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Coffee Graham Float

Coffee graham float is that chilled treat made with the graham crackers, kremdensada, coffee granules and cocoa powder, which are arrange in a layer where you can enjoy all the contrasting sweet and punching flavours all at once. The kremdensada smothering each layer will truly give you the ultimate sweet treat you’ve always wanted. Coffee graham float may be enjoyed as a chilled dessert or eaten as a snack to help you get through the day.

Coffee Graham Float


Graham float is the modern cake. The goal of this cake is to create alternating layers of cream, graham crackers and/or your chosen ingredient. Just by imagining how to make it, graham float cake is really exciting to prepare, plus, it is a no-bake recipe! You don’t need to have any special ingredient to make this one at the comfort of your homes.

Fun Fact: The graham cracker got its name not from an inventor named Graham, but because it was made from graham flour! This cracker is known to be brown and sweet, and can be eaten as a snack or added to dishes.

Now, the graham crackers is widely used in making graham cakes. This type of cake has evolved much throughout the years, having different flavors like mango, coffee, chocolate, ube, strawberry, and even avocado!


Whether you are feeling weak, unmotivated or simply down in the middle of the day, the only superhero you need is coffee. Filipinos are known to drink hot coffee even when the sun is shining directly at you. But there’s no doubt everyone gets excited when a chilled coffee dessert is laid at the table.

While everyone will surely enjoy a chilled graham float flavored with the strong and punching coffee flavor, mellowed down a little with some cocoa powder, the best type of people to serve this chilled dessert are the students studying and trying their best not to fall asleep in the middle of the day.

This happened to me when some teens from my family had a visit in our house on a sunny day. They told me they were studying for their board exam which is fast approaching. We all know the studying never ends when it is for a licensure examination! I can still remember how a coffee-based chilled dessert helped me finish my daily goals during my board exam days.  The caffeine from both the coffee and the chocolate not just woke me up, but also boosted my brain to take in more learnings.

If you know someone who needed a simple boost or just wanna have a sweet and strong dessert, let them know about the coffee graham float so that you can enjoy it together! While you can enjoy this any time of the day, you can get its most benefits when you eat them in the morning or lunch. Yum!

If you wanna know how to prepare coffee graham float at home, simply follow the simple steps below. Happy cooking!


Making some coffee graham float is truly easy, especially if you like building layers of ingredients. If you have tried making any graham float or cake in the past, then the steps below will be too easy for you.

Since the culinary world already noticed the need for a sweet heavy cream, the kremdensada was born. For this recipe, we will be using the kremdensada variant of the cream to make things easier. If you want to use the classic way, simply combine the heavy cream with some condensed milk to make it sweet. Our goal for the cream is to make it thick and silky. To do this, it is extremely important to chill your kremdensada for the whole night or at least for 4 – 6 hours. This will make the cream a little thick due to temperature, which will hold extra air bubbles, making our cream fluffy once subjected to mixing.

When mixing the kremdensada, an electric mixer will make things easier. Simply beat the cream using high speed until it reaches soft peaks or double its volume. The reason why the cream doubles is that air is incoporated in the tiny bubbles of the cream, making it more creamy and fluffy. To ensure coffee flavor, add some coffee powder or granules to the cream. It would be helpful to dissolve them first in a little amount of water just so they would mix easily.

The graham crackers are usually dipped quickly in liquid just to make sure that they will soften into a cake for later. In usual graham cakes, the crackers are dipped in evaporated milk. For this specific dessert, we will dip the crackers in a coffee mixture instead. This is to intensify to coffee flavor just a little more.

Our goal for the graham float is to have an alternating layers or cream and crackers until you fill the container. I usually use a large pan for this, but you can use small containers if you would like to prepare it for individual consumption. Make sure to fill the last layer with the cream. To make it more enticing, sprinkle a lot of cocoa powder on top, enough to cover the top cream completely. You can also opt to add chocolate chips if you like.

The coffee graham float is best enjoyed when chilled. You can have this as a lovely dessert or as support treat to keep you energetic throughout the day. Yum!

Coffee Graham Float

Course: Desserts




  • 1 pack graham crackers

  • 2 cans kremdensada

  • ½ tablespoon + 2 teaspoon instant coffee granules

  • cocoa powder

  • ¾ cup warm water


  • Chill the kremdensada overnight to thicken and achieve the desired texture.
  • Place the chilled kremdensada to a large bowl. Add ½ tablespoon of instant coffee granules. Using an electric mixer, beat the cream and coffee using high speed until you reached stiff peaks and the volume has almost doubled.
  • Dissolved 1-2 teaspoons of coffee in ¾ cup of warm water. Place this mixture in a shallow container.
  • Prepare a square pan for the graham float. Dip each graham cracker quickly on the coffee mixture then arrange in the pan. You may cut the graham crackers to follow the size of the pan.
  • Add a scoop of the cream mixture and spread it on top of the graham crackers. Flatten this layer using a spatula. Repeat the alternating layers of graham crackers and cream until you fill up the pan. The cream mixture must be the last layer.
  • Sprinkle some cocoa powder on top of the graham float using a sifter. Clean the sides of the pan from cocoa dust. Wrap the pan using a plastic wrap.
  • Let the graham float chill in the fridge for at least 2 hours or better if overnight.
  • Once chilled, slice the coffee graham float into serving portions and enjoy as a dessert! Yum!
Coffee Graham Float

Coffee Graham Float Recipe in Tagalog

Mga Sangkap:

  • 1 pack graham crackers
  • 2 latang kremdensada
  • ½ kutsara + 2 kutsaritang instant coffee granules
  • cocoa powder
  • ¾ tasang tubig

Paano Lutuin:

  1. Palamigin ang kremdensada magdamag para maging malapot.
  2. Ilagay ang pinalamig na kremdensada sa malaking  bowl. Lagyan ito ng ½ kutsara ng instant coffee granules. Ilagay sa pinakamataas na setting ang electric mixer at i-mix ang cream at kape hangang halos dumoble ito at magkaroon ng stiff peaks.
  3. Tunawin ang 1-2 kutsarita ng kape sa ¾ tasa ng tubig. Ilagay ang mixture sa medyo flat na lalagyan.
  4. Ihanda ang square pan kung saan ilalagay ang graham float. Isawsaw ng mabilisan ang graham cracker sa ginawang coffee mixture bago ito iayos sa lalagyan. Hiwain ang ilan sa graham crackers para maging kasukat ito ng lalagyan.
  5. Maglagay ng 1 scoop ng cream mixture at ikalat ito sa ibabaw ng graham crackers. Gumawa ng salitang layers ng cream at graham crackers hanggang mapuno mo ang pan. Gawing cream ang pinakaibabaw na layer.
  6. Budburan ng cocoa powder ang ibabaw ng graham floar. Gumamit ng sifter para mas maging madali ang step na ito. Punasan ang sobrang cocoa powder sa gilid ng pan. Balutan ang ibabaw ng pan gamit ang cling wrap.
  7. Palamigin ang graham float ng 2 oras o magdamag.
  8. Kapag malamig na, hiwain ito sa slices at kainin bilang dessert. Yum!
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