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Nutella is a hazelnut cocoa spread brand manufactured by the famous decadent chocolate company Ferrero from Italy. The chocolate spread first got introduced in 1964 with samples of the product going back from 1963. This product made of palm oil, sugar, chocolate and hazelnut got its name all over the world through its deliciously creamy and authentic hazelnut taste said to be made of the highest quality ingredients without any preservatives or colorings added. A deliciously easy spread to add over sandwiches for breakfast, mix into baked goods, top off so many yummy desserts and to this day, have been creating more products to spread its name.


Nutella origins

When was Nutella invented? Nutella, pronunced ’noo-teh-luh’ got its name from the ‘nut’ of hazelnut and ‘ella’ from the Italian suffix alteration of ‘someone expressing a positive affection onto something’. Created by the pastry chef Pietro Ferrero and was placed in the market in 1964. This iconic Italian brand of chocolate-hazelnut spreadable cream has such an astounding amount of fans they’ve been producing 365,000 tons of spread a year, consuming at least in Italy, around 60 million jars with many having fond childhood memories of this well-beloved jar of chocolate. 

This all started when Pietro Ferrero saw factory workers bringing bread, cheese and tomatoes to work as their daily meal/lunch. Thinking that he wanted to create something inexpensive and sweet to pair with bread, with the addition of a growing trend during that of time of mixing cocoa made chocolate with chopped hazelnuts or ‘gianduja’ that came about because of the over abundance of these nuts which many did not know what else to do with. Finally in 1925, the first iteration of the pastry chocolate with hazelnuts making them look like a thick cream almost like a paste came to be, it was spread over the bread and was a hit to many workers who gave it a try, and was especially popular with children who then became the new target market. The war stopped production of the produce but Pietro still continued to try and enhance it to create the new Nutella ingredients which are more or less similar and still used for today; cocoa, vegetable fats, cocoa, sugar, and hazelnuts. Michele, Pietro Ferrero’s son took it to the next step by creating the spreadable Nutella now packaged in jars which came from an accident of the chocolate melting on a hot summer’s day. It took a turn for the best and since then they have been creating a softer, more spreadable and creamy product that is still globally used by any age and everyone. Now depending on which country you love, Nutella can be made with different ingredients, such as adding skimmed milk and vanillin flavoring, whey powder, or soy in their list of ingredients.

Nutella in store

Products under the brand are:

A good and ongoing range of products each made to enjoy on a specific or special occasion. From a sweet breakfast or to end the day with a little bit of chocolate-y happiness here are some products to try:

  • The original Nutella hazelnut spread now at either 1 kg or 3 kg packaging.
  • Nutella B-ready, an individually wrapped chocolate filled crunchy wafer snack.
  • Nutella & Go (Nutella to go), a Nutella snack pack where one side is filled with the chocolate spread and the other is filled with toasty and crispy breadsticks that you’ll dip into the spread. Packaged nicely to be brought anywhere and to snack on anytime.
  • Nutella Muffin, another on the go snack, a soft muffin generously stuffed with chocolate.
  • White Nutella, made of white chocolate instead of the usual cocoa which you can only find at Italy or Australian specialty stores.

The brand even has its own cafe all based on this legendary creamy chocolate spread that is added to every pastry sold. From waffles, pancake, baguettes, croissants, french toast and many more. The Nutella cafe is based in Chicago and has been open since 2017.

Nutella scoop with a spoon

Nutella recipes :

  • Dress up the common chocolate cake by replacing any chocolate bars, coins, or products with the spread instead to make a Nutella cake. You can also add drops of these on cheesecakes that have chocolate swirls like a Nutella cheesecake.
  • Or make it a solo cake by creating a Nutella mug cake, by adding the chocolate spread in this mug cake recipe. You can also just plop it in the middle for a more lava cake-like style.
  • Create Nutella cookies, Add them into cookies to make the base fudgier, or place this in the middle of the batter instead of chocolate chips for a bigger block of gooey chocolate to enjoy!
  • Add them to brownies, skip the usual chocolate and replace them with this chocolate-hazelnut spread to make a nuttier, more aromatic, and fudgier brownie.
  • Nutella Pancakes – a deliciously easy way to fancy up your usual pancakes, giving it a surprise chocolatey center. This just hits the spot for many snackers with a sweet tooth.


  • Can dogs eat Nutella? No they CANNOT. Cocoa, one of the main ingredients, is extremely poisonous to dogs.
  • Nutella nutrition facts; Nutella calories amount to 200 calories per 37 grams or around 2 tablespoons of serving.
Nutella spread on bread

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