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Milo Puto

Milo puto are small steamed cakes made by steaming a cake mixture made with all purpose flour, sugar, milo, evaporated milk, melted butter, salt and baking powder. This popular Filipino dessert is having with both the super chocolatey and milky sweetness from the milo and the fluffy and dense texture of the classic puto! Always the best to bring during potlucks and celebrations.


I bet every kid with a milo chocolate powder supply at home sneaks at night to get a spoonful of our all-time favorite chocolate drink and just let the powder melt in the mouth. I remember being caught by my mom every time and the powder bursting from my mouth when I began to laugh. What really gives milo a special place in our hearts?

Every year during elementary school, I make sure I participate with the milo marathon event. Aside from running with my friends, who doesn’t want free milo? Milo is a malted chocolate powder with milk which is mixed with either hot or cold water to become a nice chocolate beverage. With the milk added with milo, aside from being chocolatey and sweet, milo chocolate powder is also rich in a lot of vitamins and minerals.

Puto might be the most famous kakanin in the Philippines and is one of my favorites. Its springy and dense nature is what I like most about this classic native delicacy. I’ve tried the usual puto flavors and have been experimenting with the new ones. I’ve always been using store-bought unsweetened cocoa powder for my chocolate puto. When my niece surprised me with some iced milo drink, I started questioning myself on why haven’t I tried using milo as chocolate flavoring for my desserts.

I was so excited in making this recipe since all of us in the family loves milo and puto. If you want a quick guide on how to make milo puto, continue reading the recipe below.


Making these small cakes of chocolatey goodness is very simple. First, combine the wet and dry ingredients separately. Combine the two mixtures to form a nice and thick puto batter. Grab your puto moulds and pour the puto batter. The puto moulds I used are made with plastic, so there’s no need for greasing. If you have no plastic moulds, you can use your muffin pan and either line them with cupcake liners or grease the muffin pan and pour the batter directly.

You can decorate your puto however you like. In this recipe, I added some chocolate chips at the center and top of my milo puto. That step is optional but you can try that too! You can experiment with other toppings and fillings like marshmallows and candy sprinkles. For an authentic puto vibes, you can add a cheese strip on top.

When the all the moulds are filled, it’s steaming time! I used small puto moulds because I am really fond with cute puto. It took me around 15 minutes for my milo puto to be well-cooked. Do the toothpick test to check if the puto pieces are cooked up to the core. Removal of the puto from the moulds will also be easier with the help of toothpick. Simply scrape the sides gently and let the puto pop on its own. Let your freshly-steamed milo puto cool down a bit before serving. Enjoy this sweet treat with a cup of hot coffee or tea.

Milo Puto Recipe

This Milo puto recipe will guide you through step by step to make a delicious and tasty Milo puto for your family and guests. Just follow the below limo puto recipe and it will show you how to make Milo puto in a simple way. Please try this recipe and post your comments here to help others

Milo Puto

Course: Filipino Recipes, Snacks




  • 1 cup all purpose flour

  • ½ cup sugar

  • 1 tablespoon baking powder

  • 2 packs (20g) Milo

  • ½ cup evaporated milk

  • ¼ cup water

  • 1 tablespoon melted butter or oil

  • a pinch of salt


  • For the dry mixture, combine the flour, baking powder, salt and milo chocolate powder in a large bowl. Mix well.
  • For the wet mixture, combine the evaporated milk, water and melted butter in another bowl. Mix well.
  • Combine the wet and dry mixtures until you form a thick puto batter. Mix well to remove lumps. Let the batter rest for 15 minutes.
  • Fill half of the puto mould with the batter. Sprinkle some chocolate chips (optional). Fill only ¾ of the mould. Top with some chocolate chips (optional).
  • Arrange the puto moulds in the steamer. Cover the lid with cloth to prevent water from dripping. Steam the puto for 10 to 15 minutes. (Steaming time depends on the size of moulds).
  • After steaming, do the toothpick test to check if the puto is cooked up to the inside. Remove the milo puto from the moulds to cool a bit.
  • Transfer the milo puto in a serving plate and enjoy with your afternoon coffee or tea.

Milo Puto Recipe (TAGALOG)


  • 1 tasa ng harina
  • ½ tasa ng asukal
  • 1 kutsara ng baking powder
  • 2 packs (20g) Milo
  • ½ tasa ng evaporated milk
  • ¼ tasa ng tubig
  • 1 kutsara ng tinunaw na butter o mantika
  • asin


  1. Para sa dry mixture, paghaluin ang harina, baking powder, asin at milo chocolate powder sa isang bowl. Haluin ng mabuti.
  2. Para sa wet mixture, paghaluin ang evaporated milk, tubig at tinunaw na butter sa isang bowl. Haluin ng mabuti.
  3. Paghaluin ang wet at dry mixtures hanggang maging malapot na puto batter. Haluin ng mabuti at siguraduhing walang lumps. Isantabi ito ng 15 minutes.
  4. Lagyan ang kalati ng puto mould ng batter. Maglagay ng chocolate chips (optional). Punuin ang ¾ ng mould. Lagyan ng chocolate chips sa ibabaw (optional).
  5. I-arrange ang puto moulds sa steamer. Balutan ng tela ang takip para hindi tumulo ang water drippings. I-steam ang mga puto ng 10 to 15 minutes. (Ang steaming time ay depende sa size ng moulds.)
  6. Pagkatapos mag-steam, gawin ang toothpick test para ma-check kung luto ang mga puto hanggang loob. Alisin ang mga puto sa moulds para lumamig.
  7. Ilipat ang mga milo puto sa serving plate at ienjoy kasama ng mainit na kape o tsaa.
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