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Graham Balls

Graham Balls are scrumptious sweet balls made with crushed graham, condensed milk, filled with soft marshmallow and is coated with sprinkles. This is very popular in Philippines and kids enjoy chewing it. This luscious chewy finger food confection is made up of a very few and affordable ingredients and easy ti make in home.

Graham Balls

A sweet Ball Loved by Kids

The Filipinos are very fond of graham crackers. Believe me, I am one of them who loves to experiment recipes using this ingredient. There are the famous graham mango float, graham-flavored ice cream, and graham cake.  No wonder that Graham Balls were born, and that is another sweet snack that should be thankful for.

Graham Balls

If Graham Balls are for kids only, then how come it is one of our favorite sweet snacks with my mom? I remember when my sister brought this as her pasalubong, it was also the first time we tasted it. My mom and I were so curious about it primarily because of its funny dark brown color (the ones she brought were just ordinary, without sprinkles). Initially, my mom thought it was just another baked good in cute size. But when we tasted it, it turned out to be one of our favorite go-to snacks to make together in our kitchen.

How to Make Graham Balls

To make graham balls is super easy and speedy, plus it requires a very few ingredients. You can buy the already crushed graham crackers or if you happen to have the crackers, crush it to powder using mortar and pestle.

Having the ingredients with you, start with combining the crushed graham crackers and condensed milk. Mix until the texture becomes soft and manageable. Once the consistency was achieved, scoop half a tablespoon of the mixture and roll it into a ball. Stretch the sides of the graham balls to flatten then put a marshmallow in the middle. Pinch all the sides together to enclose the marshmallow fully. Repeat the process for all the remaining ones.

Lastly, roll the now marshmallow-filled mixture onto colorful candy sprinkles for a more presentable look. You can chill this for an hour or overnight for best taste results. Yum!

Graham Balls

Course: Desserts




  • 3 cups of crushed Graham crackers

  • 1 cup of condensed milk

  • medium-sized marshmallows

  • sprinkles (optional)


  • In a big bowl, combine the crushed graham and condensed milk. Add more milk if the texture becomes too stiff.
  • Scoop half a tablespoon of this mixture and roll into a ball using palms of the hands.
  • Stretch the side of the graham into a flat round formation.
  • Put a marshmallow on the middle then pinch all sides together. Roll back and forth to wrap the marshmallow completely.
  • Prepare the coatings such as crushed grahams or candy sprinkles in each small bowl. Coat the graham balls with preferred toppings.
  • Chill for 3 hours for best results. Enjoy your snack!


  • If the graham-milk mixture gets too sticky, add more crushed graham crackers. Otherwise, if the mixture gets too stiff, pour a balancing amount of condensed milk.
  • ¬†Upon rolling the Graham Balls to create a neat and round formation, you might find it to be too sticky to manage. Greasing the hands with butter or oil as you handle the mixture is advisable to prevent this.

Watch how to Make Graham Balls

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