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Ice Scramble (Pinoy Iskrambol)

Iskrambol or Ice Scramble is a popular Filipino frozen dessert made with shaved ice, ice scramble powder, chocolate sauce, powdered milk and candy sprinkles. It is a fun dessert which comes in different colours depending on the flavour. It is generally sweet and is usually topped with powdered milk, chocolate sauce, marshmallows and candy sprinkles. A cup of iskrambol is best eaten during summer or on just a normal day.Filipino frozen recipes are always superb.

Ice Scramble


Whenever we hear the bell from the iskrambol vendor, everyone at our home rushed to their wallets to buy a cup of this sweet chilled snack. We always order the largest cup every time. We never get tired of eating iskrambol and we literally eat it every day. It came to the point that the vendor automatically stops at our house because he knows that we are going to buy some. It is topped with variety of Iskrambol ingredients. Iskrambol has been our official lunch dessert for a long time.

How to make Ice Scramble

Ever since the pandemic happened, our iskrambol vendor haven’t been in our community again. This lead to a great craving on iskrambol. Luckily, there are some restaurants which offers ice scramble. Given that it is our favourite lunch dessert, my auntie came back to ordering ice scramble every day. But the ice scramble from the restaurant was a kind of expensive. It lead to me joking on making a big bulk of ice scramble that may last for a week. My auntie took it seriously and told me that she will fund the ingredients. I had a lot of free time and agreed with the plan. Her hidden ice smashing machine which she won from a party finally got to see the outside world. Iskrambol near us bring back our childhood memories.

That is how I made my very first homemade ice scramble. It was very easy to make with low cost ingredients. Since it is homemade, I was able to customise my own iskrambol. I made three layers of iskrambol of different colours with powdered milk in between the layers. Aside from the common toppings, I added fruits like banana and papaya slices. Lastly, I poured a lot of chocolate sauce and put a lot of sprinkles. This article will shock you on how easy iskrambol is made. Iskrambol recipes are extremely impressive.



Making the scramble is surprisingly very easy. I recommend doing this in a cool place since we are dealing with a frozen dessert. You start by preparing a large amount of crushed or shaved ice. You can buy crushed ice or you can crush your own ice using an ice smashing machine at home. Layer the first half of the crushed ice into a large container. Next, scatter the ice scramble powder on top of the first layer of ice. If you cannot find an ice scramble powder, you can use a shake powder of any flavor.

You can add flavorings and food color if you want the color to be enhanced. Lastly, add the second layer of crushed ice on top of the scattered ice scramble powder. Using a hand mixer, blend the crushed ice and the ice scramble powder. Do this process quickly to prevent the ice from melting. If there are no white chunks of ice, then the ice scramble is fully-blended. Transfer the ice scramble into a container or in a cooler if you want to sell them. You could also opt to use the cooler as the container so you would not need to transfer the ice scramble when done.

How to make Ice Scramble

Grab your cup and it’s time to decorate the iskrambol. Pour some chocolate sauce on the sides of the cup. Scoop some iskrambol into the cup. You can add a middle layer or powdered milk if you like. Add the powdered milk, sprinkles, marshmallow and a lot more chocolate sauce at the top of the ice scramble. You can put whatever toppings you like. Other common toppings include pinipig, choco chips and many more.

Iskrambol (Pinoy Ice Crumble)

Course: Desserts, Filipino Recipes




  • 6-7 kilos crushed ice

  • 1 kilo ice scramble powder (or shake powder)

  • chocolate sauce

  • powdered milk

  • candy sprinkles


  • In a large container, place half of the crushed ice as the first layer.
  • For the second layer, spread the ice scramble powder on the top of the crushed ice.
  • For the third layer, place the other half of the crushed ice.
  • Quickly mix the crushed ice and ice scramble powder. Do it non-stop to prevent the ice from melting. Scrape the sides of the container with a spatula. When fully-blended, transfer the ice scramble into a cooler immediately.
  • Prepare your cup and line it with chocolate sauce.
  • Pour some ice scramble into the cup and top with powdered milk and candy sprinkles. Add more chocolate sauce.
  • Serve and enjoy.


This iskrambol recipe will guide to make Philippines ice scramble by step step by procedure and instructions. iskrambol is very popular and delicious in pinoy. This iskrambol is coming with ice scramble toppings

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