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Pork Chops

Pork chops also called the ‘loin cuts’ are one of the most popular and priciest part of the pig, and is sometimes referred as the equivalent to a beefsteak and can be cut in various shapes, sizes, with the bone in or boneless. The easiest to cook and can be pan-fried, grilled, broiled, roasted, with many more ways and is favored by many as it’s almost foolproof as these have a good ratio of fat and lean meat, creating a juicy and tender dish when cooked.

Pork Chops grocery

A short Introduction

The Pork chop typically comes from the upper portion or the shoulder to hip area of the pig. A popular leaner cut for many reasons, they come in many shapes, thickness, and sizes. Here are the regular pork chop-cut styles you can find in the market.

  • Pork Loin chop – with the bone left in is a sought after slab of meat that looks like a t-bone steak.
  • Pork top loin chop – similar to pork loin but without the bone, sometimes called pork loin filets.
  • Pork Sirloin chop – comes from the lower loin close to the hip making them very lean and is best braised or boiled for a long period of time to soften. A flavorful but tough part of the pork.
  • Pork rib chops – also known as the ‘rib-eye’ is the part where all ribs are aligned in one side with the other part being the lean meat holding it all together.
  • Pork shoulder chop – from the shoulder, has a lot more connective tissues, fats and is darker in color, similar to sirloin it has to be braised or boiled longer to tenderize.

Like every other meats, they can be sold and served per portion served accompanied with side dishes and sauces. A favorite choice of the masses, this cut of meat amounts to a total of 10% of pork cut consumption in the United States. You can find many pork chop marinade, pork chop brine, and pork chop seasoning options you can find online to make yourself, or for a quick dinner or party fix you can buy pre-made packed in the market.

Is pork chop the best part? For many it is the easiest and most versatile part to cook. Enjoyed by many as showcased by the many boneless pork chop recipes and bone-in pork chop recipes found in the internet. The meat prepared in many different ways from cooking pork chop in the oven, pork chop with an air fryer,grilling to brining, boiling, sauteing and more that suits your preferences, taste, and circumstances, will almost always leave you with a  tender and juicy satisfying and filling meal.

Pork Chops

The best Pork Chops recipes to try :

  • Honey Pork Chops, one of the easiest ways to enjoy pork chops, a sweet and savory glistening sauce made of honey and oyster sauce, with added spices to make the dish even better.
  • Coca-cola Pork chop, this might seem unfamiliar to some, but if you’ve ever seen this in an Asian restaurant, don’t waste your chance to try it out! Tender pork highlighted by the delicate irresistible red sauce covering the whole meat.
  • Pork Katsudon, a fried pork chop recipe hailing from Japan, favored by many for its crunchy outer batter and juicy, soft meat inside.
  • Paksiw na Pork Ribs, a budget friendly meal to the paksiw na lechon recipe. Using pork ribs instead of lechon, sauteed with lechon sauce and other aromatic spices.
cooked Pork Chops
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