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Graham Crema de Fruta

Graham Crema de Fruta is a popular dessert in Philippines and is made by frosting a mixture made by heavy cream, condensed milk, graham crackers, fruit cocktail, gelatin powder and sugar. The stunning presentation of the fruit chunks sealed in jiggling clear gelatin that sits on top of three-layer creamy graham crackers. Follow our recipe to make this stunning dish in your home..

Graham Crema de Fruta

In Filipino celebrations, it is a culture to offer the guests as many delicacies and desserts as possible regardless of financial status. One of the desserts that do not ever miss a special event is anything graham-based. Filipinos really love incorporating this cracker to make incredible confectionery and Graham Crema de Fruta is one of them.

The colorful small fruit chunks on top make it look more mouth-watering plus the fun thick graham-cream layers. It is undoubtedly an impressive and fancy cake to look at. I love making this sweet treat during special occasions or even on simple days when I want to make my family feel loved. What is crema de fruta is asked by many dessert lovers. It is a layered Filipino dessert and is considered as special because the preparation and ingredients involved are above ordinary.

How to Make Graham Crema de Fruta

Intimidated by how pretty this cake looks? This easy and clear recipe will help you make your first-ever Graham Crema de Fruta like a pro. You might want to buy the exact ingredients first. These few and affordable ingredients include all-purpose or heavy cream, condensed milk, graham crackers, fruit cocktail, unflavored gelatin, and sugar. Make sure to chill the heavy cream and condensed milk the night before.

Let’s get to the making process. Begin by whipping the chilled heavy cream and condensed milk in a big bowl. Continue beating until it arrives at a thicker volume with soft peaks. Set this aside.

This is the most enjoyable part: arranging each of the layers. But first, soak each graham cracker into evaporated milk to achieve a cakey texture out of it. Make the first layer of milky and soft graham crackers followed by an even spread of the whipped cream and finally, balanced distribution of the small fruit chunks. Repeat this for another top 2 layers and leave a space for the gelatin to be put on the top surface.

For the topmost layer of clear gelatin, pour water into a pot then add the unflavored gelatin powder and enough sugar. Heat this over low-medium heat until it boils. Now, let it cool a bit before adding to the surface layer of the Graham Crema. Chill this dessert overnight before serving for the best taste result. Enjoy! Graham crema de fruta ingredients are very less compared to other items. Easy crema de fruta recipe is very delicious and mouth watering.

Graham Crema de Fruta

Course: Desserts




  • 2 cups all-purpose or heavy cream (chilled overnight)

  • 1 can condensed milk (chilled overnight) or 1 cup powdered sugar

  • 2 packs graham crackers

  • fruit cocktail

  • 5 cups of water

  • 1 pack unflavored gelatin

  • ¼ cup of sugar


  • Using a hand mixer at high speed, whisk the all-purpose cream until it gets thicker and double in volume. Add a cup of powdered sugar, a portion at a time, in between every whip. Set it aside.
  • Get a separate container and pour down the evaporated milk. This is where the crackers will be soaked before arranging it into a glass dish.
  • Make the first layer of milk-soaked graham crackers. Then on top, spread evenly a layer of whipped cream. The next layer would be consisting of a fruit cocktail that is prior drained. Repeat the cracker-cream-fruits order for another top 2-3 layering while making sure to leave some space for the gelatin on top.
  • Arrange the remaining fruit pieces on the top of the Graham Crema de Fruta for a more presentable look. Chill for one hour before adding the gelatin mixture.
  • To make the gelatin, combine 5 cups water, unflavored gelatin powder and sugar in a pot. Mix until the sugar is completely dissolved. Then let it boil over medium heat. Once it boils, turn off the heat and let it cool a little. Pour the gelatin mixture on top of the graham
  • Transfer into the freezer and chill it overnight. Serve and enjoy a slice of your Graham Crema de Fruta!

Watch how to Make Graham Crema de Fruta

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