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Prem Luncheon Meat

Prem Luncheon Meat is a canned food brand similar to Spam, they’ve also similarly been used as war rations, as these were shipped in World War II to England. Introduced by the Swift & Company in 1939, an American brand, but are now made by different brands depending on which country you are in. How different is it from Spam? Is it better? How similar are they?

Prem Luncheon Meat options and Prem Ham

A short Introduction

Called the shorthand “Prem” or “Premium Pork Luncheon Meat” this is a brand of canned luncheon meat brand under the Zwanenberg Food Group (based on the Netherlands) from the United States, in Canada its trademarked under the Maple Leaf Foods Inc or Les Aliments Maple Leaf Inc but is sold under the brand ‘Swift’, calling it ‘Swift’s Prem.  During World War II, Prem Luncheon meat was shipped to England as their meat alternative. It was said to be made as an alternative or rival to Spam which was produced by Hormel Foods. Both brands also had a huge controversy starting from the packaging. The fight between the brand and Zwanenberg Food Group started from infringing the trademark blue and yellow packaging. While dismissed, both competing products, while almost similar in looks and now slightly different packaging, are still being sold everywhere, with Prem still being seen as a cheaper alternative with almost the same taste to Spam.

Different Products under the brand are:

  • Prem Original Luncheon Meat.
  • 50% less salt ‘Lite’ (Prem lite luncheon meat)
  • 30% Less sodium
  • Prem cooked ham (there is also a premium version the ‘Ham Jambon’ that is gluten-free)
  • Prem corned beef (that comes in ‘Original’ and ‘Less sodium’)

Swift Prem luncheon meat base ingredients include a mix of ham and pork, water, potato starch, salt, sugar, sodium phosphates (stabilizer), sodium erythorbate (antioxidant), potassium chloride (flavoring), sodium Nitrite (preservative), more or less depending on the the company or product. Is Prem Luncheon Meat healthy? Like all luncheon meat bought in the market today, they are a somewhat a more affordable meat option that are shelf stable. But 1 slice of Prem luncheon meat calories is around 130 calories per serving size of 56 grams, with 8.5 grams of fats, 8 grams of protein, and 2 grams of carbs. a tasty alternative but are not as healthy as ‘real’ meat. Where can I buy Prem Luncheon meat? You can find these in almost all grocery stores around the isles of canned foods, and in most online grocery retailers.

Prem Luncheon Meat in store

Prem luncheon meat vs Spam

Spam is a splurge, and while Prem is a bit more cheaper it is still a bit expensive compared to other cured meat alternatives. While it is a bit hard to differentiate the taste and texture. For most, Spam looks more homogeneous(smooth) and firm, making it easier to slice, the original is also a bit saltier, uncooked it has a light red-pink color. While Prem looks less smooth with tiny specks, is similarly firm but with a subtly grainer texture, not too salty, and has a lighter pink color. Both taste similarly with just the saltiness and slight difference in color.

Prem Luncheon Meat can opened


  • Tuna Kimbap – adding canned tuna into rice to make rice balls might be delicious. But have you tried mixing it with luncheon meat? Spam or Prem rice balls is the perfect snack to much on in tiring mornings, brunch, an afternoon pick me up, or late night dinner. Prepare it beforehand and heat it in the microwave when you’re ready to eat.
  • Potato Pancakes – fry up some luncheon meat to side with these deliciously crispy and scrumptious potato pancakes.
  • Spicy eggs with hotdogs – replace the hotdogs with some luncheon meat to change it up. A savory spicy mix that’s perfect with a side of rice, add in more chillies for more spice, or add more vegetables to add more fiber into the dish, making it a bit more healthier.
  • Kimchi Fried Rice or Spam Fried Rice(without the spice) – a spicy, mouthwateringly savory, and healthy rice meal you can make in just one bowl. Mix overnight cold white rice, chopped kimchi, aromatics like garlic and onions, some more spice with gochujang sauce and kimchi sauce, made more savory with soy sauce, your choice of added veggies, and a good amount of luncheon meat to complete the meal.
  • One pan Egg Sandwich – an omelet mix of ham or luncheon meat with eggs, spices, and buttered bread. quick , easy, and filling.
  • Want to make your own luncheon meat to add and fill with cheese, bell peppers, more black peppers or spice? Check out this Homemade Spam recipe.
Scrambles eggs and Prem Luncheon meat Teriyaki

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