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Ginisang Kalabasa with Noodles

Ginisang Kalabasa is made with squash, instant noodles, malungay leaves, onion, garlic, pepper and oil. Make your favorite instant noodles healthier with this ginisang kalabasa with noodles recipe! Aside from kalabasa, it also includes malunggay leaves. This noodle dish is bursting with a lot of vitamin A, C and iron. Try this one today!


Instant noodles are one of the most budget-friendly and readily available food items we know. These noodles are commonly bought as food stocked which are eaten when we randomly become hungry in the middle of the night. As its name suggest, the noodles are cooked almost instantly, with just a few minutes. The flavor of instant noodles depend on the powdered seasonings included in the pack. Some of the more common noodle flavors are beef, chicken and seafood. One common issue with instant noodles are they are associated to being less healthy and with a lot of sodium.

There are a lot of healthy ways to eat instant noodles and I will share two of them. If you plan to eat instant noodles as it is, eat it moderately because it really has a high amount of sodium in it. Another way would be adding different veggies to it. This will add a lot of nutrients to the noodles and can expand the dish—more people can eat the noodles and the sodium intake from it will be lower than eating it on its own.

The second way is what we are going to do today. Squash and malunggay are two vegetables which has plenty of nutrients and is palatable for the kids. Try this ginisang kalabasa with noodles recipe for a healthier noodle option.


Cooking this ginisang kalabasa with noodles is similar to cooking instant noodles with just a few simple steps. Start by sautéing the squash cubes with the aromatics for some umami flavor. Add some water and boil the squash and the instant noodles. When the noodles are cooked, the squash cubes are more likely cooked at the same time. Add the seasonings and the malunggay leaves. After boiling for a few seconds, serve the ginisang kalabasa with noodles and share it with your family. Enjoy!

Ginisang Kalabasa with Noodles

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  • 1 kilo squash (cut into cubes)

  • 2 packets instant noodles

  • rice water or plain water

  • malunggay leaves

  • 1 onion (chopped)

  • 3 cloves of garlic (minced)

  • pepper to taste

  • oil (for sauteing)


  • Heat some oil in a pan. Sauté the onion and garlic until light brown.
  • Add the squash cubes and sauté for a minute. Add the rice water and the instant noodles. Reserve the seasoning. Make sure that the noodles are submerged in the liquid. Cover the pan and let it boil for a few minutes.
  • Once boiling, add the seasonings and the malunggay leaves. Stir until well-mixed. Season with pepper and let it simmer for a few minutes.
  • Turn the heat off and transfer the ginisang kalabasa with noodles in a serving bowl. Enjoy it while it’s hot!

Ginisang Kalabasa with Noodles Recipe (TAGALOG)


  • 1 kilo kalabasa (hiwain ng cubes)
  • 2 pakete ng instant noodles
  • pinaghugasan ng bigas o tubig
  • dahon ng malunggay
  • 1 sibuyas (hiniwa)
  • 3 butil ng bawang (hiniwa ng maliliit)
  • paminta
  • mantika (pang-gisa)


  1. Magpainit ng mantika at igisa ang sibuyas at bawang hanggang maging light brown.
  2. Ilagay ang hiniwang kalabasa at igisa ng ilang segundo. Ilagay ang pinaghugasan ng bigas at ang instant noodles. Ihiwalay ang seasonings. Siguraduhing nakalubog sa tubig ang noodles. Takpan ang kawali at hayaang kumulo ng ilang minuto.
  3. Kapag kumukulo na, ilagay ang seasonings at dahon ng malunggay. Haluin ng mabuti at budburan ng paminta. Hayaan itong maluto ng ilang minuto.
  4. Patayin ang apoy at ilipat ang ginisang kalabasa with noodles sa isang serving bowl. Kainin ito habang mainit. Enjoy!
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