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How To Cook Mango Graham Float

Mango Graham Float is a Filipino icebox dessert consists of layers of graham crackers, sweetened whipped cream, and ripe mango. It is made by arranging whipped cream, graham cracker and riped mango in layers and over night chilled. Satisfy your mango cravings and enjoy the different layers of goodness with every bite!

Mango Graham Float


Mango is a tropical fruit best used in sweet desserts. One famous dessert where uses ripe mangoes is the mango graham float.

This is a hassle-free icebox ref cake which consist of alternating layers of crackers, sweetened cream and sliced mangoes. It is also goes by the name crema de mangga and is the best dessert for all the mango fans out there. This dessert is one of the best hits during different parties and celebrations.


The three major ingredients we are going to prepare are the mangoes, sweetened cream and the graham crackers.

Start the mango graham float by preparing the mangoes. There is a no-mess hack in peeling the mango and it can be done with the help of a glass. Simply press the mango gently on the brim and the mango will slide off easily on the inside of the glass. Slice the mangoes thinly. Some use mango puree which also works. But if you want those fresh bits of mangoes, I recommend using sliced ones. The next thing to prepare is the sweetened cream. If you have tried making a homemade ice cream using all-purpose cream, the steps are similar. Whip the cream until it doubles and make it sweet by adding some sweetened condensed milk.

Mango Graham Float

The last thing to prepare is the graham crackers. One of the common problems some people have is rock hard mango graham float. This can be prevented with this additional step. Dip the crackers in evaporated milk, just enough to soften them bit. This softening will result to a cake like experience when you scoop your finished product.

Layering time! The next steps would be making alternating layers of the three major ingredients. It is recommended to use a deep square or rectangular pan. The deeper the pan, the more layers you can make! Have fun!

This might be the hardest part of the making this dessert The waiting game. You need to chill the mixture enough for the cream to have an ice-cream like texture. Serve the mango graham float chilled and make sure to get a lot before the next person comes! Enjoy!

Mango Graham Float

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  • 1 kilo ripe mangoes

  • 2 ½ cups all-purpose cream or whipping cream (chilled overnight)

  • 1 can or 390 grams condensed milk (chilled overnight)

  • 2 packs honey grahams

  • 1 cup evaporated milk

  • ½ cup crushed grahams (for toppings)


  • Slice the two cheeks of the mangoes. Use a glass to easily scrape the mangoes. Slice them thinly and set aside.
  • In a large bowl, add the chilled all-purpose cream and whip using high speed until it doubles its size. Add the condensed milk and mix until well-combined.
  • Pour the evaporated milk on a shallow bowl. Dip each graham cracker in the evaporated milk to soften before layering into the baking dish.
  • Add a layer of graham crackers. Spread a layer of cream. Arrange a layer of sliced mangoes. Repeat these steps until you make 2-3 sets of these layers. Add a final layer of cream on top and sprinkle some crushed grahams.
  • Chill the mango graham float for at least 6 hours.
  • Serve chilled and enjoy!

Mango Graham Float Video

Mango Graham Float Recipe (Tagalog)


  • 1 kilo hinog na mangga
  • 2 ½ tasa ng all-purpose cream o whipping cream (pinalamig overnight)
  • 1 lata o 390 grams ng condensed milk (pinalamig overnight)
  • 2 packs ng honey grahams
  • 1 tasa ng evaporated milk
  • ½ tasa ng durog na grahams (para sa toppings)
How to cook Mango Graham Float


  1. Hiwain ang dalawang pisngi ng mangga. Gumamit ng baso para mas madaling makuha ang mangga. Hiwain ang mga ito ng maninipis.
  2. Sa isang malaking bowl, ilagay ang pinalamig na all-purpose cream at i-whip gamit ang high speed hanggang dumoble ang dami nito. Ilagay ang condensed milk at haluing mabuti.
  3. Ilagay ang evaporated milk sa isang mababaw na bowl. Isawsaw ng mabilis ang graham crackers sa evaporated milk para lumambot bago ito ilagay sa baking dish.
  4. Maggawa ng isang layer ng graham crackers. Maglagay ng cream sa ibabaw nito. Maglagay ng isang layer ng hiniwang mangga. Gawin ang mga steps na ito ng 2-3 beses. Maglagay ng isang final layer ng cream at budburan ng durog na grahams.
  5. Palamigin ang mango graham float ng 6 hours.
  6. Iserve ito ng malamig at enjoy!
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