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Purefoods corned beef

Purefoods corned beef, is a brand under San Miguel Food and Beverages Inc that also sells and produces other popular food brands like Tender Juicy Hotdogs, Magnolia, SPAM, Star Margarine, and many more. Dubbed the ‘gold standard’ of Filipino corned beef, it’s been eaten by many Filipinos in their childhoods, with many OFWs (oversea’s workers’) luggages sometimes filled to the brim with Filipino canned foods and many more delicacies for a taste of home. Find out more about the brand and dishes you can make with this delicious corned beef in this article.

PureFoods corned beef cooked original and chili garlic in store

A short Introduction

Purefoods-Hormel the brand has always been seen as a safe, high-quality, flavorful, great tasting, and convenient food brand. Creating frozen goods like chicken nuggets, vegan meat options, canned meats and pork, hotdogs, cured meats, and recently ready to eat rice meals. One of the most popular products being corned beef that has captured many Filipinos hearts and stomachs.

The list of the classic canned corned beef ingredients are: cooked beef, iodized salt, beef broth, monosodium glutamate (flavor enhancer), sugar, sodium phosphate (acidity regulator), sodium nitrate (color retention agent), flavors, and sodium erythorbate (reducing agent). This also contains milk. Other corned beef options under the brand are:

  • Corned beef, “original” 100% pure beef.
  • Corned beef “with chunks“, similar to the original with bigger tender beef chunks.
  • Corned beef “hot and spicy”, your regular corned beef made even better with more spices and chillies.
  • Corned beef “chili garlic”, made slightly spicy with an added garlic flavoring.
  • Corned beef “hash”, corned beef with real potatoes.
  • Corned Chicken in “hot and spicy”, tender chicken bits made spicy.
  • Purefoods “Chunkee corned beef” a similar cheaper brand alternative under the same brand.

Purefoods corned beef price in the Philippines:

  • Purefoods corned beef 150g price – (as of 2023) Php 78
  • Purefoods corned beef 210g price – (as of 2023) Php 107
  • Purefoods corned beef 380g price – (as of 2023) Php 180

You can find these sold in sets of 2’s or 3’s, sometimes as a pair with the hot and spicy, chunkee, and more options in their online stores.

There is nothing just like the taste of savory and subtly sweet and juicy Filipino canned corned beef to many who have given this a try. It’s not just the taste but the nostalgia hit of eating these with rice at the canteen for lunch, sometimes as a filling breakfast with a side of garlic rice, or to fill up in freshly made pandesal bought from the nearest ‘Panaderia’ (bakery) from the neighborhood for a quick breakfast or snack.

PureFoods corned beef in can at the store


  • How to cook PureFoods corned beef?

You can eat it as is, cook in the stove or microwave (out of the can) for a few minutes to heat it up, mix with potatoes, garlic, and onions for the typical corned beef mix. More popular recipes like pasta, rice dishes, and many others can be found in the recipe list below.

  • Can you eat PureFoods corned beef without cooking?

Yes you can. Though giving it a quick sauté to warm it up and melt the oils can give it more flavor. Adding some garlic and onions can also enhance the taste.

  • Delimondo vs Purefoods corned beef

Many have favored Purefoods over the Delimondo brand, a classic favorite whether due to pure taste or a bias from eating one of the corned beef option since childhood. Delimondo does have an old fashioned taste and feels more dry, whereas Purefoods are said to taste more savory and juicy with a lot more options in terms of flavor.

  • Purefoods corned beef nutrition facts?

Purefoods corned beef calories are around 99 calories in a serving of 50 grams.

PureFoods corned beef cooked with potatoes and onions

Purefoods corned beef recipes:

PureFoods corned beef cooked with potatoes and onions

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