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Baked Baby Back Ribs

Baked Baby Back Ribs is made by baking ribs marinated with pepper, sugar, paprika powder, garlic powder, cumin powder, mustard powder and salt. It is baked again with basting sauce made with ketup, sugar, vinegar, paprika powder, Worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper. This baby back ribs recipe is best for celebrations and will only cost you a little effort in cooking and preparing. Serve these bad boys to your dinner and make them go oohh la la!


Baby back ribs is one of the most expensive pork cuts. Compared to spareribs, these ribs are shorter—and that may be the reason why they are called “baby”. These are from the back part of the pig, on one side of the spine. This make baby back ribs leaner than spare ribs. Pork and beef baby back ribs are the most common, but other meats like lamb meat can also be used.

Baby back ribs is actually expensive not only because it is much tender and lean but also because one can only get 2 sets of ribs on a single pig. With high demands, these are served as one of the specialities of many restaurants which will cost you a lot. But you can actually prepare the baby back ribs at home! It will be relatively cheaper and you’ve got to be master chef in your own kitchen. Oven baked baby back ribs in foil can be removed from foil and served easily and tastily. Try this easy baby back ribs recipe now! There are different ways how to cook ribs in oven fast. It can be by wrapping in foil or by using tender flesh.


What we are really going to do is to treat the ribs like a CEO. For the first step, prepare the dry rub mixture. Simply mix all the dry rub ingredients and that is good to go. There are ready-to-use dry rub in the market but its best to make one from scratch so you can make adjustments based on your preference. Next, prepare the ribs. Once you buy the ribs from the grocery, you will notice a white skin-like coating on the ribs. It is actually called the silver skin. It is the membrane that lines the abdominal cavity of the pig. You need to remove the membrane using your hands. This step is very important above everything else. If not, your baby back ribs will be tough and chewy like a plastic, and will have no taste at all.

When all the silver skin is removed, sprinkle the dry rub mixture, spread some love to it and massage the meat gently. The next thing to do is to let the meat marinate with the dry rub. Wrap the ribs in a foil wrapper and store in the refrigerator. While waiting, prepare the sauce. This will be brushed to the ribs later. Simply mix the sauce ingredients in a pot and let it boil and simmer. Set it aside to cool a bit. Bake the wrapped ribs in the oven and remember to flip them for a few times. After the first bake, check if the ribs are tender. Generously brush some sauce and then bake again. The next few steps will involve brushing with sauce and baking until the ribs are finished.

If an oven is not available, or you just simply want a smokey flavour, you can perform the same steps but on a barbecue grill. Do not forget to flip the ribs and brush with the sauce. Remove fallen bones if there are any. Transfer the baby back ribs in a serving plate and serve with hot steaming rice or with mashed potatoes! Yum! Best baby back ribs recipes are tender and easy to make at home.

Baked Baby Back Ribs

Course: Pork Recipes




  • 1250 grams ribs

  • For the rub:
  • ½ tablespoon salt

  • ½ tablespoon pepper

  • 1/3 cup brown sugar

  • 1 tablespoon paprika powder

  • 1 tablespoon garlic powder

  • 1 tablespoon cumin powder

  • 1 tablespoon mustard powder (optional)

  • For the sauce:
  • 2 cups ketchup

  • 1/3 cup brown sugar

  • ½ cup apple cider vinegar

  • 1 tablespoon paprika powder

  • 1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce

  • 1 tablespoon salt

  • ½ tablespoon pepper


  • To prepare the rub, add the salt, pepper, brown sugar, paprika powder, garlic powder, cumin powder, and mustard powder in a medium-sized bowl. Mix well until well-combined. Set aside.
  • Prepare the ribs. Carefully remove the white skin-like coating over the ribs using your hands. Sprinkle thr dry rub mixture and massage the meat gently.
  • Lay a sheet of foil on a flat surface and wrap the ribs. Keep the ribs in the fridge for at least 2 hours. For a stronger flavor, store it in the fridge for 6 hours or a whole overnight.
  • Heat a pot under medium heat. Add the ketchup, brown sugar, apple cider vinegar, paprika powder, Worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper. Stir the ingredients until well-combined. Once the sauce boils, change the heat to low heat. Stir the sauce and let it simmer for 15 minutes. Transfer the sauce in a bowl and set aside to cool.
  • Bake the wrapped ribs in a preheated oven at 300F or 150C for 2 to 3 hours while flipping every 30 minutes.
  • Remove the foil and check if the ribs are tender.
  • Brush the baked ribs with the sauce and bake for another 5 to 7 minutes. Remember to flip and brush with the sauce for several times.
  • Transfer the ribs into a serving dish. Serve with hot rice or mashed potatoes. Enjoy!

Baked Baby Back Ribs Recipe (TAGALOG)


  • 1250 gramo ng ribs
  • For the rub:
  • ½ kutsarang asin
  • ½ kutsarang paminta
  • 1/3 tasang asukal na pula
  • 1 kutsarang paprika powder
  • 1 kutsarang garlic powder
  • 1 kutsarang cumin powder
  • 1 kutsarang mustard powder (optional)
  • For the sauce:
  • 2 tasang ketchup
  • 1/3 tasang asukal na pula
  • ½ tasang apple cider vinegar
  • 1 kutsarang paprika powder
  • 1 kutsaritang Worcestershire sauce
  • 1 kutsarang asin
  • ½ kutsarang paminta


  1. Para magawa ang rub, ilagay ang asin, paminta, asukal na pula, paprika powder, garlic powder, cumin powder at mustard powder sa isang bowl. Haluin ito ng mabuti.
  2. Ihanda ang ribs. Alisin ang puting coating sa ibabaw ng ribs at hilahin ito gamit ang kamay. Ibudbod ang dry rub mixture at i-massage ito sa karne.
  3. Maglatag ng isang sheet ng foil sa isang flat surface at ibalot ang ribs. Ilagay ang ribs sa loob ng ref ng 2 oras. Para mas lumasa, ilagay ito sa ref sa di bababa sa 6 na oras o magdamag.
  4. Magpainit ng kawali gamit ang katamtamang apoy. Ilagay ang ketchup, asukal na pula, apple cider vinegar, paprika powder, Worcestershire sauce, asin at paminta. Haluin ang mga ito ng mabuti. Kapag kumulo na ang sauce, babaan ang apoy. Hayaan itong kumulo ng 15 minuto. Ilipat ang sauce sa isang bowl para lumamig.
  5. I-bake ang ribs sa isang preheated oven sa 300F o 150C sa loob ng 2 hanggang 3 oras, habang binabaliktad ang mga ito kada 30 minuto.
  6. Alisin ang foil at i-check kung tender na ba ang ribs.
  7. I-brush ang baked ribs gamit ang sauce at i-bake itong muli ng 5 hanggang 7 minuto. Baliktarin at ibrush ito ng ilang ulit.
  8. Ilagay ang baked ribs sa isang serving dish. Samahan ito ng mainit na kanin o mashed potatoes. Enjoy!
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