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Banana Rhuma

Banana Rhuma are delightful snacks coated with a sweet syrup containing rhum and banana liquer. Have fun in your snack today! This Banana Rhuma are made with frying saba after wrapping in lumpia wrapper, and adding sesame seeds over it.These mini banana turons are coated with a sweet syrup containing rhum and banana liquer. Have fun in your snack today!

Banana Rhuma


Turon is one of the Filipino’s most ultimate afternoon snack. In a simple sense, turons are bananas rolled in lumpia wrappers and then fried. What makes it so bongga is the crispy layer of lumpia wrapper is coated with some sweet sugar syrup. This makes a very good option for a snack to those with a sweet fix. There are many versions of turon and banana turon is the most famous. Aside from soft and sweet banana, some versions of the turon included ripe langka in the filling. The combination of the caramel crust and the sweet fruit make this snack an awesome and fulfilling one! I could get full by just eating one!

Banana turon is the inspiration of the well-loved Mang Tootz’s banana rhuma. Not many of us knows about this amazing snack. So if you’re not familiar with it, continue reading this blog because you’re missing out a lot in life.

Most of the students in U-Belt know banana rhuma as Mang Tootz’s signature dish. Banana rhuma are mini banana turons coated with some unique syrup. Unique you asked? The syrup used to coat those mini turons has rum in it! And hence its name, banana rhum-A.

As a probinsyana, I haven’t heard of banana rhuma until I visited one of my friends from UST. As a foodie, I took all my time to discover food from the area since I don’t go to Manila so often. Knowing this, my friend prepared an itinerary of places we should try. One of the food which most stuck with me is Mang Tootz banana rhuma. Knowing that it has rhum in it made me understand why this simple-looking mini turon is a big hit. The banana rhuma are actually cheap so I was able to enjoy a bunch of it. If you might be curious, no, I didn’t get drunk after eating a lot.

I am not updated if Mang Tootz Food House is operating during the pandemic. If you would like to try your own banana rhuma at home, here’s a quick guide you can use. Make some banana rhuma today! Enjoy!

How to cook Banana Rhuma


Prepare your hands since banana rhuma involves a lot of wrapping.

To start, grab your bananas and peel them one by one. You can use any type of bananas but the saba are the best for me. The short length of the saba is just right for the banana rhuma. Slice the saba vertically into 4 pieces. One saba can make 4 banana rhumas. Just like a turon, wrap the bananas in lumpia wrapper. When done, fry them until golden brown. Make sure to drain the excess oil to maintain the crispiness.

But wait! We are still not done yet! After frying your mini turons, it’s time to make the rhum syrup. The syrup is made by simply combining all the rhum syrup ingredients until thick. Make sure not to overcook the brown sugar to prevent that burnt taste. When the syrup is done, toss the crispy mini turons and coat with the rhum syrup! The syrup will coat the mini turons and will harden a bit once it cools.

Serve the banana rhuma immediately to enjoy this crispy and delicious treat! If you prefer plain turons and a rhum dip, add water to the syrup to make it an easy dip and prevent hardening. Enjoy!

Banana Rhuma

Course: Filipino Recipes, Snacks




  • For the mini turon:
  • ½ kilo saba

  • lumpia wrapper

  • sesame seeds (for garnishing)

  • oil (for frying)

  • For the rhum syrup:
  • 2 tablespoons butter

  • ½ cup brown sugar

  • 1 tablespoon cinnamon powder

  • 1 tablespoon banana liqueur

  • 1 tablespoon rum

  • ¼ cup pineapple juice


  • Peel the saba and discard the banana peels. Slice the banana into four pieces.
  • Lay a piece of lumpia wrapper in a clean flat surface. Place a piece of banana on one side of the wrapper. Wrap and roll the wrappers. Brush a little bit of water at the end to seal the wrapper. Repeat these steps with the rest of the ingredients.
  • Put a lot of oil in a pan. Fry the wrapped saba until golden brown. Flip to cook the other side. Transfer to a strainer or paper towel to drain excess oil.
  • For the syrup, melt the butter in a pan. Add the cinnamon powder and stir. Add the banana liqueur, rum, pineapple juice and brown sugar. Stir and mix well. Let it cook until it thickens.
  • Place the mini turon in the pan and stir gently until well-coated with the sweet sauce. Sprinkle some sesame seeds.
  • Transfer the banana rhuma to a serving plate. Serve immediately to experience crispiness. Enjoy!

Banana Rhuma Recipe (TAGALOG)


Para sa mini turon:

  • ½ kilo saba
  • lumpia wrapper
  • sesame seeds (pang-garnish)
  • mantika (pang-prito)

Para sa rhum syrup:

  • 2 kutsara ng butter
  • ½ tasa ng asukal na pula
  • 1 kutsara ng cinnamon powder
  • 1 kutsara ng banana liqueur
  • 1 kutsara ng rum
  • ¼ tasa ng pineapple juice


  1. Balatan ang mga saging. Hiwain ang saging sa 4 piraso.
  2. Maglagay ng lumpia wrapper sa isang malinis na flat surface. Maglagay ng isang saging at i-roll ang wrapper. I-brush ang dulo ng konting tubig bago isara. Gawin ang mga steps na ito sa iba pang ingredients.
  3. Maglagay ng maraming mantika sa kawali. Iprito ang mga binalot na saba hanggang maging golden brown. Baliktarin para maluto ang ibang sides. Ilipat sa strainer o paper towel para tumulo ang sobrang mantika.
  4. Para sa syrup, tunawin ang butter sa kawali. Ilagay ang cinnamon powder at haluin. Sunod na ilagay ang banana liqueur, rum, pineapple juice at asukal na pula. Haluin ng mabuti. Lutuin ang syrup hanggang lumapot.
  5. Ilagay ang mga mini turon sa kawali at haluin para malagyan ng syrup. Budburan ng sesame seeds.
  6. Ilipat ang banana rhuma sa serving plate. Ihain agad para crispy. Enjoy!
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