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Pan Bread Pizza

This pan bread pizza is made by topping a bread loaf with pizza toppings created using pizza sauce, cooked ham, mozzarella cheese, red onion, and bell pepper. Make homemade pizza without needing any special equipment or ingredients! The pan bread pizza recipe uses slices of loaf bread for the pizza base, and the topping options are limitless! Perfect for an afternoon snack

Pan Bread Pizza


Pizza cravings are totally unpredictable. You can just be sitting peacefully and, out of nowhere, you imagine that delicious and overloaded pizza you ate days ago. And that’s literally what happened to me.

I am a big fan of the local pizza parlors. #SupportLocal They are the ones with small stalls and are usually located beside the public market. What I like most about these pizzas is that they are less salty and much simpler. Even at a very affordable price, these pizzas are delicious and enough to satisfy my intense pizza cravings. As a midday snack, pizza literally motivates me to finish the day with happiness. 

I always bring local pizza as a pasalubong after my weekly grocery. I need to make sure to bring 2 boxes of pizza since it is a great hit among my family. There was a random week that my favorite local pizza parlor was temporarily closed. Our week wasn’t the same since then. My pizza cravings got more intense in which I literally drool over pictures of pizza on the internet.

With some slices of loaf bread lying at out counter, I thought to myself, why not make it into pizza? With this easy-to-use pizza base, I can make a lot of pizza in just one loaf of bread. I hurriedly completed the ingredients to make this pan bread ham and cheese pizza.

I usually make these using my oven toaster. But if you have none of it, here’s a great hack to enjoy your pizza even without an oven or toaster! This pan-baking method helped me survive a lot of dishes before I had my equipments now. Try this ham and cheese pan bread pizza today!

Ham and cheese pizza was the very first pizza I made using this method. Feel free to explore other pizza flavors and tell me how it went! Happy cooking!

Pan Bread Pizza


Pan bread pizza is a simplified version of our classic round pizza. Instead of making a pizza dough from scratch, we will make use on the readily available slices of loaf bread as the pizza base. The rest of the ingredients will be upon your choice. If you might notice, I didn’t put any quantity on the ingredients list for you to explore and make your pizza how you like it.

Let this recipe be a simple guide if you want to make a ham and cheese pan bread pizza today.

Toast your bread. You can do it by greasing you pan and let it cook until brown sides appear. Alternatively, you can use a bread toaster or oven toaster if available. Lay your toasted bread in a flat surface and start adding the toppings. Start with spreading a nice amount of pizza sauce. You can use tomato sauce of ketchup for a less sour pizza sauce. The rest of the steps will involve decorating the pizza. Add the toppings one by one until you form a nice but overloaded pizza. Make sure to chop the ingredients small to fit the slice of bread. In this recipe, I used mozzarella cheese for that ooey gooey action. This cheese is a bit pricey so if you’re on a budget, you can use any quick melt cheese or regular cheese.

Pan-bake the pizza by placing it in a preheated pan and cover. When the mozzarella cheese melts, the pizza is done. Slice it into two triangles for some authentic pizza vibes. Add some hot sauce if you like it spicy. Enjoy!

Pan Bread Pizza

Course: Breakfast Recipe, Snacks




  • loaf bread slices

  • pizza sauce

  • cooked ham (chopped)

  • mozzarella cheese (grated)

  • red onions (sliced)

  • green bell pepper (sliced into strips)


  • Grease your flat pan with some oil. Toast your bread for a few minutes. Flip the bread to toast the other side. Transfer the toasted bread to a plate.
  • Spread some pizza sauce. Add the cooked ham, onions, bell peppers and mozzarella cheese.
  • Place the bread pizza in a greased pan and cover. Let it cook for around 5 to 8 minutes using low heat.
  • When the cheese melts, transfer the bread pizza into a chopping board and cut into triangles.
  • Serve with some hot sauce on the side and enjoy!

Pan Bread Pizza Recipe (TAGALOG)


  • loaf bread slices
  • pizza sauce
  • cooked ham (hiniwa)
  • mozzarella cheese (grated)
  • pulang sibuyas (hiniwa)
  • green bell pepper (hiniwa ng strips)


  1. I-brush ng konting mantika ang flat na kawali. Tustahin ang 2 piraso ng loaf bread. Baliktarin para matusta ang kabilang side. Ilipat ang toasted bread sa isang pinggan.
  2. Lagyan ng pizza sauce. Ilagay ang cooked ham, sibuyas, bell peppers at mozzarella cheese.
  3. Ilagay ang bread pizza sa kawaling may konting mantika at takpan. Hayaan ito maluto ng 5 – 8 minuto gamit ang mababang apoy.
  4. Kapag natunaw na ang cheese, ilipat ang bread pizza sa chopping board at hatiin sa dalawang triangles.
  5. Iserve kasama ang hot sauce at enjoy!
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