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Milo Jelly Sago Salad

Milo Jelly Sago Salad is a popular Filipino salad dessert made by mixing boiled water, sugar, all-purpose cream and condensed milk with boiled tapioca pearl and with milo jelly made out of jelly powder, sugar and milo powder. This yummy kitchen recipe will guide you by step by step instruction to make the best Milo Jelly Sago Salad you ever eaten


Milo is a great part of every Filipinos lives. I can still remember drinking this hot cocoa drink every morning before I take a bath and go to school. We always have a lot of stock of this drink at our food counter. A child’s year is not complete without participating in the Milo Marathon. Aside from being a hot drink, milo is also available as an ice cold beverage especially to school canteens. A cold milo is our comfort drink during recess and lunch time. And as a milo fan, I am one of those kids who eats a spoonful of milo powder from the container when no one is around.

I tried making this dessert during the quarantine period since I was really bored and wanted to make another kitchen experiment. During that time, I was craving for chocolate. I saw the milo at our food counter and wanted to just eat a spoonful of it like I did when I was a child. But I realized I needed to step up my game and make a quick and easy dessert which is milo-based. Having the ingredients of this recipe easy to obtain, I gather the needed ingredients and make this milo jelly sago salad. Milo jelly sago recipe is an easy-peasy to do well dessert item and to see some tips and tricks along the way. Milo jelly salad ingredients can conveniently delight the kids.


Making milo jelly salad is as easy as making your classic jelly, only it is milo flavoured. The three major ingredients needed to make the best milo jelly sago salad includes the milo jelly, tapioca pearls and the sweet chocolate cream. The first thing you need to prepare is the milo jelly. Grab your milo powder, clear jelly powder and white sugar and place it in a pan and mix these dry ingredients. There is really no harm in using other coloured jelly powder but using a clear one lets the jelly absorb the chocolate colour of the milo which makes it more appealing. Boil some water under medium heat and cook this milo jelly base until all the powder is dissolved. When the mixture is boiling, remove the pan from the heat and transfer the mixture to a tray or molder to allow it to cool down and set into a jelly. Do not boil the jelly to much as it will form into a very firm jelly later. We all want that soft jelly for our milo jelly sago salad. Also make sure to tap the tray or molder at least three times to let out the bubbles at the bottom of the jelly if there are any.

The second thing you need to prepare are the tapioca pearls. There are different sizes of tapioca pearls available but it is much recommended to use the smallest ones. You can opt to use the ready-to-use tapioca pearls in the market but in this recipe, we will use the uncooked ones. In preparing the tapioca pearls, boil some water under medium heat and cook the tapioca pearls. Make sure to stir the pearls from time to time to prevent them from sticking together. After cooking for 15 minutes, you will notice that the white part in the middle of the pearls are still there. When this white part is not thoroughly cooked, the middle part of your sago will be hard. Add some cold water while stirring gently and allow the pearls to further cook and become clear. Do not overcook your tapioca pearls. Prolonged heating will cause them to melt. Once done, set the tapioca pearls aside while soaked in cold water.

After preparing the pearls, check on the milo jelly. Once it is firmed, you can cut them into cubes and set them aside.

The last thing to prepare for the milo jelly sago salad is the sweet chocolate cream. In a bowl, mix the all-purpose cream and condensed milk. You can adjust the amount of the condensed milk according to the level of sweetness you prefer. Once achieved, add 3 packets of milo powder in the mixture and mix well until the powder is fully dissolved and incorporated in the mixture. During my first attempt in making this dessert, I over-poured the condensed milk making the sweet chocolate cream extremely sweet. In this case, you can add cheese cubes to balance the sweetness. Another solution would be putting additional water but this would make the salad too liquid, almost a beverage. So make sure to manage the level of sweetness based on your likeness while pouring the condensed milk.

The last preparation for the milo jelly sago salad is combining our three major ingredients. Mix the milo jelly cubes, tapioca pearls and sweet cream in a big bowl. Let the dessert chill in the fridge for at least 4 hours before serving. It is your choice on how you will decorate your milo jelly sago salad upon serving. And as one with a sweet tooth, I like pouring some milo powder on top before indulging on this delicious treat. Milo jelly recipes are perfect and super easy.

Milo Jelly Sago Salad

Course: Desserts




  • 9 packets (24g) milo powder

  • 1 sachet (25g) clear jelly powder

  • ¼ cup white sugar

  • 10 cups of water

  • ½ cup tapioca pearls

  • 2 packs all-purpose crème

  • ½ can condensed milk (150mL)


  • In a pan, place 6 packets of milo powder, clear jelly powder and white sugar and mix well. Add 5 cups of water until dissolved and boil under medium heat. When boiling, remove from heat and transfer to a tray or molder. Let it cool and set.
  • Boil 5 cups of water and cook tapioca pearls. Stir to loosen up and prevent from sticking together. Cook and cover for 15 minutes. Add cold water while stirring to cook the middle part. Remove the tapioca pearls from heat then soak in water until ready to use.
  • When the milo jelly is firm, cut into cubes.
  • In a bowl, place the all-purpose cream and condensed milk according to sweetness level. Add 3 sachets of milo powder and mix well.
  • In the final bowl, place the milo cubes and add the tapioca pearls and milo mixture. Mix well and chill for at least 4 hours.
  • Serve chilled.

Watch how to Make Milo Jelly Sago Salad

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