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Homemade Spam

Spam is an essentioal cooking ingredient in most of the house hold to make something for kids quickly and easily. Homemade spam is made with ground pork, sugar, rock salt, pepper, corn starch, salt, pink salt, garlic powder, onion powder, and cayenne, and is a great budget friendly alternative to canned spam that we are buying from market. Make it your own while following this short and simple guide on how to make a homemade spam.

Homemade Spam

A short History on Spam

Spam has been a popular canned food for 80 years. Created during the Great Depression, Spam was founded by Jay Hormel who pioneered canned good since the late 1920’s. the name came from the word ‘Spiced ham’ shortened to SPAM. The Spam ads were aimed at housewives who wanted a cheap quick meal that required less time preparing and cooking, and a ingredient that didn’t need to be refrigerated. it became globally known in World war II and made for a filling meal for US troops, adding them into aid packages in Europe and Russia. These days Spam can be found all over the world, some even celebrating Spam inspired dishes especially in Hawaii where the Spam musubi is quite popular.

A detailed explanation on how to make Homemade Spam?

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Doing this homemade spam is so easy you’ll be wondering why you even bother to buy them off the shelves the next time you come across a can of these. You can even make a lot to give away or to try and make your own luncheon meat store, making these with a lot more flavors, as you like. 

All you need is to do is prepare some ground pork, you want is with fat not just lean, this is needed to make it juicy and keep it from drying, if you want it really ‘grounded’ you can ask the butcher to grind it really well. The ground pork is then mixed with a mix of sugar for sweetness, sugar also helps preserve and add to the shelf life of the meat, add rock salt for some flavor, white pepper, and garlic powder, you can also use other herbs like rosemary, chicken powder, and other flavoring to make it suited to what you like, if you want to make it even different, make it cheesy with some cheese powder and some cubed cheeses, add some sour cream powder by using onion powder and garlic with any other powders to create a different ‘Spam’ or luncheon mix flavor mix. Then add some cornstarch to make it crispy when you cook these with oil in the final process, cayenne or paprika for some heat, replace them with shichimi for some Japanese flavor, or add some gochujang for a Korean take. Once of the important ingredient is the pink salt or also known as the curing salt. Pink salt is different from the usual pink salt that we know off, this isn’t the Himalayan salt that we use as a ‘healthy’ option of the usual salt. This pink salt is a curing salt is used to give the meat a pink hue and to extend the shelf life, used for food preservation and slows the growth or bacteria. These are then mixed well before adding cold water to bind them all together. To prepare and form them well, prepare a llanera or any mold you have available, add in the meat mixture, pressing them as you add them in. once all the meat mixture have been added to the molds, cover them well with foil. This is important to keep them clean and sealed fro curing and when you’ll be steaming them, avoiding any droplets of water that might get added. Cure these for 2 – 3 days to really bring out the flavors and make them mesh well to combine it together flavor wise and for the preservatives to work well.

After the curing stage, you’ll need to precook them similar to how spam are made, these are cooked or semi cooked to just need a few minutes to fry after. When you’re ready to serve. these are steamed for half an hour or so till they’ve looked lighter and some even contract from the sides, it looks juicy rather than raw. Take them off the molds once they’ve steamed and cooled to make sure these will come out whole. If you have a hard time taking it out, scrape the side before carefully banging it down to the plate. Keep these in a sealed container or plastic. These can be kept in the fridge for 3 weeks to a month or more in the chiller. To cook and serve, simply slice them to pieces and fry them till they’ve turned dark or charred on each side.

These homemade spam are best served with rice and some eggs, or as a sandwich with some sauces and veggies if you’d like.

Homemade Spam

Course: Main, SnacksCuisine: American



Start your own luncheon meat factory right at home


  • 1 kilo regular ground pork

  • 2 tablespoons sugar

  • 1 tablespoon rock salt

  • ½ teaspoon white pepper

  • 1 tablespoons cornstarch

  • 2 tablespoons salt

  • ½ teaspoon pink salt (curing salt)

  • ½ teaspoon garlic powder

  • ½ teaspoon white onion powder

  • ¼ teaspoon cayenne

  • ½ cup cold water


  • In a bowl, mix the ground pork, sugar, rock salt, white pepper, garlic powder, cornstarch, cayenne, and pink salt. Mix well. Pour in the cold water and mix till these are well combined.
  • Use a scale and place a small llanera on top, pack the meat into the llanera, making sure each mold is around 300g or more. Use any mold you prefer if you don’t have a llanera available.
  • Press the meat down and make sure these are compressed to the mold. Cover the top with foil, making sure all of them are sealed well.
  • Cure the meat mixture in the chiller for 2 to 3 days.
  • To pre-cook, prepare a steamer and place the llaners in. steaming them for 30 minutes, letting these cool completely before removing from the llanera.
  • To store, keep them in a plastic or airtight container, adding some of the sauce or fat. Seal and refrigerate until these are ready to be cooked.
  • To cook, slice the spam into thin pieces, fry in a lightly oiled pan for 2 – 3 minutes on each side, take it off the pan and serve.

Spam is actually just a brand name for the luncheon meat, similarly these canned meats are typically called luncheon meat but the brand got so popular we’re all too familiar to call them as Spam. Introduces since the 1930’s, popularized by 2003, which was then sold in 41 countries, in 6 continents and trademarked over in 100 countries. These became so popular its become a pop culture icon, notably seen in a Monty Python sketch which repeated the brand name so many times that the name was made into a term used to call unsolicited electronic messages in email.

Homemade Spam recipe (tagalog)


  • 1 kilo pork giniling
  • 2 kutsarang asukal
  • 1 kutsarang rock salt
  • ½ kutsaritang puting paminta
  • 1 kutsaritang cornstarch
  • 2 kutsaritang salt
  • ½ kutsaritang pink salt (curing salt)
  • ½ kutsaritang garlic powder
  • ½ kutsaritang onion powder
  • ¼ kutsaritang cayenne
  • ½ tasa malamig na tubig

Paano lutuin

  1. Sa mangkok, haluin ang pork giniling, asukal, rock salt, puting paminta, garlic powder, cornstarch, cayenne, at pink salt. Haluin ng mabuti. Buhusan ng malamig na tubig at haluin ng mabuti.
  2. Gamit ang timbangan, lagyan ng maliit na llanera sa itaas,punuin ng giniling, suguraduhing ang bawat molde ay may 300g o mas madami. Gumamit ng kahit anong molde kung gusto.
  3. Pindutin pababa ang hinalong giniling at siguraduhing nasiksik ito ng mabuti. Takpan ang itaas ng foil, suguraduhing selyado ito.
  4. Icure ang mga ito sa chiller ng 2 o 3 na araw.
  5. Para ipre-cook, maghanda ng steamer at ilugar ang mga llaeras sa loob. Isteam ito ng 30 minuto, palamigin bago tanggalin sa mga llanera.
  6. Para tago sa ref, ilagay sa plastik o lalagyanan na pwedeng maselyado, isama dito ang sauce o taba, iwanin ito sa red hanggang gusto mo nang lutuin.
  7. Para lutuin, hiwain ang mga Spam ng maninipis, iprito sa kawali na may konting mantika ng 2 – 3 minuto sa bawat gilid, tanggalin sa kawali at ihanda. 
How to make Homemade Spam
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