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Chicken Legs

Chicken Legs also known as ‘Drumstick Chicken’ or just ‘Drumsticks’ cooked sauteed, baked, whether fried, braised, dripping in gravy or any type of sauce. This part is incredibly tender, flavorful and foolproof enough that it will almost always stay juicy. One of the most coveted parts of the chicken, but why exactly are many inclined to choose this part among any other parts? Check out the article to find out “How long do you fry chicken legs?” or “What to make with chicken legs” and some list of delicious recipes by Yummy Kitchen.

what are Chicken Legs ?

A Short Introduction

One of the best parts of the chicken, the drumstick is the easiest to cook and eat, meaty, tender, easy to add and manipulate into dishes, as well as hold onto. Sometimes called the “Drumstick Chicken” a name given to the part as they resembled percussion drumsticks from the 1500’s. This part of the chicken with the bone in is usually fried, marinated and braised with or without the skin on, baked, added into soups and stews, or grilled into a beautifully charred barbecue.

Compared to the whole chicken, chicken breast, thighs, wings, or chicken feet. You’ll notice that one you open a bucket of fried chicken the best part is typically the leg which is given to the birthday celebrant, the elder of the family, or the youngest. It’s the best in terms of because it is the part the chicken exercises the most, making it meaty and full of flavor. Though if you do prefer a healthier piece the breasts might be the best choice though these do dry faster when cooked, the thigh are the best choice for those new in cooking chicken as these are the juiciest and tender a guaranteed crowd pleaser, but the leg is the best part not only because it is slightly healthier than the thighs, it’s also because of the flavor, dark meat, skin that perfectly covers the whole part, ‘built-in’ handle, and being quite affordable compared to its other chicken-body counterparts. Sold bone in with just the whole leg sometimes with the thighs still connected. Find a Yummy Kitchen’s delicious list of baked, pan-fried, sauteed, stewed and more fried chicken drumstick recipes below!

Chicken Legs article


  • How much are drumstick chicken calories ?

It has around 155 calories for a serving of 100 grams. Depending on the dish, pan fried chicken legs (pan fried chicken drumsticks) will have lesser calories than braised chicken legs that have more salt and other ingredients, especially compared to bacon wrapped chicken legs which one has to account for a lot more ingredients. Just make sure to enjoy the dish in moderation.

  • For Baked Barbecue Chicken legs or Oven roasted Chicken legs

For crispy baked chicken legs. Depending on how big or thick the drumsticks are you might wonder. What temp is chicken leg done? Here are some estimates :

  1. How long do you cook chicken legs in an oven at 425°F? Around 40 to 50 minutes.
  2. How long to cook chicken legs in an oven at 350°F at least 40 to 55 minutes.
  3. How long to bake chicken legs at 375°F an estimated 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Do make sure to check if the chicken is not pink or when you poke it with a fork the juices that come out are not pink. Cook for longer till it turns clear.

  • How to air fry chicken legs ?

Make sure to marinade this well before placing the drumsticks in the air-fryer basket over parchment on making sure to coat the basted with oil. These should be lined in a single layer before cooking in 400°F for 5 -7 minutes or till its as crisp or as golden brown as you like.

chicken leg quarters

Chicken Legs Recipes (Drumstick Chicken recipes):

Looking for chicken drumstick recipes for dinner? Or simple and easy to do healthy chicken drumstick recipes? Yummy Kitchen has a great list of the best ways to cook these drumsticks down below!

fried chicken legs
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