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Maja Blanca with Budbod

Maja Blanca with Budbod is a variation of Filipino delicacy maja blanca or coconut pudding and is made by adding budbod made by desiccated coconut and sugar as toppings on a maja blanca made with corn-starch, coconut milk, cream style corn, evaporated milk, condensed milk and sugar. It is a white and simple kakanin with a mildly sweet flavour, which is why a budbod toppings would crown it nicely. Best served chilled during an afternoon snack with coffee.

Maja Blanca with Budbod


Maja Blanca was one of the classic Filipino native delicacies which has been our favorite for a long time. It was theorized that maja blanca was invented during the period of Spanish colonization. The word maja means “to pound, grind, mash” while “Blanca” is the Spanish term for white. The name maja was used since making this kakanin involves pounding of coconut meat to extract the milk or cream.

The traditional maja blanca was plain and topped with corn bits. Modern versions added different toppings like grated cheese and uses different flavors like ube and pandan. In this recipe, I made use of the sepal or the desiccated coconut, also called the budbod. The word “budbod” means to spread.

Maja Blanca with Budbod


In making coconut-based dishes, do you buy ready-made coco cream or do you press your own at home? If your answer is the first one, I bet I can encourage you to do the home pressing at home and have your own coconut cream. Here is just a short list on the what you can gain in home coconut pressing.

  • Home extracting is fun. The pagkakayod of the niyog may be a good bonding time for you and your family especially when you need a large amount of gata. After you kayod the niyog, you do not need any special pressing tools. Grab a clean cloth then just squeeze squeeze squeeze until fully extracted.
  • You can ensure sanitation. When you’re the one to do all the preparation, then you are sure on the cleanliness of the products you can get from the coconut.
  • You can save the coconut juice. I have witnessed actual coco cream extraction in the market and I saw how much coconut juice is wasted. If you do this at home, you can save the coco juice and turn it into a nice drink for later.
  • You can save the dessicated coconut.  When you buy gata from the market, or when you buy ready-pressed ones or the canned ones, you only receive the gata and nothing else. If you do this at home, you can turn the dessicated coconut which can be a great toppings for your maja blanca. Steps on how to make budbod from dessicated coconut can be found on the recipe below.


Making maja blanca is just making the main mixture and just heat it then allow it to set. Start by making your slurry, just for it to be prepared beforehand. The maja blanca mixture is simply made by combining all the ingredients. Remember to adjust the sweetness level before adding the slurry. In this recipe, I used ½ cup sugar. Add the slurry after heating the mixture and cook until super smooth and sticky.

With the cornstarch as the thickening agent, maja blanca is very quick to set. If you’re dealing with a large batch, it is advisable to have someone to help you transfer the maja blanca into the container so you can scrape the sides of the pan well. Tap the container against the table for a few times to let out of the trapped bubbles and to flatten the top. In this recipe, I was able to make 2 trays.

While waiting for your maja blanca to chill, make the budbod by heating the sapal and sugar together. When it becomes golden brown, grab a slice of the dish and add some budbod on top. Enjoy!

Maja Blanca with Budbod

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  • 4 cups coconut milk

  • 2 cups cornstarch

  • 1 can cream style corn (or whole corn kernels)

  • 1 can (410mL) evaporated milk

  • 1 can (300mL) condensed milk

  • sugar to taste

  • 2 cups water (for slurry)

  • For budbod:
  • 1 cup dessicated coconut (or the sapal from coconut pressing)

  • 2 tablespoons sugar


  • Make a slurry by dissolving the cornstarch in water. (You can use fresh milk or evaporated milk). Set aside.
  • Combine the coconut milk, evaporated milk and condensed milk in a pot. Next, add the cream style corn or corn kernels. Mix until well-combined.
  • Do a taste test and adjust the level of sweetness according to your preference. Consider the additional liquid from the slurry in adjusting the sweetness level.
  • Cook the maja blanca mixture using medium heat. When boiling, cook for 5 more minutes to further cook the coconut milk.
  • After 5 minutes, lower the heat and add the slurry. Stir the slurry once again before adding to make sure that there are no lumps. Add the slurry slowly while stirring continuously. You have to move quickly as the mixture gets really sticky and hard to stir. Continue cooking for 8 to 10 minutes while stirring occasionally until smooth to cook the slurry.
  • Transfer the maja blanca mixture to a container quickly right after removing from the heat since it sets too fast. Smoothen the top using a spatula. Let it cool a bit or you can refrigerate.
  • For the budbod toppings, place the sepal in a pan and cook in low heat while stirring occasionally. Once light brown, add the sugar and then mix well. Continue cooking until it becomes dry and golden brown.
  • Cut and serve the maja blanca and add some budbod toppings before eating. Enjoy!


  • You can opt to use freshly grated coconut. If in this case, gather the meat of 2 coconuts and press it twice with 2 cups of water on each press.
  • There are also coconut milk in cans which are readily available from the grocery. Use the same measurements listed above.
  • In making the slurry, you can use fresh milk or evaporated milk to dissolve your cornstarch to make it milkier and creamier.
  • For additional toppings, you can use grated cheese or latik (coconut curds).
  • This maja blanca can be stored in the refrigerator up to 5 days. Put the topping only upon serving.

Watch how to Cook Maja Blanca with Budbod

Paano Magluto ng Maja Blanca with Budbod (TAGALOG)


  • 4 tasa ng gata
  • 2 tasa ng cornstarch
  • 1 lata ng cream style corn (o whole corn kernels)
  • 1 lata (410mL) ng evaporated milk
  • 1 lata (300mL) ng condensed milk
  • asukal
  • 2 tasa ng tubig (para sa slurry)

Para sa budbod:

  • 1 tasa ng dessicated coconut (o sapal galing sa pinagpigaan ng gata)
  • 2 kutsara ng asukal


  1. Paghaluin ang cornstarch at tubig para makagawa ng slurry. (Pwede ring gumamit ng fresh milk o evaporated milk). Isantabi.
  2. Paghaluin ang gata, evaporated milk at condensed milk sa isang kaserola. Sunod na ilagay ang cream style corn (o corn kernels). Haluin ng mabuti.
  3. Tikman kung tama na ang tamis nito. Tandaan na may ilalagay pang slurry mamaya.
  4. Lutuin ang maja blanca mixture gamit ang katamtamang apoy. Kapag kumukulo na, lutuin ng 5 pang minuto para mas maluto pa ang nilagay nating gata.
  5. Pagkatapos ng 5 minuto, babaan ang apoy saka ilagay ang slurry. Haluin muna ito bago ilagay para walang lumps. Haluin ang mixture habang nilalagay ang slurry. Mabilisan dapat ang galaw sa step na ito dahil mabilis rin lumapot ang mixture. Lutuin pa ito ng 8 – 10 minuto at haluin paminsan-minsan. 
  6. Ilipat ang maja blanca mixture sa lalagyan pagkatanggal sa apoy dahil mabilis it mag-set. Pantayin ang ibabaw gamit ang spatula. Palamigin ito o ilagay sa ref.
  7. Para sa budbod toppings, ilagay ang sepal sa kawali at lutuin gamit ang mababang apoy. Haluin ito paminsan-minsan para hindi masunog. Kapag light brown na, saka ilagay ang asukal. Lutuin ito hanggang matuyo at maging golden brown.
  8. Hiwain ang maja blanca at lagyan ng budbod toppings bago kainin. Enjoy!
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