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Mixed Berry Dalgona

This Mixed Berry Dalgona is a sweet, berry-licious, creamy and refreshing drink that will give you energy for the afternoon! With easy to find ingredients and just a few powdered flavorings you can do this yummy yogurt drink right at home. From just making a sweet coffee creamed dessert drink, to a sweetly colorfully pink made iced drink perfect for non-coffee drinkers out there.

A short introduction on the yogurt

Yogurt drinks have been drunk since several millennia. The term ‘yogurt’ came from the Turkish word ‘yogurmark’ meaning to ‘thicken, curdle, or coagulate’. The yogurt sometimes spelled as ‘yoghurt or yoghourt’, is a drink is usually associated with health since 6000 BC in the Indian Ayurvedic scripts. It was Stamen Grigorov a medial student from Bulgaria that had found benefits from the fermented milk, the lactic acid bacteria or lactobacillus bulgaricus found in yogurt in the 20thcentury. Yogurt provides an excellent source of bioavailable protein that is a also a good source of calcium. 

Yogurt drinks and Mixed Berry Dalgona?

Yogurt drinks like stated has a number of health benefits which isn’t only great as a dessert to be filled with nuts, berries, dried fruits, chocolate, and some biscuits. There are now a number of yogurt drinks from fruit flavored, chocolate, and many more themed flavored drinks. All these yogurt items are great for taking in some calcium, vitamins, protein, probiotics, or live culture all these that can also help enhance gut microbiota. Aside from protecting the bones and teeth and help with preventing digestive products, these can also be a good source of protein that aids with weight loss diet. Boost your immune system. It is also said that consuming yogurt also helps with protecting you from getting type 2 diabetes. Yogurt also contains less lactose compared to milk since lactose is used in the fermentation process. Natural yogurt is a high nutrient, low calories food packed with protein.

This specially fermented and acidified drink, which are thickened and sometimes flavored, is packed with essential nutrients like probiotics, vitamins, fibers, and minerals. Decorated and flavored with some sweeteners like honey, fruits, powdered flavorings, or healthier powders like matcha and cocoa. Similarly in this Mixed berry dalgona drink, while we’ll be adding some juice or powdered flavoring, its still a healthier option than the usual coffee or chocolate dalgona drink. All you need to do is prepare your dalgona, which can just be one flavor or a mix of two or three, whip the cranberry powder and half an all purpose cream, some mixed berry powder and a tablespoon cream, and strawberry powder and cream, with the strawberry dalgona being whipped and adding enough cream till it turns pink or till you get your desired color. Perapre you evaporated milk or if you don’t like it too sweet you can also use milk or any milk alternative you prefer, and your yogurt drink. Grab a glass filled with ice, pour in a mix of evaporated milk and yogurt drink, top up with one, or all three of the cranberry, mixed berry, and strawberry dalgona, filling the cup with the dalgona to the brim. Decorate with some pink powder. And some strawberry Pocky sticks to stir with. A deliciously sweet and refreshing drink.

With the trends coming and going and some staying for good. Dalgona drinks are kept in as a sweet creamy alternative fro your usual coffee drinks. In this Mixed Berries Dalgona drink, it comes out as a ‘healthier’ version with a yogurt base, and a colorful creamed top.

Mixed Berry Dalgona

Course: Drinks



A sweet creamy and fluffy enjoyable pink drink


  • ½ cup all purpose cream

  • 3 teaspoon cranberry powdered juice

  • 3 teaspoon mixed berry powdered juice

  • 2 teaspoon strawberry powdered juice

  • 200ml yogurt drink

  • 100ml evaporated milk

  • ice cubes

  • Pocky strawberry sticks


  • For the cranberry dalgona; mix cranberry powder and ¼ cup all purpose cream. Whisking till it gets thick. Set aside.
  • For the mixed berry dalgona; mix berry powder and 1 tablespoon all purpose cream. Whisk till it gets thick. Set aside.
  • For the strawberry dalgona; mix strawberry powder and 1 tablespoon all purpose cream and whisk till thick. Add 1-2 tablespoons of all purpose cream to make it look pink. Set aside.
  • To arrange; prepare a glass with ice, pour in 50ml of evaporated milk, and 100 ml of the yogurt drink. Top with the some of the mixed berry dalgona, strawberry dalgona, and cranberry dalgona.
  • Mix, decorate with strawberry Pocky and serve!

Enjoy this iced drink that’s packed full of berry flavor without needing to shed out for the fruit, using powdered drinks and all purpose cream you’ll have a drink or two to share with a friend or to keep in the fridge readily chilled for the next day. Get your afternoons fruitier, sweeter and healthier with this recipe for A Mixed Berry Dalgona drink. A convenient drink that doesn’t need so much whisking and can be done in just under a minute.

Mixed Berries Dalgona recipe (tagalog)


  • ½ tasa all purpose cream
  • 3 kutsaritang cranberry powdered juice
  • 3 kutsaritang mixed berry powdered juice
  • 2 kutsaritang strawberry powdered juice
  • 200ml yogurt drink
  • 100ml evaporated milk
  • yelo
  • Pocky strawberry sticks

Paano lutuin

  1. Para sa cranberry dalgona; haluin ang cranberry powder at ¼ tasa all purpose cream. Batihin hanggang kumapal. Itabi.
  2. Para sa mixed berry dalgona; haluin ang berry powder at 1 kutsara all purpose cream. Batihin hanggang kumapal. Itabi.
  3. Para sa strawberry dalgona; haluin ang stawberry powder at 1 kutsarang all purpose cream, batihin hanggang kumapal. Dagdagan ng 1-2 kutsarang all purpose cream hanggang mag kulay rosas. Itabi.
  4. Para ayusin ang inumin; maghanda ng baso na may yelo, ibuhos ang 50ml ng evaporated milk, 100ml ng yogurt drink. Isama ang mixed berry dalgona, strawberry dalgona, at cranberry dalgona.
  5. Haluin, dekorasyonan ng strawberry Pocky at ihanda.
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