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Sizzling Hotdog and Meatloaf

Sizzling Hotdog and Meatloaf is Filipino meat platter made with meat loaf, hotdog, onion, ketchup, oyster sauce, butter, pepper, chilies and sugar. This recipe is quick, easy but extraordinary. Make your canned goods more flavourful and extra special by turning them into a sizzling dish! With a sauce adjusted to the Filipino palate, the sizzling meat loaf and hotdog will truly make our inuman longer and happier! Yum!

Sizzling hotdog


Sizzling is a word which means “very hot” when you looked it up on the dictionary. With this meaning, there are two interpretations of sizzling when it comes to food. Me and my friend had a mini debate on what a sizzling dish really is. We tried different restaurants and got their best-selling sizzling dish and see what we got.

Sizzling is usually associated with sisig. But to be honest, anything can be a sizzling dish if you’d make it to.

What me and my friend found out is that in a sizzling dish, either the food is super spicy with a lot of chilies or the food is served on a sizzling plate while sizzling. Most of the time, sizzling dishes are super spicy dishes served on a sizzling platter. In the end, no debate needed, right?

How is a sizzling platter different from other serving plates? Serving plates are usually made of different materials like glass, porcelain or ceramic. They are created beautifully as using them adds to the overall presentation of the food.

Meanwhile, a sizzling plate/platter is made up of cast iron with a wooden plate underneath. The concept of using sizzling plates is to contain the heat of the food until it reaches the customer or the person to eat it.  In this way, the final cooking of the food is finished right in front of the person! Now I understand why most sizzling plates crack a raw egg on top and then the egg cooks as the plate cools down.


If you look into life closely, you’ll notice that all sizzling dishes are so good as pulutan. Why do you think is that so?

Sizzling plates are a must-have during night celebrations full of drinking. It may be anything from sizzling sisig, bangus, tofu, squid and so much more. Aside from kalderetang kambing, sizzling plates are one of the best scored by my drinking buddies.

As mentioned, you can make a sizzling dish out of anything you want. Some of my drinking buddies did a surprise visit in the middle of the week simply because we miss each other. In these kind of situations, quick thinking will save our pulutan.

I saw my canned goods at the pantry and immediately spotted my meatloaf. Got up to the fridge and saw my hotdogs. These two ingredients will make a good combo for a sizzling plate. One good thing in using these two is that they are seasoned already, and is already palatable. I made a quick ketchup-based sauce and coat them babies out.

Some kids who passed by our drinking table sometimes get some meatloaf and hotdog pieces. I knew they also liked it. With that, I added this dish to the family dinner where I added bell peppers for a hint of freshness and I used green chilies instead of red.

If you like a quick and cheap pulutan recipe or looking for a simple dinner leveling up your canned goods at hand, try this sizzling meatloaf and hotdog recipe!


Prepare to be amazed as this might be the easiest sizzling dish you can ever imagine. With our two main ingredients being already ready to use, this dish will be ready in a blink of an eye!

Cut your meatloaf and hotdogs in whatever cut you like. I prefer them to be medium-sized as to kind of resemble meat chunks. Fry both of them separately and then prepare the sauce.

The sauce is very quick and simple to make. All you need to do is to saute the onions for a bit just to extract its sweet flavor, and then add the ketchup, oyster sauce and butter. That’s it! When every ingredient come together. Add the meatloaf and hotdogs in the pan and make sure to coat every single piece of them. In this recipe, I added bell peppers and chilies which are totally optional. Green chilies are not really that spicy, best for those with a low heat tolerance but wanted to try eating spicy dishes.

And now, the best part happens. Transfer the hotdogs and meatloaf to a sizzling plate and serve them while sizzling! Some people adds raw egg on top of this dish and you can try that one too. The sizzling truly adds salivation to the mouth!

Don’t rush too much when eating this sizzling meatloaf and hotdogs because it might burn your tongue. Enjoy it with rice or eat as a tanpuluts! Inuman na!

Sizzling Hotdog and Meatloaf

Course: Easy Meals




  • 1 can meat loaf

  • 6 to 7 pieces hotdogs

  • 1 large onion

  • 1/2 cup ketchup

  • 2 tablespoons oyster sauce

  • 2 tablespoons butter (or margarine)

  • 1 small bell pepper (sliced)

  • 2 pieces green chilies (chopped)

  • pepper to taste

  • 2 teaspoon sugar


  • Prepare the meatloaf and cut them into cubes.
  • Prepare the hotdogs and slice them into small wedges.
  • Heat some oil in a pan. Stir-fry the hotdogs until light brown. Once browned, remove from the pan.
  • Stir-fry the meatloaf until light brown. Once browned, remove from the pan.
  • Reduce the oil from the pan. Saute the onion for a few minutes. Add the ketchup, oyster sauce and butter. Cook the sauce for a few minutes.
  • Add the hotdogs and meatloaf. Stir gently until each piece is well-coated with the sauce.
  • Add the bell peppers and green chilies. Season with some pepper and sugar. Stir gently and let it cook for a few minutes.
  • Transfer the sizzling meatloaf and hotdogs to a sizzling plate. Enjoy it as an ulam or as a pulutan. Yum!
Sizzling Hotdog and Meatloaf

Sizzling Hotdog and Meatloaf Recipe (TAGALOG)


  • 1 lata ng meat loaf
  • 6 – 7 piraso ng hotdog
  • 1 malaking sibuyas
  • 1/2 tasa ng ketchup
  • 2 kutsara ng oyster sauce
  • 2 kutsara ng mantikilya (or margarine)
  • 1 maliit na bell pepper (hiniwa)
  • 2 piraso ng siling pansigang (hiniwa)
  • paminta
  • 2 kutsarita ng asukal


  1. Tanggalin sa lata ang meatloaf at hiwain ng cubes.
  2. Ihanda ang hotdogs at hiwain ng maliliit na piraso.
  3. Magpainit ng mantika. Iprito ang mga hotdog hanggang maging light brown. Tanggalin sa kawali.
  4. Iprito ang meat loaf hanggang maging light brown. Tanggalin sa kawali.
  5. Bawasan ang mantika sa kawali. Igisa ang sibuyas ng ilang minuto. Ilagay ang ketchup, oyster sauce at butter. Haluin at lutuin ang sauce ng ilang minuto.
  6. Sunod na ilagay ang pinritong hotdog at meatloaf. Haluin hanggang malagyan ng sauce ang bawat piraso.
  7. Ilagay ang bell peppers at siling pansigang. Budburan ng konting paminta at asukal. Haluin at lutuin ng ilang minuto.
  8. Ilipat ang sizzling meatloaf at hotdogs sa sizzling plate. Samahan ng kanin o gawing pulutan. Sarap!

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