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Choc Nut

Choc Nut is a small milky peanut flavored chocolate candy ‘bar’ no bigger than a thumb, hits all of the nostalgic points in many Filipino’s childhoods. These are made of milk powder, roasted peanuts crushed to a powder form, cocoa powder, vanilla, and cane sugar. Once an all time favorite kid candy has now evolved into different types of spreads, added into drinks and desserts, and is still beloved by many adults for its nutty sweet goodness with a slight snap.

chocnut Choc Nut wrapper open

A short Introduction

Choc nut history? Not many stories have come out about this snack. Choc Nut, sometimes written as ‘Choc-Nut’ is an iconic candy from a Philippine based company, Annie’s Sweets Manufacturing and Packaging Corporation from Cavite. When was Chocnut invented? Before it was bought by Annie’s Sweets Manufacturing and Packaging Corporation, the Choc nut peanut milk chocolate was made by New Unity Sweets Manufacturing Corporation from Malabon in 2013. Annie’s Sweets owned ‘Hany’ a rival peanut-chocolate snack similar to the Choc nut candy and extended the Choc Nut line with a sweetened chocolate-peanut spread named “Choc nut spread” with a ‘premium dark chocolate’ version of the spread (for those who prefer less sugar) in 2018. Having an elusive history many just know it to have been so beloved and popular in the 70’s and 80’s, and still being produced and eaten today.

The love for this nutty-chocolate snack usually starts from a young age. Fellow Filipinos will remember this candy as an after school treat, or snacking on these during break time at the canteen, are a prize given by parents after you’ve passed a test, or just something to snack on with friends while chatting and playing around. These were once the most consumed children’s snack-candy produced inside the Philippines, exported and sold in many Asian or Filipino supermarkets overseas. Many restaurants within and outside the country also do use this candy to add into dishes for a sentimental effect, or for its interesting taste of peanuts, cocoa, and milk powder. The listed Chocnut ingredients are roasted peanuts crushed to a powder, sugar, cocoa powder, milk powder, and vanilla. It has a perfectly balanced taste with a convenient packaging for on-the-go sweet nutty goodness.

Chocnut prices? These come individually wrapped in thin foil covered with a white paper drawn with the signature red and white horizontal stripes and the name-logo in the middle. Each bronzed colored package comes in either a 16-piece “SP” of 16 grams each, or a 24-piece also called “king sized” that has 8 grams each piece. Both are priced in either 40 to 50 pesos depending on which grocery or sari-sari store you go to. 

While many still enjoy it as a candy you can take a bite off when you need a pick-me-up. Nowadays, it is a bit hard to find in some stores. You can still find this ingredient in some older or bigger grocery stores, sari-sari stores, or online. Added into drinks like smoothies, shakes and cocktails or even just a topping, dessert dishes as an alternative to cocoa like in cakes, brownies, custard fillings, and many more confections. It was so popular that in pop culture (Philippines) it has been featured in Trese, a well-known Filipino graphic novel by Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo, that has been picked up and made into an animated series by Netflix. Where the main character Trese uses a package of this candy bar to bribe ‘nuno’ (spirits), each time in a different variety of sizes.

chocnut Choc Nut wrapper open SP in grocery

Choc nut recipes

  • Chocnut turon – simple, easy, and fried. One of the best ways to get your chocolate cravings. Sweet bananas filled with a few ‘bricks’ of Chocnut, wrapped in lumpia wrappers, then fried to a till crisp till golden.
  • Choc Nut sundae – a simple dish made by melting chocolate and crushed Choc nut mixing till it looks like fudge to drizzle on top of the vanilla ice cream. Topped with a dusting of more Choc Nut to finish.
  • Choc Nut cookies – Use Chocnut instead of cocoa powder to add into your cookies for an added touch of nuttiness and milky flavor.
  • Chocolate Donuts (Choc Nut Donuts) – A deliciously fluffy fried donut filled with chocnut custard filling, dipped in caramel to give you that beautiful golden sheen with a slight crunch on top.
  • Choc Nut Cheesecake – an easy 5 ingredient cheesecake made even better with a few pieces or more of this delightful ingredient.
chocnut Choc Nut wrapper open king

Questions :

  • Chocnut nutrition facts: “Hany” Choc nut calories are around 70 calories per piece, with 9 grams of carbs, 2 grams of protein, and 3 grams of fat.
  • Is Chocnut good for dogs? These are NOT good for dogs as they do contain cocoa powder (chocolate) that has a small hint of caffeine and theobromine that dogs cannot digest easily. While it does not seem like there are effects, the build up of chocolate can become toxic to pets and might lead to problems or worst, death. Do consult a vet if they were given any chocolate based food.
  • Choc nut vs Hany: Though both are made in the same company, and have similar tastes. These have small differences like Choc nut being more dry and Hany being more moist due to Hany using peanut oil which the other does not have.
chocnut Choc Nut wrapper open

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