ tablespoon oil

  • 1 tablespoon butter

  • Salt and pepper to taste

  • Parsley for garnish


  • Prepare the chicken and season them with salt, pepper, paprika, and garlic powder. Mix well and set aside.
  • In a pan at medium heat, add oil and melt the mutter, swirling this in the pan. Add the seasoned chicken thighs, and cook each side for 6 minutes or till one-side changes in color. Once the chicken is cooked have a taste and sprinkle with salt and pepper as needed.
  • You can also cook these till they have scorched marks for more flavor.
  • Take these out and serve them with a cup of rice topped with parsley.

Pan Fried Chicken Thighs recipe (tagalog)


  • 360g hita ng manok
  • ½ kutsaritang asin
  • ½ kutsaritang paminta
  • ½ kutsarang paprika
  • 1 & ½ kutsarang garlic powder
  • ½ kutsarang mantika
  • 1 kutsarang mantikilya
  • asin at paminta pampalasa
  • Parsley pang dekorasyon

Paano lutuin

  1. Ihanda ang manok at haluin ng asin, paminta, paprika, garlic at garlic powder. itabi.
  2. Sa kawali na may katamtamang init, lagyan g mantika at tunawin ang mantikilya, ilagay ang manok at lutuin ang bawat gilid ng 6 na minute o hangang magiba ng kulay. Pagnaluto na tikman at lagyan ng asin o paminta kung kinakailangan.
  3. Pwede ding luttuin hanggang maypagka sunog  ang manok para mas malasa.
  4. Tangalin ito sa kawali at ihanda kasama ng kanin at dekorasyonan ng parsley.
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