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Icebox cake (with just 2 ingredients)

This icebox cake just need 2 ingredients, that is pre-made store brought cakes, arranged to layer with whipped cream, and finally sprinkled with some chocolate chips and chilled overnight. Chilled for a few hours and ready to be consumed by you and your housemates as a quick dessert that’s easily customizable and so easy to do you’ll be shocked that this can be done in even less than a minute.

What is an Icebox?

An Icebox is a cold closet similar to a refrigerator but was used in the from 1840’s tp the early 20thcentury before the safely made electric powered refrigeration devices. These were called iceboxes by its inventor Thomas Moos in 1802, he was a cabinet maker and used the icebox to transport butter from his home to the market. This allowed him to sell firm brick butter instead of melted butter tubs. The first icebox design was made of an oval cedar tub with a tin container filled with ice in between them, and wrapped with rabbit fur to insulate the device. The later versions used hollow walls made of zinc and tin with cork, sawdust, and seaweed or straw used to insulate a large black of ice held in a compartment near the top of the box. With the start of refrigeration the rise of refrigerated cakes came up as well. 

The start of Icebox cakes

As the Iceboxes got more and more wildly used, recipes that need refrigeration began appearing and Icebox cakes, pies, and even icebox cookie recipes started to get publicized. The icebox cakes back then were seen as an American dessert. Though some also say that the dessert was an Australian dish called a ‘Chocolate ripple cake’ because of how icebox cakes looked. They were usually a mix of cream, fruits, nuts, and wafers of store bought cakes that are layered in a translucent container to show off the fillings added. Among the various variations of the icebox or refrigerator cakes the American icebox cake is usually made of pudding, graham crackers, vanilla wafers, and other fruits all layered in a rectangular or square shaped baking dish, left to chill in the refrigerator overnight.  In Australia it is usually made with a combination of Arnott’s Chocolate Ripple biscuits covered in sweetened whipped cream that’s placed into a log formation typically made the day before it’s served and is chilled overnight, and is then decorated with chocolate crumble, peppermint crisps, or fresh berries. The United Kingdom has their own version of the cake, which is served as a teacake. This is made by heating butter and chocolate, whisking in eggs and condensed milk, with maybe a golden syrup which is an amber colored sugar syrup made from refining sugar cane or sugar beet juice to sugar, the liquids are then cooled and crumbled digestive biscuits are mixed into the batter, occasionally assorted dried fruits, candies and nuts are also added to form the biscuit cake. In the Philippines a popular dessert called the mango float is a variant of the crema de fruits a traditional Filipino dessert that’s made by layering sweetened all purpose cream with condensed milk, a fruit or a mixture of fruits that are usually canned which are then strained to remove any moisture, and graham crackers. The mango float is a simple but beloved dessert that just needs graham, mangoes, and fresh or sweetened cream a few hours in the freezer or fridge to chill and enjoyed anywhere as a snack, quick pick me up or after dinner dessert.

Icebox cake

All in all this quick dessert isn’t just fun and easy to make, it gives you that extra boost of the day that you don’t need to make so much time out of your busy schedule to do.

Icebox cake (with just 2 ingredients)

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A creamy 2 ingredient dish that takes just a snap to make


  • 6-8 pieces of Fudgee bar (or any brand)

  • 1 and ½ can Kremdensada (chilled overnight)

  • chocolate chips for toppings (optional)


  • Remove the parchment off the cakes. Slice the cake halfway lengthwise.
  • Arrange the cake in a container. Press these lightly to the base make it compact. Fill the voids with cake crumbs.
  • Prepare the Kremdensada and place it in a bowl, whisk fast till it looks smooth. Or use a hand mixer and whip in high speed until smooth.
  • Pour half of the mixture over the cake. Spread this evenly.
  • Place another layer of cake bars. And then pour the rest of the cream. Spread this evenly.
  • Sprinkle some chocolate chips and cake crumbs on top. Cover the container and chill for at least 6 hours before serving.

Icebox cake recipe (tagalog)


  • 6-8 piraso  Fudgee bar (o kahit anong brand)
  • 1 at ½ lata Kremdensada (pinalamig magdamag)
  • chocolate chips pang dekor (opsyonal)

Paano lutuin

  1. Tanggalan ng parchment paper ang mga keyks. Hatiin ang keyk sa kalahati ng pahaba.
  2. Iayos ang keyk sa container. Ipisa ang mga keyk sa container at dagdagan ang mga may butas o sulok ng mga tira tiring keyk.
  3. Ihanda ang Kremdensada at ilagay ito sa isang mangkok. Batihin ng mabilis hanggang makinis itong tingnan. Pwede ding gumamit ng hand mixer para mabati ng high speed.
  4. Ilagay ang kalahati ng hinalo sa taas ng keyk. Ipahid ito ng pantay.
  5. Ipatong ang pangalawang layer ng keyk at ilagay ang natitirang crema. Ipahid ng pantay pantay. 
  6. Ilagay ng chocolate chips at keyk crumbs sa itaas. Takpan at palamigin ng 6 na oras bago ihati at ihanda.

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