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Eden Cheese

Eden Cheese, commonly shortened to ‘Eden’ is a Filipino commercialized cheese brand owned by Mondelēz International, popular throughout the country. This creamy and rich distinctly creamy yellow colored product has been in production since 1981. The brand has created different cheese products from its original block of Eden cheddar, being Eden slices, Eden Melt Sarap, Queso de bola, and many more. A popular Filipino made product for good reason, here is why you should give it a go!

Eden Cheese

A short Introduction

Cheese, an ingredient that many Filipinos love and adore. It’s not just an ingredient eaten for daily consumption, but is significantly used in many special holiday treats or dishes. You can find these used as a filling in sandwiches, any type of bread, lumpia, dynamite sticks, topped on traditional snacks like puto, or heavily grated on top of savory dishes such as spaghetti. One of the brands that’s popular in the Philippines, Eden Cheese, or shorthand to just being called ‘Eden’, one of the many names which it’s called. The brand was built in 1981, sold to families, especially commercialized to mothers as an affordable, easy, and delicious, but still healthy snack or cheese product to add into school lunches and or snacks.

Eden Cheese ingredients, it’s said to be made from farm-fresh milk, cheese, water, oil, buttermilk powder, starch, monoglyceride, preservatives, sodium phosphate, acetic acid, with vitamins and minerals. A beloved cheese brand that can be found in many Filipino households, Nowadays, there are a number of products under the brand;

  • From the Eden original which has  left at least 37 years of memories from children, young adults, to the elderly, it has a light cheese taste, being a bit sweet, more known for its creaminess.
  • Eden Cheddar, similar in looks to the original with a nice sharp cheddar taste.
  • Melt Sarap, a type of melt in your mouth creamy cheese. Close to mozzarella but milder and slightly sweet, close to the original in taste but melts faster and better.
  • Eden cream cheese, the best choice for creating baked goods. The taste of the original with the cream cheese texture.
  • Eden Slices, for on the go or sandwiches, conveniently individually wrapped in nicely sized slices.
  • Eden Mayo, use it in your sandwiches, dressings, salads, any many more. They even have it in a travel stand-up pouch to easily add into lunchboxes or picnics.
  • Eden Sandwich spread, cheesy, and easy to add into anything with bread, or even on top of dishes for decor and extra flavor. Makes for a great filling for savory pastries as well.
  • Eden Queso de bola, usually only sold nearing Christmas, Stock up with this limited edition product.
  • Eden Magic Whirl, a bottled all purpose dressing, no need to mix up a cream base with this ready to use product. Just mix in your choice of ingredients and you’re ready to serve.

Eden cheese sizes are usually around 45 grams in sachet form, with the others in 160 grams, 430 grams, 900 grams, or 1.9 kilograms, wrapped in plastic or bottled, then placed in the iconic Eden blue and yellow boxes or stickers. Eden Cheese prices average from Php 95 to Php 900.

Eden Cheese in store

Eden Cheese Substitute

Since this cheese product might not be as popular outside the Philippines. Here are some alternatives :

  • Velveeta cheese – very close in flavor, milky, rich and creamy.
  • Cheddar cheese – cheddar might be a bit stronger and sharper in taste compared to the Eden Original.
  • Ricotta Cheese – similar in creaminess, but might not melt as well as the original Eden.
  • Gouda Cheese – one of the best replacements when melted, is drier and more firm when unmelted.
  • Mozzarella Cheese – closest when melted, better compared to the Melt Sarap. Melt Sarap is also a little saltier than the usual mozzarella.
  • Swiss Cheese – great for melting and is more flavorful than Eden cheese, and is a little less salty.
  • Feta Cheese – similar in saltiness but might be too crumbly in texture compared to the original. This might also not melt as nicely.

Eden Cheese Nutrition facts

  • Eden cheese calories are around 3 grams of carbs or 90 calories per 1 serving.
  • Has a high calorie density, rich in vitamins and minerals especially calcium, copper, and Phosphorus which helps strengthen the bones.
  • Is a good source of protein and saturated fats needed by the body to create energy.
  • Note that there should be a limit on the intake, as this might not be great for those who want to lower their sodium intake.
  • Is Eden cheese keto-friendly? Yes, all types of cheese are allowed when doing the keto diet.
  • Is Eden cheese good for dogs ? Yes, dogs can actually eat cheese and is sometimes used as a training treat for puppies. This does not have grains or cereal, and is studied to not have any possible allergies to dogs.
Eden Cheese

Eden Cheese Recipes :

When recreating cheesy or cheese based Filipino dishes, the Eden Original cheese block might be the first thing to come in mind. Great as a topping, filling, or used as a quick snack to nibble on. Level up your meals with this popular truly Filipino made product.

Eden Cheese in bread pandesal
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