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Potato Nest (Potato Egg Nest)

Potato nest is a fried breakfast dish made with a mixture of thinly shredded potatoes, ham strips, spring onions, egg white, egg yolk, all purpose flour, pepper and salt, designed to look like a cute and lovely bird’s nest with a special egg yolk surprise on the inside!. All thing except egg yolks are mixed together and fried like an omelette in frying pan. While frying make a small hole in centre and add egg yolk in to that hole. Best paired with ketchup. If you have kids you have trouble feeding with, try serving them this good-looking potato snack. Try some today!

potato nest


Potato nest was a dish I was intrigued to make when I saw a recipe video on it on Facebook. It looked so easy to make and the nest is so gorgeous. I remembered joking my niece before actually making this dish. I told her that I’m going to make an edible nest with a super baby bird inside. Little did she know that the super baby bird was an EGG!! Hahaha. I counted that situation as a prank. #OhYeah

Making the potato nests is really fun, especially on the part when I made a whole at the center of the potato mixture to officially make it a nest. I actually tried making a mini version, using thinner potato strips and quail eggs. But my potatoes ended up charring and it was really hard separating the yolks and whites of the quail eggs due to it being so tiny. Well, I’m just gonna stick with this recipe.

If you also want to prank your niece or just wanted to have a nice afternoon snack, try this potato nest recipe!

How to cook potato nest


Separating egg yolks and whites must be one of the basic kitchen skills everyone must know. Since this recipe will involve this skill, here are some of the techniques to help you separate them easily and safely. You can try all to know which technique works best for you:

Hands-Only Technique

This technique allows you to the separating using only your clean, bare hands. To do this, crack the egg then carefully drop the egg into a bowl, while scooping the yolk using your hand. Now, you can transfer the egg yolk into a separate bowl.

Eggshell/Traditional Technique

Aside from the hands-only technique, this method is one among the commonly used ones. It is less messy and involves no tool. To do this, gently crack the egg using a spoon or fork, aiming to get the crack at the middle of the egg. Gently open the egg, while carefully dropping the egg white and leaving the yolk on the egg shell. Now, you can transfer the egg yolk into a separate bowl.

Egg Separator Tool

There are a lot of egg separator tools available online which makes the separation easier. This tool is specifically designed just for this purpose. This tool looks like a small spoon with some holes which allows the egg white to drop, leaving the yolk on the spoon.

potato egg nest

Slotted Spoon Method

The concept of this method is similar to the egg separator tool. So if you have a slotted spoon at home, no need to buy an egg separator and just use it.

Water Bottle Method

This may be is the most famous egg separation hack you can find online. To do this, crack an egg gently onto a bowl or plate. Grab an empty bottle and kind of suck the egg yolk and then transfer it to a separate bowl.

Funnel Method

If you have a funnel at home, simply let your cracked egg pass through it. You’ll just be amazed that the egg whites dropped into the bowl while the yolk didn’t. Now, you can transfer the egg yolk into a separate bowl.


Making this fancy dish really gave a satisfying feeling. This is one among the most beautiful and most gorgeous dishes I have ever made. You will only know that if you were able to have a first-hand experience on this. So what are you waiting for? C’mon and lets do some cooking!

Before you start peeling your potatoes, think of a nest. This is what we aim to have at the end. The potatoes are the most crucial ingredient for this recipe. Shred your potatoes into thin strips just to make it resemble a nest. I used a vegetable peeler for it to be easier to make them thin, then just cut them into smaller strips (if too long). Alternatively, you can just chop them manually with a knife. Just make sure that your potato strips are able to bend into a circle. So avoid making them thick. Or else you are going to end up with small French fries.

The following steps are much easier. Prepare your ham strips beforehand so you can easily combine the potatoes, ham, spring onions and flour in a bowl. This mixture will be our nest. Next, separate the yolks from the whites using any of the techniques mentioned above.  Add the whites to the potato mixture while set the yolks aside. Make sure that these yolks are safe and whole.

The potato mixture will serve as our nest.  Heat some oil in a pan and scoop a potato mixture. To fully make it into a nest, make a hole at the center of the mixture while it is still frying. You may use chopsticks just like what I did. The last thing to do is to add the reserved egg yolks at each hole you made. Wait for it to cook before flipping to cook the other side. When both sides are cooked, then you’re done. Try this dish with some ketchup!

Potato Egg Nest Breakfast

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  • 3 medium potatoes

  • 4 medium eggs

  • 1/3 cup ham strips

  • 2 tablespoons spring onions (chopped)

  • 2 tablespoons all purpose flour

  • salt and pepper to taste

  • oil (for frying)


  • Clean and peel the potatoes. Shred or chop them into thin strips. Soak them in water to prevent darkening. Wash and drain them well.
  • Transfer the potato strips into a large bowl. Add the ham strips, spring onions and all purpose flour. Sprinkle some salt and pepper.
  • Crack your eggs and separate the yolks from the whites. Make sure to keep the yolks whole! Add the egg whites to the potato mixture. Stir gently to mix well.
  • Heat some oil in a pan. Add a scoop of the potato mixture. Create a hole in the middle of the mixture using chopsticks to resemble a nest. You can do this in batches. Add a whole egg yolk on each nest hole. Let the potato nests fry in low medium heat for 3 – 5 minutes each side.
  • When done, transfer the potato nests to a serving plate and serve with your favorite dipping sauce. Enjoy!

Potato Egg Nest Breakfast Recipe (TAGALOG)


  • 3 patatas
  • 4 itlog
  • 1/3 tasa ng ham (hiniwa ng strips)
  • 2 kutsara ng spring onions (hiniwa)
  • 2 kutsara ng harina
  • asin at paminta
  • mantika (pang-prito)


  1. Linisin at balatan ang mga patatas. Gumamit ng shredder o hiwain ang mga ito sa maliliit na strips. Ibabad sila sa tubig para hindi mangitim. Hugasan at i-drain ng maayos.
  2. Ilipat ang potato strips sa malaking bowl. Ilagay ang ham strips, spring onions at harina. Budburan ng konting asin at paminta.
  3. Paghiwalayin ang pula at puti ng itlog. Siguraduhing buo ang mga pula. Ihalo ang mga puti sa potato mixture at haluin ng mabuti.
  4. Magpainit ng mantika. Maglagay ng isang scoop ng potato mixture. Maggawa ng butas sa gitna nito gamit ang chopsticks. Lagyan ng buong pula ng itlog ang butas. Gawin ito sa iba pang potato nests. Iprito ang mga ito ng 3 – 5 minuto bawat side.
  5. Kapag luto na, ilipat ang mga potato nests sa isang serving plate. Ihain kasama ng iyong favorite dipping sauce. Enjoy!
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