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Pastillas is another Pinoy milky confectionery that wins over the other desserts in terms of its very simple ingredients and preparation. It is made with powdered milk, condensed milk, sugar. Optionally you can add spinkles, chocolate cookies to add more flavours and attraction.


Pastillas (Cookies and Cream Flavor)

Pastillas, also known as Pastillas de Leche, is a sweet and yummy candy from the Philippines. These small dewy rounds of milk became immediately popular in the whole country within a very short period of time. It is widely scattered in Sari-Sari stores, typically sugar-coated and wrapped in golden foil.

Just a little trivia, originally this is a proud confectionery recipe particularly from the province of Bulacan. Interestingly, there is an occasion or Festival in celebration of this wide food success called Pastillas Festival. It is being observed since 2006.

When I was a kid, I am the Johnny Eating Sugar type to sneak in the kitchen and scoop some sugar or powdered milk for myself. I just love how the milk melts the creaminess in my mouth. Pastillas is the bite-size dewy milk and I just love that this candy exists. It means no more me kitchen-sneaking, but that would so be weird to do now.

How to Make Pastillas (Cookies and Cream Flavor)

Making Pastillas is one of the fastest ways to make a sweet snack. With only two ingredients and the process of kneading plus coating, your lazy self will be thankful. Prepare the condensed milk, skimmed or powder milk, and white sugar, let’s get into the business.

In a bowl, put the two cups powdered milk and gradually add the condensed milk. Be careful with mixing because it might be too clumping and hard to manage when combined suddenly. Take note to clean your hands properly first and wear plastic gloves since. It is advisable to use bare hands to mix and knead the dough-like milk mixture for an easier and faster process. Now, if you want the Pastillas to be infused with cookies and cream flavor then add chocolate cookies with cream filling to the mixture.

For the fun part, scoop a teaspoon full of the Pastillas mixture and roll into a small ball. Then, coat these milk balls with the toppings, either white sugar or candy sprinkles. Spear a toothpick into it for more convenient eating. Serve and enjoy!


Course: Desserts




  • 2 cups powdered milk (any brand)

  • 1 cup condensed milk (or more if needed)

  • oil (for hand greasing)

  • coatings (white sugar, candy sprinkles)

  • chocolate cookies with cream filling (crushed into chunks)


  • In mixing bowl, combine the powdered milk and condensed milk. Take note to add the condensed milk little by little as you mix to prevent unmanageable texture.
  • Then, wear plastic gloves on kneading the milk mixture until it turns to have a dough-like texture. It should not be too stiff nor too soft.
  • To make the Pastillas with cookies and cream flavor, add chopped cream-filled chocolate cookies into the milk mixture and knead completely.
  • Scoop a full teaspoon of the plain milk mixture or the one with cookies and cream flavor. Roll it into a small round ball. After that, you can now coat it with your preferred toppings like candy sprinkles or just simple white sugar. Sweet!


  • The milk mixture will be too sticky at first. It is advisable to mix it with clean bare hands with plastic gloves for easy and quick kneading.
  • If the mixture gets too much sticky to handle that it adheres with the plastic gloves, you can put a small amount of oil onto the hands to solve this.
  • For Pastillas recipe, you can use any brand of powdered milk or skimmed milk as long as it matches your taste.

Watch how to make Pastillas with Cookies and Cream flavor

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