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Ricoa or “Ricoa Chocolate” is a brand under Commonwealth Foods (Philfood Division) making nostalgic snacks such as Flat Tops and Curly Tops, chocolate or cocoa powder you can use for drinks, baking, with many more other brands of candies and sweets being produced and introduced today. 

what is Ricoa Chocolate

A short Introduction

While there is a long list of chocolate companies in the Philippines, this brand is the first chocolate company to be made in the Philippines and has been deeply rooted to many Filipinos’ childhoods. First made in 1956, the iconic pink or reddish brown Ricoa factory can be found along EDSA, Mandaluyong where sometimes during the day, walking, driving, or using public transportation, you can smell the sweet smell of chocolates being made. Some people who pass by even call the whiffs of chocolate scent “EDSA’s aroma diffuser”. Being one of the few oldest and surviving local chocolate manufacturers for 63 years. The Ricoa Cocoa company has produced products such as cocoa powder, chocolates (Flat Tops and Curly Tops being their top sellers), chocolate syrups, and some Fibisco combinations of cookies and crackers.

Ricoa Chocolate


  • Here are some Ricoa cocoa powder nutrition facts :

Is Ricoa cocoa healthy? For a serving of 1 tablespoon or 5 grams it only has 25 calories and a good amount of dietary fiber. 

  1. Like most cocoa powder these have ‘theobromine’ which are great for preventing inflammation and heart diseases, some might say cocoa powder and even reduce the risk of cancer.
  2. These are also great for those in a Low carb or Keto diet.
  3. and because it is unsweetened it’s also best for those who have diabetes as you can add your own choice of sweetener or how sweet you’ like to be.
  • What is under the Ricoa products line ?
    • Ricoa Unsweetened Cocoa Powder – also called “Breakfast Cocoa” is unsweetened 100% cocoa powder used as a filling, warm, and cozy breakfast beverage, and can be used as regular baking cocoa for cakes, brownies, and other desserts.
    • Ricoa Unsweetened Chocolate Bar – a black of unsweetened chocolate used for baking or other dessert that needs a bit more cocoa butter.
    • Chocolate Syrup – Ricoa Sweetened Cocoa Powder made into a thick syrup from. These are best used to drizzle over desserts like pancakes or ice cream, to make a nice cool glass of iced mocha, milkshakes and more.
    • Big Top Chocolate Candy – which are similar to M&M’s. These are also made with real cocoa butter.
    • Ricoa Curly Tops Chocolate – milk chocolate bites in a form of mini cupcakes with the top flattened or with a slight swirl. It melts easily under the heat.
    • Ricoa Flat Tops – another milk chocolate product under the brand. This childhood favorite  is a bit harder than Curly tops and are packaged individually in thin plastic-foil.
    • Kool Joy Menthol candy – like the name is a sweet mint candy.
    • Mini Puff Chocolate with Rice Crispies – a snack made of rice puffs covered in a good amount of milk chocolate.
Ricoa Chocolate

Ricoa cocoa powder recipes :

Use Ricoa cocoa powder for baking these delicious desserts:

Ricoa Chocolate powder

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