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Pichi Pichi is a Filipino snack made by steaming a pichi pichi mixture made with grated cassava, sugar, pandan essence, grated coconut, grated cheese and lye water. These Pichi Pichi are usually sold by street vendors and best for merienda. Today, I’m gonna show you how to cook pichi pichi. In this recipe, I used fresh cassava and grated it.


How to Cook Pichi-pichi

Cooking pichi-pichi is pretty easy and simple. All you need to do is to combine all the ingredients, put them in molders and steam. After steaming, coat it with desired coating but usually, shredded coconut is used. Grated cheese can also be a good alternative if coconut is not available.

If you are using fresh cassava root, start the cooking by peeling the cassava. Wash it until spotless. Then, time to grate. There are different varieties of cassava. Some may be have a lot of juice on it so you need to squeeze some of it after grating. That’s when you can add the rest of the ingredients.

But if fresh cassava is not available, you can go for frozen grated cassava. They are usually available in Asian stores or supermarket (in the frozen section). You just need to thaw it before using. If the grated cassava has too much liquid on it, just press to remove the excess.

Pichi Pichi Recipe

This sweet and delicious recipe for pichi pichi with cheese is with pichi pichi lye water. If you are looking for pichi pichi without lye water, you can try to make this without using lye water. you can add ube essence and color to look like ube pichi pichi recipe. This is pichi pichi using cassava flour and that makes this more delicious and cheap. We hope you will enjoy our recipe


Course: SnacksCuisine: Filipino




  • 2 cups grated fresh cassava

  • 1 cup sugar

  • 1 cup water

  • 1/2 tsp pandan essence

  • 1/2 tsp lye water (lihiya)

  • grated coconut (coating)

  • grated cheese (coating) optional


  • Squeeze cassava to remove excess juice.
  • In a mixing bowl, combine squeezed cassava, water and sugar. Mix well.
  • Add pandan essense and lye water. Mix well.
  • Grease molds. Put mixture to each mold. STEAM FOR 30 minutes (longer for larger molds. I used medium-sized molds)
  • After 30 minutes or when the mixture changed color, remove from heat. Let it cool before removing from mold. Coat with desired coating.

Enjoy!! (Read recipes notes below for more details….)


  • Ano yung lye water? Eto po yung magbibigay ng makunat or chewy na texture sa ating pichi-pichi. Nabibili ito sa palengke. Ang itsura niya is parang tubig ang usually nakalagay sa bote. Ang maliit na bote ay nabibili sa halagang 15 to 25 pesos. Karaniwan itong makikita sa mga tindahan ng sago at gulaman sa palengke. Meron din nito sa mga supermarket and grocery store (baking section)
Pichi Pichi
  • Pwede po bang wala ng lye water? YES. Wag na squeeze ang cassava and just add 3/4 cup water (sa recipe na ito). The texture might be a little different pero same lasa pa rin.
  • Pigaan ng kaunti ang kamoteng kahoy para lang mawala ang excess na juice especially kung makatas ang variety ng cassava na ginamit ninyo. Pwede gumamit ng frozen grated cassava. Just thaw it before using.
  • Pwede po bang wala nang pandan essence. Yes po. Mas masarap lang talaga siya pag meron.
  • Gaano karami ang nagawa sa recipe na ito. 18 pcs po na medium molds.
  • Pwedeng maglagay ng coconut milk. Instead of water, coconut milk na lamang ang ilalagay.

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