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Misua or “Wheat Vermicelli” are very thin and fragile white noodles commonly found in Chinese cuisine. Originating from Fujian, China, these are made from wheat flour and eggs and are often added into soups and stews namely in misua soup plus the choice of vegetable or meat like patola (ribbed loofah) or meatballs. These are easy to cook and use, typically added at the end of the soup or stew for a few minutes till it turns translucent and soft.

misua noodles packag

A short Introduction

“Misua noodles”, also called “Wheat Vermicelli” (misua in English), or spelled as “Mee Sua” originated from Fujian, China. Some are familiar with these thin and fine noodles found in soups, especially on Birthdays where some Chinese or Chinese-Filipinos eat them in the morning as tradition. A warm bowl of pork or beef soup, with some meat or squid balls, sometimes with a side of boiled eggs, and the translucent noodles completing the hearty bowl of ‘birthday soup’, the noodles (usually any type of noodles eaten during one’s birthday) signifying the family hoping that the birthday celebrant lives a ‘long life’.

The common misua ingredients are as follows: wheat flour and salt, and eggs making them great for absorbing the flavors these are added into. These Chinese wheat noodles are engraved into many traditions. Especially in Asian culture. Alongside many other popular noodles like sotanghon (cellophane noodles), rice noodles, rice vermicelli, soba, ramen noodles, pancit, lomi, and many more. The thin noodles are typically added at the end of the finished soup, being given just 2 minutes or so to simmer with the soup before it turns translucent, indicating that it’s fully cooked.

dry misua noodles or Chinese wheat noodles


  • Misua calories?

Misua noodles calories count to around 201 calories for a serving of 120 grams

  • Where to buy misua noodles

You can find these in almost every grocery in Asia , typically in the noodle aisle. But are usually easily found with more options of brands and thickness in Chinese grocery stores. Though for those who prefer a specific brand or for more convenience, these can be bought online, just make sure to ask for it to be packed well as the uncooked noodles are quite fragile and can break easily.

  • Are there any seafood misua recipes?

There are a number of soups and stews you can add this thin noodles in. From the simple “wheat noodles soup with egg”, to the classic “wheat noodles with patola and chicken” or more interesting choice of “misua soup with shrimp“. You can add this ingredient almost anything as it adds a nice filling or rather, alternative to rice. It also adds an interesting texture to the dish.

Mee Sua Misua noodles close up

Simple misua recipes

  • Misua with Meatballs – a hearty and filling mix of the wheat noodles, homemade meatballs, with extra vegetables like carrots, onions, and garlic, an egg for protein, and a bit of cornstarch to thicken.
  • Misua with Sardines – sautéed sardines (fresh or canned) stewed with a savory sauce made of tomatoes, onion, garlic, and other aromatics and vegetables, then adding these noodles after. You can also add some vegetables to make these Misua with patola and sardines, or remove the fish to make a simple “Chinese wheat noodles recipe with patola” (misua with upo).
"ginisang upo with misua"
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