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Quickmelt Cheese

Quickmelt Cheese from the Philippine brand ‘Magnolia’ thus its other name “Magnolia Quickmelt Cheese” is a cheese that has been processed through pasteurizing milk solids and high-grade cheddar. This combination creates a delightfully excellent cheese that melts quickly and gives you that wonderfully gooey texture. This product can be found sold at supermarkets, groceries, online shops, and sometimes sari-sari stores (convenience stores). This milky cheesy goodness has a high shelf life and can be used as a substitute to many cheeses to add as a filling for lasagna, meat balls, or baked goods, and as a topping to other savory goods like hot dogs, hamburgers, spaghetti, and more.

Quickmelt Cheese in store

A short introduction

A deliciously stretchy melt in your mouth cheese that many Filipinos grew up eating and using in many baked dishes. While there are other brands of Quick-Melt type cheeses, the first one most would think of or recommend would be Magnolia’s Quickmelt cheese.

How to make Quickmelt cheese? The product is made from a mix of these ingredients: Cheese, vegetable oil, water, buttermilk powder, modified food starch, carrageenan as a stabilizer, iodized salt, emulsifying agents (sodium citrate and disodium phosphate), citric acid and lactic acid, maltodextrin, milky proteins, potassium sorbate, color, and a preservative flavor called ‘Nisin’. For some business owners, they recreate this quick-melting cheese by mixing 3 ingredients: your choice of cheddar cheese, milk powder, and gulaman powder. Mixing the milk powder and optional salt  in water before adding the sliced cheese, continuously stirring till you get a smooth watery-custard like texture, add in the gulaman powder and mix till it feels like a smooth custard, you can strain the mixture before pouring in your choice of container. Let it cool down at room temperature or in the fridge to slightly harden before being ready to be used. What are some Magnolia Quickmelt Cheese nutrition facts? Quickmelt Cheese calories come to around 102 calories per 30 grams of one serving and are favored by those doing a keto diet.

How to melt quickmelt cheese? You can melt it solo or with the dish you’ve added the cheese into in a microwave for 30 seconds to 3 minutes depending how thick the slices are or if you just want it looking melted or  slightly crispy on top. You can also melt these in an oven, checking every few minutes till it’s melted. Some make fondue by melting it in a small pot, stirring it continuously as it becomes gooey to avoid burning, after it’s melted it’s then poured into the serving dish, ready to serve.

For those craving this cheesy melty magic asking ‘Where to buy Quickmelt Cheese?’ You can find them at the grocery stores, supermarkets, or sometimes at the Sari Sari Stores (convenience stores), they come in different sizes for those who just want to add some cheese into their snack like sandwiches or noodles, or those who need options for businesses.

Quickmelt Cheese in store or grocery

Magnolia Quickmelt cheese price (in the Philippines as of 2023)

  • Quickmelt Cheese price 165g –  around Php 90 – 93
  • Quickmelt Cheese price 440g –  around Php 240 – 245
  • Quickmelt Cheese 900g price –  around Php 400 – 411
  • Quickmelt Cheese 1.9 kg price –  around Php 700 – 717

Quickmelt Cheese substitutes:

  • Alternatives along the quick-melt type of cheeses are brands by Danes, Eden’s Melt Sarap, or the Che-Vital brand. All which are usually a mix of different cheeses or other ingredients to make them special and melt faster.
  • For ‘real’ cheese options are:
    • Mozzarella cheese – melts the best, great for cheese pulls and photography. It is not sharp but has a milky, slightly floral and slightly tangy taste.
    • Cheddar cheese – creamy and has a strong sharp taste best for grilled sandwiches, though not as ‘melty’.
    • American cheese – easy to melt, usually comes in square thin slices.
    • Gruyere – known for those long cheese pulls, topping on french onion soup, fondue and many more. These are salty but milky and creamy. It is also nutty and smooth in texture.
    • Gouda – has a sharp taste and subtle sweetness, melts well and is great for pastas.
    • Edam – also known as ‘Queso de bola’ which can be usually found during the Christmas season. Slightly sharp like cheddar once it’s aged and a bit hard. Melts well when young and is only subtly sharp when young.
    • * Choose any type of cheese that tastes a bit sharp but milky, and softens quickly into a thick cheesy liquid.
Quickmelt Cheese sliced opened

Magnolia Quickmelt Cheese recipes:

instant pizza at home using Quickmelt Cheese

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