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Cheese Cupcakes

Filipino cheese cupcake is made by baking a cake batter made with all purpose flour, sugar, condensed milk, butter, eggs, baking powder, salt and topped up with cheese piece. Filipino cheese cupcake is soft buttery cupcakes with moist crumb with a lovely contrast of a crisp, golden-brown and will surely bring nostalgia on every bite. Best eaten as an afternoon snack with your hot coffee or tea. Try one today!

Cheese Cupcakes


Nothing beats bakery-style cupcakes as the best snack during our recess period at school. It has been the all-time favorite baon for elementary students during my time. This small packaged cakes are not too sweet but are moist, buttery, and is crown with a gorgeous amount of grated cheese. The individual portion size is just enough to make you full and satisfied.

Cupcakes are one of my happy foods. Maybe it’s the happy memories I associate with it makes me happy. Writing this blog is so nostalgic and my eyes are so close to crying. I’ve been having flashes of memories with my old schoolmates while we go together to the bakery next to our school and enjoy this soft treat.

Me and my classmates were about to celebrate our reunion but then the pandemic happened. I still want to celebrate it with them via zoom meeting and prepared my own version of cheese cupcakes to make them jealous and hungry. I tried copying Ate Bebs’s version of cheese cupcakes. She’s the one who bakes the pastries from the bakery next to our school.

As the name suggests, cupcakes are small cups of cakes. A unique feature of the Western-type cupcakes is the icing. With the cheesy, buttery and creamy flavor of the classic Pinoy cheese cupcakes, icing is not needed. By just topping it with cheddar cheese, our cheese cupcakes are truly a #PinoyPride.

Inspired by Ate Bebs’s cupcakes, I did several trials to make the perfect cheese cupcake recipe. To achieve the soft and fluffy cheese cupcakes, simply follow the recipe below. The quantity of the ingredients below are proven and tested and there’s nothing to worry about. Ate Bebs’s cheese cupcake has cheese strips on top just like what I did in this recipe, but you can use a grated quick melt cheese for a cheesier look.

Cheese Cupcakes


Making these small goodness of cheese cupcakes are very easy. Simply make the cupcake batter by mixing all the ingredients in a large bowl. Make sure to sift the powdered ingredients to ensure no lumps. Do not substitute sugar with condensed milk. This specific ingredient gives the right level of sweetness and a hint of milky flavor in the cupcake.

To give that cheese sarap overload, let’s add some cheese cubes in our batter. Who wouldn’t want mini chunks of cheese on every bite? Instead of cheese cubes, you can also try using grated cheese!

The last thing to do is to bake these sweet and cheesy cupcakes. Grab your muffin pan and place some cupcake liners. If you have no muffin pan, you can use your regular baking pan and simply arrange the liners. Pour cupcake batters up to ¾ of the liners. The cupcakes will expand later so let’s give them some space. Top the batter with some grated cheese or cheese strips for that crumbly cheesy topping.  

After baking the cheese cupcakes, they are ready to go. Enjoy your sweet and cheesy cupcakes and share some with your friends and family.

Aside from personal consumption, you can make a large batch of it and pack them into boxes. Happy cooking!

Cheese Cupcakes

Course: Cake Recipes, Pastry




  • 1 1/3 cup (175g) all purpose flour

  • ½ cup (100g) sugar

  • 390g condensed milk

  • 1 stick (113g) butter (softened)

  • 2 eggs

  • 2 teaspoon baking powder

  • ¼ teaspoon salt

  • ½ cup cheese (cut into strips)


  • In a large bowl, combine the softened butter, sugar and eggs. Whisk until well-combined.
  • Sift the flour, salt and baking powder into the bowl in three parts. Add the condensed milk and whisk at low speed to combine well.
  • Add the cheese cubes and mix using a spatula to form a nice cupcake batter.
  • Grab a muffin pan and line them with cupcake liners. Scoop some batter into the liners until ¾ full. Add some cheese strips on top.
  • Bake the cheese cupcakes at 160C for 25 minutes or until golden.
  • Transfer the freshly baked cheese cupcakes to a cooling rack.
  • Serve the cheese cupcakes with your favorite juice drink and enjoy!

Cheese Cupcakes Recipe (TAGALOG)


  • 1 1/3 tasa (175g) ng harina
  • ½ tasa (100g) ng asukal
  • 390g condensed milk
  • 1 stick (113g) ng butter (pinalambot)
  • 2 itlog
  • 2 kutsarita ng baking powder
  • ¼ kutsarita ng asin
  • ½ tasa ng cheese (hiniwa ng strips)


  1. Sa isang malaking bowl, paghaluin ang pinalambot na butter, asukal at itlog. I-whisk ito hanggang mahalo ng mabuti.
  2. I-sift ang harina, asin at baking powder at ilagay sa bowl ng paunti-unti. Ilagay ang condensed milk. I-whisk ito gamit ang low speed hanggang humalo ng mabuti.
  3. Ilagay ang cheese cubes at haluin gamit ang spatula hanggang makabuo ng cupcake batter.
  4. Kunin ang muffin pan at lagyan ng cupcake liners. Mag-scoop ng batter hanggang maging ¾ puno ang liners. Maglagay ng cheese strips sa ibabaw.
  5. I-bake ang cheese cupcakes gamit ang 160C ng 24 minuto o hanggang maging golden.
  6. Ilipat ang mga bagong baked na cheese cupcakes sa cooling rack.
  7. Iserve ang cheese cupcakes kasama ng iyong favorite juice drink at enjoy!
How to make Cheese Cupcakes
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