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555 Sardines

555 Sardines Philippines is a truly Filipino product from the under Century Pacific Food, Inc. with the tagline “Super Ulam Pinoy” translating to “Super Filipino Viand” as these are not only filling but have vitamins and minerals like lycopene, protein, iodine, calcium and more. It’s been in production for around 30 years or more, ingredients include the sardines cooked in soya oil, infused with spices like peppercorn, bayleaf, chili peppers, and peppercorn, depending on which flavor you choose there might be more or less different sauces like tomato sauce, herbs, and other oils. This ready to eat canned sardine is best eaten warm or sautéed with vegetables then topped over freshly cooked rice.

555 Sardines in tomato sauce can opened

A short Introduction

555 Sardines is owned by Century Pacific food who also own Century Tuna, and many more notable affordable Filipino brand canned foods. The brand stands for ‘value laden benefits namely ‘Sarap and Sulit’ by having a great tasting affordable canned sardines. This product came around 1983 during the sardine shortage in the Philippines, gaining popularity from the advertisements, taste, and marketing strategies.

The brand options are:

  • Common flavors are : 555 tuna sardines in tomato sauce, 555 Spanish style sardines, 555 fried sardines with tausi (black soy beans), 555 fried sardines hot and spicy, 555 Tuna hot and spicy, 555 Tuna flakes in oil.
  • Filipino flavored tuna versions such as : 555 Tuna Caldereta or Spicy Caldereta, 555 Tuna Afritada, and 555 Tuna Spicy Paksiw.
  • The premium version with the sardines encased in glass jars filled with herbs and spices is called 555 Premium Bottled Sardines.
  • Other seafood options are : 555 Squid and 555 Mackerel.
  • There are also meat versions that include : 555 Carne Norte which is more like corned beef, with 555 Meat loaf, and 555 Beef loaf.

555 Sardines price ranges from 16 pesos for a can of 100 grams to 496 pesos for 230 grams of 555 Spanish style sardines. They can be bought per can and by a bulk of 100 cans per box. You can find this ingredient simply heated on a pan then poured over rice, or added into pasta sauce, mixed with other sauces to give it a different taste, sautéed with vegetables for a healthier meal, and more recipes down below.

555 Sardines in store

555 sardines nutrition facts

  • 555 sardine calories are around 65 calories per serving of 43 grams. Having 2 grams of carbs, 4.5 grams fats, and 4 grams protein.
  • Is 555 sardines good for dogs? Yes, they pack a nutritional punch to pets. Though it would be best to give them canned fish options without salt added and are water based instead of oil based (for all pets).
  • Is 555 sardines good for cats? Yes, these are considered a nutritional supplement to your pets. Even the options with tomato sauce can be eaten but in just very small amounts. Do note that if the ingredients add garlic or onion powder this might poison your cat.

Recipes :

  • Sardines Sisig with tofu – a simple but deliciously flavorful dish based on the original Filipino sisig made of the canned fish, tofu, eggs, garlic, ginger, bell pepper, chillies for spice, soy sauce, oyster sauce, and mayonnaise.
  • Spanish Sardines Pasta – a 555 sardines pasta recipe or use of canned sardines is a quick and easy dish that just needs tomato sauce, the fish and a few spices and herbs to add flavor and you’re ready to pour it over al dente noodles.
  • Ginisang Pechay with Sardines – a healthier dish made by cooking sardines with your choice of leafy vegetables like pechay or cabbage, onion, tomatoes, garlic, and seasonings.
  • Ginataang Lankga with Sardines – Upgrade your usual ginataang dish (coconut sauce based dish), a mix of sweet, salty, and creamy based sauce with sili (chillies), sardines, and jackfruit.
  • Sardines Fish Ball – the usual Filipino street food made at home, and made with sardines instead of the usual threadfin bream, lizard fish, or bigeye snapper. These are easy to make and can be customized by adding other herbs or even place a cheesy surprise.
555 Sardines in a bowl

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