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Ketchup Fried Chicken

We are used to thinking of ketchup as a simple accompaniment to your favorite chips, burgers, hotdogs, or even fried chicken. It is basically a versatile weapon for the chef’s greatest weapon. Imagine the crispest fried chicken you have ever had in your favorite sour-sweet ketchup. How about if we incorporate the ketchup with your fried chicken instead of making it as an accompaniment? Yes! You have read it correctly! We can incorporate ketchup to your favorite fried chicken if you follow this simple ketchup fried chicken recipe.


This recipe has simple ingredients that can easily be found in any local market. What you needed is chicken, I like to use the thigh part because it is my favorite part of chicken, and it is more juicy and tasty. But you can use the other part of the chicken like the breast or wings, depending on your own preferences. A lot of tomato ketchup, or you can use a sweet blend of ketchup if you want it to be pretty sweet.


We needed a lot of ketchup because you are going to use it to marinate your chicken and  some onion, garlic, liquid seasonings, and water. Do not forget to the salt and the pepper to taste. Just enough oil for deep frying. Once  you had all your ingredients, you will mix them all, except for oil, in a deep frying pan or a pot. You will baste your chickens with a ketchup mixture for about 30 minutes.

The Baste method is a technique that involves cooking meat either with its own juices or as some kind of preparation, such as sauce or marinade. Make sure you flip the chicken on the other side every 10 minutes so that it cooks evenly. After 30 minutes or after the sauce has been reduced, remove the chicken from the sauce and put in a plate. Let it cool for a bit, then chill it or air-dry the chicken for around 2 hours.

If you have chilled your chicken, make sure you first set the temperature of your chicken to room temperature at least 30 minutes before cooking, as this will cause the oil to splatter.    a Then in a deep frying pan, heat enough oil to fry your chicken in a medium heat fire.

Do not overheat your oil, as this will cause your chicken to overcook and harden. You may use a wooden skewer to test the temperature of your oil. Carefully cook the chicken on the oil. Be careful as this will splatter and cause your skin to burn. Flip the chicken every 5 minutes to cook evenly on each side. After frying, drain the oil well before serving. You may use a colander or a paper towel. And there you go, your ketchup fried chicken is all cooked and ready to serve. Enjoy it!

Ketchup Fried Chicken





  • 1 kilo Chicken leg quarters

  • 1/2 cup tomato or banana ketchup

  • 1 piece large onion (quartered)

  • 6 cloves garlic (pounded)

  • 1 tablespoon liquid seasoning

  • salt & pepper to taste

  • 2 cups water (enough to cover the chicken)


  • Slit the thick part, do not cut thoroughly, to make sure the flesh near the bone will be cooked through the inner part.
  • Place the chicken in a pan or pot. Add the onion, garlic, salt and pepper, liquid seasonings and ketchup. Add water just enough to cover the entire chicken and mix well.
  • Let it boil and cook for at least 30 minutes in medium heat fire.
  • Using a tong, flip each chicken to cook the other side every after 10 minutes and continue simmering.
  • Once the sauce has been reduced, remove the chicken and drain from its sauce.
  • Let the chicken cool it then chill or air-dry for at least 2 hours.
  • In a saucepan, heat oil and fry the chicken in a medium heat fire for at least 5 minutes each side.
  • After cooking the chicken, drain well the oil by putting it in a colander or paper towel.
  • Serve the fried chicken while it is hot. Enjoy!


  • You can use any part of the chicken that you prefer.
  • Turn over or flip the chicken to help cook the chicken evenly.
  • Do not heat too much oil when you fry the chicken, as this might overcooked your chicken. You can test your oil by sliding some wooden skewer. Once it produces a bubbling effect, the oil is ready to cook your chicken.
  • Prevent overloading while cooking a chicken in a pan. It will reduce the heat of your oil and may cause the chicken to become too oily once cooked.
  • Be cautious when you cook a chicken. Oil may splatter and burn your skin.
  • If you are a sweet ketchup lover, you may add some sugar depending on your preferred sweetness or use the sweet blend ketchup. Adding some chili paste to make it spicy is ideally suited to this recipe.

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