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Spanish-style Sardines Bangus (Homemade Spanish Sardines)

Spanish Style bangus is a Filipino milk fish delicacy and is made with milk fish, carrot, bay leaf, garlic, green olives, olive oil, pepper corn and salt. It is immersed in a brine solution made with salt and water. Spanish style bangus is a popular restaurant dish and experience that famous Spanish restaurant dish, while at your home with this absolutely easy and appetizing Spanish-Style Bangus Sardines recipe.

Spanish-style Sardines Bangus

Spanish-Style Bangus Sardines

In the kitchens of Spain, it is not suprising to encounter such bold and savory spices. After all, they have been the origin of different quirky rich flavors. Most of the time, Spanish style sardines can be found in marketplaces, sealed and canned gracefully. When you taste it, the flavors seem to still be very raw and incredibly tasteful. What more could it taste if freshly cooked from the back of your own kitchen, sliced and prepared by your own hands? Be prepared. We are sure that this recipe will help you how to cook bangus sardines Spanish style.

Spanish-style Sardines

Milk fish, or Bangus as we call it in the Philippines, has been one of many favorite fish types in our country. If I were to compare it to other fishes like Tilapia, they own each delicious flavors so it will be very hard for me. Focusing on Bangus only, I find it having the kind of creaminess that is not at all weird to be incorporated to fishes. Also, the community is very rich with this particular resource.

I remember very recently, my mother served a dish on our table and it was eaten very quickly by the family that no one had a chance to take a second serving. I was immediately hooked with the burst of flavors as I put some in my mouth without having any ideas what the dish is called. My mom revealed that she just followed a recipe online of a Spanish-style Bangus Sardines, and that’s when I knew I have to search for the recipe too.

How to make Spanish-Style Bangus Sardines

On making a dish with fish as the main factor, it is very essential to know the proper cleaning and cutting out of certain parts. This will eradicate the odor, blood, as well as the unnecessary foul fishy taste.

Homemade Spanish Sardines

The procedure includes very basic ingredients and easy steps to follow. In a pressure cooker, combine all the spices and the milkfish while making sure that the fish sits on top of all the ingredients. Add liquids such as water and oil whereas the amount should be drowning the solids to prevent the dish from drying or burning easily.

Here is the hard part, not really hard, but it would be if you are not patient enough. You will just then wait for the milkfish and the spices to absorb the liquids while they are enriching the flavors. Don’t worry, an hour of waiting won’t hurt.

Homemade Spanis Sardines Recipe

The below Spanish Sardines recipe will guide you step by step to make most wonderful spanish style Bangus Sardines for your family. This is the best Spanish Sardines recipe and just follow it procedure by procedure and you will be delighted to see the spanish style sardines you ever made

Spanish-style Bangus Sardines

Course: Fish Recipes




  • 1 kg sliced milk fish (bangus)

  • 1 sliced carrot

  • 1/4 cup bay leaf (laurel leaves)

  • 1 bulb garlic

  • 1/4 cup green olives

  • 2 cups olive oil

  • 1/2 cup water

  • 1 tbsp peppercorn

  • 1 tbsp salt

  • For brine solution
  • 6 cups water

  • 3/4 cup salt


  • Prepare the brine solution by combining water and salt in a bowl. Soak the milkfish into the brine solution for half an hour to rinse the fish blood.
  • Using a pressure cooker, start to arrange all the spices first: bayleaf, garlic, and sliced carrot before placing the sliced milkfish. Doing so will save the fish from either burning quickly or sticking to the pan.
  • Then on top of the fish, arrange the green olives (if not available, you can use pickles), peppercorn, and salt. Pour some water and olive oil while making sure it covers all the ingredients so the finish product will not be dry nor burnt.
  • Carefully cover the pressure cooker and then put it to medium to high heat. Once the cooker starts whistling, the heat must be reduce to low and continue cooking it for an hour. Let the pressure cooker cool before opening.
  • Transfer the fish onto a plate and set the cooked spices on top or beside it. Savor the tenderness and flavorful Spanish-style bangus sardines!
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