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Jar Ice Cream Cake

This delicious easy to do summer treat that will make you scream in delight! From picnics, to the dinner table and as a fun little snack to munch on in the afternoon, these Jar Ice Cream cake are a perfect personalized treat not only for celebrations but any time of the day to calm any sweet cravings. What’s great about this Ice cream in a jar recipe is that you can bring this anywhere and with just 5 ingredients or so, a few minutes of whisking you’ll be done making this easy to make dessert. After trying out how simple and easy this is, you’ll be storing a number of jars in your fridge!

A Short Ice cream cake History

The ice cream cake has been a beloved enjoyable style of cake for birthdays, anniversaries, joyous holidays, and any celebrations that need a sweet dessert. Ice cream cake being a well known party food especially within North America and Australia were originally made from cream and biscuits. These Victorian era desserts were then called Bombe glacée or ‘ice cream bomb’ is an ice cream dessert made by freezing the ice cream in a spherical mold to look similar to a cannonball thus the name. This dessert appeared as early as the 1880’s. Some using different decorative molds with fruit. There has been ice cream cake recipes dating back to the 1870’s. Typically the Ice cream cake has a cake that’s cut to form the same shape as the mold used to mold the desired ice cream flavor, or cream mixture that will then be frozen. All the ingredients mainly the cake and the cream or ice cream are assembled while frozen, and chilled again after forming the desired shape or look. Ice cream cakes have become so popular that they are considered a Forth of July dessert with many retailers making themed cakes not only for the patriotic day, but themed holidays like Christmas tree shaped cakes, or decorated cakes, valentines and many more.

What you’ll need to do in this recipe

Being able to take your dessert anywhere with ease is an absolute must for every ice cream or cake lover out there. It makes it more fun and rustic looking. This Jar Ice Cream Cake just needs some premade cakes, in this case we’re using Fudgee Bars, namely the chocolate and for a more colorful ice cream bar cake, the macapuno flavored cake, which give you a vibrant neon green color. These are set aside separately after taking off the wrappers and parchment papers. For the cream, simply whip up the chilled all purpose cream and condensed milk till you get a nice smooth simple ‘ice cream mixture, separating it into two to make one vanilla version by adding vanilla extract in one bowl, and in the other bowl, add some pandan extract and green food coloring if you’d like to make a really vibrant green cream. To assemble, simple prepare a cleaned jar, crumble your choice of chocolate or macapuno cake, pressing it down to the bottom or if you don’t want a dense compressed cake, simple crumble the cake to bigger parts and place it down the bottom of the jar without pressing it down. Pour in some of the cream, chocolate or pandan, topping with another layer of cake, then cream, till you get 3 layers. Sealing with sprinkle of chocolate or white chocolate chips. Leaving this in the fridge for a few hours or overnight. Seal this once it looks icy or to keep it from making the top look dry. 

This Jar Ice Cream Cake isn’t just dreamily delightful its so easy and versatile you can try any ice cream and cake combo and it’ll still be delicious! 

Ice Cream Cake in a Jar

Course: Dessert, Snacks



A delightful treat no one can have enough of


  • 250ml all purpose cream (chilled overnight)

  • 150ml condensed milk

  • chocolate chips

  • white chocolate chips

  • 4 Fudgee bar macapuno cake

  • 4 Fudgee bar chocolate cake

  • 1 teaspoon pandan extract

  • 1 teaspoon green food coloring

  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract


  • Remove the wrappers from the macapuno and the chocolate Fudgee bas. Separate and set aside.
  • For the ice cream mixture; in a bowl add the purpose cream, whisking till creamy. Pour in the condensed milk while whisking. Once well blended, pour the half to another bowl. Set aside.
  • In one bowl of cream, add green food coloring and pandan extract. Mix well.
  • To create the Macapuno ice cream cake; in a jar, crumble a macapuno bar to make the base. Add the ‘pandan flavored ice cream’ over the cake. Top with more cake and add cream over it. Repeat till you make the 3rd cake layer. Top with white chocolate if you’d like.
  • To create the chocolate flavored ice cream cake; in the other half of the cream mixture, mix in vanilla extract. Repeat the same process as the macapuno, adding a cake, cream, cake, cream till you make 3 layers. Top with chocolate chips if you’d like.
  • Chill the jarred cakes for 3 hours in the fridge. Cover it with a lid when it starts to freeze.

This Ice cream Jar recipe is so easy to do, you can also lessen the time but using your favorite ice cream rather than make the all purpose cream and condensed milk combo. Though doing this mixture of cream can also give you the freedom to make your own version of ‘ice cream’ without needing to go out and buy a full gallon or half pint. Use liquid flavorings or syrups like strawberry, chocolate, cheese or whatever you like. Similarly use any choice of ‘cake’ from mamon to grocery bought cakes as your base.

Ice Cream Cake in a Jar recipe (tagalog)


  • 250ml all purpose cream (pinalamig magdamag)
  • 150ml condensed milk
  • chocolate chips
  • white chocolate chips
  • 4 Fudgee bar macapuno keyk
  • 4 Fudgee bar chocolate keyk
  • 1 kutsaritang pandan extract
  • 1 kutsaritang berdeng food coloring
  • 1 kutsaritang vanilla extract

Paano lutuin

  1. Tanggalin ang mga balot ng macapuno at tsokolate na Fudgee bar. Ihiwalay at itabi.
  2. Para sa ice cream na halo, sa mangkok batihin ang all purpose cream hanggang macreamy. Ibuhos ang condensed milk habang binabati. Pagnahalo na ng mabuti ilipat ang kalahati sa ibang mangkok. Itabi.
  3. Sa isang mangkok na may crema, haluan ng food coloring at pandan extract. Haluin ng mabuti.
  4. Para magawa ang macapuno ice cream; sa garapon icrumble ang macapuno bar para magawa ang base. Lagyan ang taas ng ‘pandan flavored ice cream’, uliting lagyan ng keyk tapos ang crema hanggang magawa ang 3rdna lapag. Lagyan ng white chocolate kung gusto.
  5. Para magawa ang tsokolate na ice cream keyk; lagyan ang tinabing creama na halo ng vanilla extract. Ulitin kung pano ginawa ang macapuno na keyk. Lagyan ng chocolate chips kung gusto.
  6. Palamigin ang mga keyk ng 3 oras sa ref. takpan kung mukang nagyeyelo na ito. 
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