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Lucky Me!

Lucky Me! is a popular noodle brand in the Philippines. Introduced by Monde Nissin Corporation in 1989, the corporation also holds another famous brand, ‘Skyflakes biscuits’. Known to some as one of the top noodle brands in the Philippines, these have numerous varieties of instant food, especially dry packet noodles sold in plastic packages or in cup form for convenience. They also come in soup form or dry noodle or “Pancit Canton” with flavors like original. Kalamansi, chili, chilimansi, sweet and spicy, and many more flavors for everyone to enjoy!

Lucky Me! noodles plastic packaging

A Short Introduction

A brand established by the well-known Philippine company ‘Monde Nissin’ in 1979. It first started as a cookie manufacturer by the now company owners’ father, Hidayad Darmono. It was after 10 years in production that the noodle brand was born, and now is seen as the top-selling instant noodle brand, taking over 70% of the dry noodle market with a revenue of more than billions a year. They are even seen as one of the leading brands in the Asian market as they export to almost every part of the world. With this, the brand has consistently produced new flavors from chicken, beef, and pork, other flavor combinations, to the different noodle changes like sotanghon, lomi, from being spicy, to the amount of noodles in the packaging, to the type of packaging.

The Lucky Me! Logo has been changed from a simple solid dark lime green color with red lettering in 1989 to 2002, to the recently more familiar horizontal red oblong resembling a bowl and the old coloring, with the ‘Lucky Me!’ name in a similar font with white text, and yellow vectored smoke on the top  resembling the heat that comes out of the ‘bowl’ of noodles with the whole logo having a white outline, this started being used in 2002 to 2022. The 2023 version was made for the IPO of the brand, refined by removing the white outline and intensifying the color by deepening the red and making the yellow more solid and less bright, and changing the font.

The beloved noodle brand when searched has a list of pancit canton lucky me recipes from How to cook Lucky Me! noodles in dry or soup form to enhance the flavors, to make them more filling, or to make these ‘healthier’. There are a lot of ways to enjoy this delicious noodle brand from using them as a substitute for other noodle dishes (with the examples down below).

Lucky Me! noodles plastic packaging to go cup different flavors

Lucky me! Products come in:

  • A 80 grams plastic packaging, with a bigger ‘Supreme’ version where it comes in a 120 grams pack. Do note that while the noodles used are the ‘pancit noodles’, some flavors use ‘sotanghon noodles’ also called glass or cellophane noodles made of tapioca starch or potato starch, or ‘lomi’ which are thick egg noodles.
  • Lucky Me! Noodles also come in a convenient cup form called the ‘To Go Cups’. These are the paper cup versions that can be brought anywhere and cooked anytime just needing a few minutes in hot water for the noodles to cook, the dry version of the cup has holes on the side to help rinse off the noodle water. The Go Cup comes in a ‘Mini’ and ‘Supreme’.
  • The Milky Me line with cream or milk based soups.
  • The brand also has ‘Instant Pasta in Mac and Cheese’, ‘Baked Mac’, ‘Cheese Ramyum’ and ‘Curly Spaghetti’ that are sold in packs.
  • They also have a 3 in 1 seasoning packet called “Lucky Me! Nam Nam”.

Noodle Flavor options as of 2023:

  • Pancit Canton Original
  • Pancit Canton Kalamansi (comes in a bigger 120g pack, and a Go Cup)
  • Pancit Canton Chilimansi (comes in a to Go Cup)
  • Pancit Canton Extra Hot Chili (comes in a to Go Cup)
  • Lucky Me noodles Spicy Labuyo Chicken
  • Lucky Me Pancit Canton Sweet and Spicy (comes in a bigger 120g pack)
  • Lucky Me! Noodles chicken
  • Lucky Me! noodles Beef
  • Instant Noodles Spicy Labuyo Beef
  • Instant Noodles Spicy Labuyo Pork
  • Instant Noodles “Itnok” Itlog at manok ( in English translates to ‘Egg and Chicken’’)
  • Go Cup Supreme mini Pinoy Chicken Mami with Egg Flakes
  • Go Cup Supreme mini Chicken Sotanghon
  • Go Cup Mini Instant Noodles Seafood (comes in a bigger form called ‘Supreme’)
  • Go Cup Mini Lomi (also comes in the instant pack)
  • Go Cup Mini Instant Noodles Spicy La Paz Batchoy (also comes in the instant pack and a bigger to Go Cup form called ‘Supreme’)
  • Go Cup Mini Instant noodles Batchoy
  • Go Cup Mini Instant noodles Bulalo (also comes in a bigger form called ‘Supreme’)
  • Supreme Mini Noodle Spicy Bulalo (also comes in a to Go Cup)
  • Supreme Mini Noodle Special Beef Mami
  • Supreme Mini Noodles Jjampong (also comes in a bigger form called ‘Supreme’)
  • Milky Me Chicken
  • Milky Me Corn

Lucky Me pancit canton price philippines:(as of 2023) can range from Php 9.30 (from the original) to Php 12.15 (depending on the flavor of choice), and Php 22.20 – Php 26.95 (for the cup version)

Lucky Me! noodles beef na beef and beef lomi


  • Is it safe to eat expired Lucky Me! noodles? For some, eating the noodles 1 – 2 months past the expiration date is still ‘safe’. Though many recommend discard noodles especially if it looks very different, deformed, or discolored then they will be unsafe to consume.
  • Is Lucky Me! noodles safe for pregnant women? Studies DO NOT recommend pregnant women to eat any instant noodles as they are high in sodium (salt) and carbohydrates, with little to no nutritional value.
  • Is Lucky Me! noodles good for acid reflux? No. Instant noodles, breads, sweets, alcohol, and any other fatty or caffeinated food or drinks can/might aggravate and cause reflux symptoms.
  • Is Lucky Me! noodles safe to eat for dogs? They do not suit any pet’s diet and nutritional needs. Though non-toxic to dogs, they can cause problems like weight problems from the high content of sodium (salt) and carbohydrates.

Lucky me noodles recipes (Pancit canton recipes):

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Lucky Me! noodles step by step cooking
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