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Bear Brand

Bear Brand comes from the popular company ‘Nestlé’ (currently) introduced to the Philippines in 1892 by the then company ‘Bernese Alps Milk Company’. This powdered milk drink has become part of many Filipino children’s diets. Endorsed as a great way to intake nutrients such as Vitamin C, Iron, and Zinc all of which are immunity building. Can be found sold in big packages to be used by the entire family, or in small sachets for easy to carry-on the go snack you can bring to school or at the office, or for those who want a quick sweet filling drink to consume at anytime of the day. These have many options like different flavors like strawberry and chocolate, different formulas for different ages from 3 years old to adults, and many more versions depending on what suits your diet.

Bear Brand Milk brand in store all products

A short Introduction

Nestle Bear brand milk powder came to be known by many Filipinos in 1892 by the Bernese Alps Milk Company, now owned by Nestlé. This brand is readily available around Eastern Africa, Southeast Asia, and East Asia. Though in other areas it might be known to many as “Marca Oso” which is the Spanish name for “Bear Brand”, another name known to many is “Susu Cap Beruang” the brand name introduced to Indonesia in the 1930’s . This milk brand is ranked in the top 50 most consumed goods in the Philippines. The brand with the tagline “Tibay Araw-araw” which directly translates to “Strengthening Everyday” meaning that a glass of milk everyday will make sure you build a stronger body and mind, or the recent “Laki sa Gatas” translating to “Grown from Milk” meaning that people who drink milk since young have a bigger advantage whether physically or mentally, is a tagline that is still being used for their education advocacy programs since 2006.

Bear Brand milk ingredients or the baseline as most depending on the product are: skimmed milk powder, water, a blend of oil (corn oil and coconut oil), calcium phosphate, sugar, Vitamins (A, C, B1, B2, B6, B12, D, E, Niacin, folic acid, Biotin, Emulsifier (Mono-and diglycerides), stabilizer (carrageenan), zinc sulfate, and natural flavors. While the Bear Brand prices can range from (as of this year-2023 of writing) 10 pesos per sachet to 1,150 pesos for a 2.4grams kid’s milk powder supplement. The powdered milk prices can also differ where you but them from, you can find these at the Sari-Sari store, convenience store, grocery store, or sometimes sold by street vendors.

Products under the brand are:

  • Bear brand jr (for the ages 1 – 3 years old)
  • Bear Brand Fortified Powdered Milk drink (Bear Brand fortified is for what age? Recommended to kids age 4 – 6 years old, this also comes in ‘Choco Milk’ and ‘Real Strawberry’ flavors)
  • Bear Brand Adult Plus ( introduced in 2011, made for working adults age 19-29, has a ‘Choco’ flavor option)
  • Bear Brand Busog Lusog Milky Yummy (a cereal milk drink that also comes in chocolate )
  • Bear Brand Sterilized (ready to drink milk, no need to add water.)
    • These also have a ‘Gingko Biloba’ option added, to help with memory issues and better focus.
    • Another is a ‘Ginseng’ flavored version that helps enhance energy and strength.
  • Bear Brand Yogu (a yogurt drink made from the fortified milk version. It has 3 flavors: green apple, mango, and strawberry.)
  • With many more being continuously added depending on the country. An example of this is ‘Nestle Bear Brand Gold’ a bottled drink introduced to Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, and Cambodia which is a sterilized low fat milk that has flavors like white kidney beans, white malt, goji berry, and white tea. The most recent project as of June 2023 is the brand’s condensed milk mixed with all purpose cream called ‘Bear Brand Crema Asada’ that has not yet entered the market.

While there are many uses of milk powder aside the the usual drink to satisfy sweet cravings or hunger pangs with just a mix of powder and water at the comfort of your own home or office. Many have used powdered milk to add into breads, fillings, candies, or sweets for a sweeter and milkier flavor, or use these as a cheaper alternative to mixed in desserts like pudding, and other savory soups or many other confections as a substitute to fresh milk.

Bear Brand Milk fortified and adult plus

Bear Brand milk benefits

What are the Bear Brand milk nutrition facts? 1 glass of Bear Brand milk is around 153 calories, per serving of 33 grams of powder added into water. Like most benefits of powdered milk or dehydrated milk, these are great for those who don’t have immediate access to fresh milk as it’s also great to store at room temperature without the need of refrigeration, are cost effective with a longer shelf life. An easy to use and carry-on milk option, here are some powdered milk benefits:

  • Strengthens the bones, like most milks this product is rich in potassium, calcium, protein, phosphorus, amino acids, and protein. The fortified version is also rich in Vitamin D that increases calcium absorption.
  • Helps keep the heart healthy, calcium found in milk is also a great way to lower blood pressure.
  • Can help with maintaining weight. You can add these into your usual diet as a drink or into yogurt, coffee, savory or baked goods for those who need to increase their dietary intake. It’s also good for weight loss as the drink can help fill you up and make your stomach feel satiated for longer.

* Do note that any product from this brand is not a substitute for breast milk, and is not suitable for children below 3 years old. Do consult your doctor further for this.

Bear Brand Milk powder opened from pack

Bear Brand Questions:

  • Is Bear Brand milk good for high blood pressure?

Milk is great for people who need to lower their blood pressure, it’s an ingredient that studies have said to help the cardiovascular system. This is because it has dietary potassium that also helps with hypertension. Just take note to drink the recommended serving size.

  • Is Bear Brand milk good for dogs?

Is Bear Brand milk good for puppies or for kittens? Whole milk does also give your pets a good amount of Calcium, Vitamin D, and Protein, most dogs and cats (despite the worldwide belief that they love milk) are lactose intolerant meaning that drinking milk or eating powdered milk may cause them diarrhea. 

  • Bear brand milk for pregnant women?

Any brand of milk is good for pregnant women, especially fortified milk. Just make sure to check the sugar content. Do consult your doctor if milk would be a better alternative than calcium pills.

  • Is Bear Brand milk good for acid reflux?

Is Bear Brand milk acidic? Depending on which option you choose, for those with hyperacidity you can give skim, non-fat milk, low-fat milk, or non-dairy alternatives a try. Do not drink full fat milk or any high in fat products as these can increase and aggravate heartburn. 


Bear Brand Milk in cup

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