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Homemade Tomato Paste

Homemade Tomato Paste is a tomato concentrate that makes your pasta, soups and barbeques and is made from tomatoes and oilve oil. Tomato paste is an intense flavorful ingredient, which helps as a delicious addition to your dishes to give it not only a velvety red color but also imparts a natural umami flavor. Follow our Tomato Paste reccipe to make this recipe at your home..

Homemade Tomato Paste

Who invented the this savory red paste?

The tomato was introduced in 1815, Greece under the Ottoman domination it wasn’t till the half of the 1800’s that the tomato found a home in Italy’s lands. When it was finally grown and accepted it was considered a vegetable worth being preserved to use in the winter. For mountainous and poor area in Greece, homemade tomato sauces were considered a luxury. Tomatoes in the 19thcentury were only available in the summer as refrigerators were still readily available, thus cost conscious women from cities and tomato producing cities or areas made tomato paste to be able to have them readily available in the winter. In 1911 the first canned tomato by the Manoussakis brothers was made, as owners of the Kyknos canning company, they manufactured around 1000 cans of tomato paste and peeled tomato cans. By 1902, the the popular paste was exported to Egypt and Turkey; this gradually became a major agricultural good.

This red savory paste is an ingredient associated to Italy. Becoming commercially available in the 20thcentury. This is traditionally made in Malta, Southern Italy, or Sicily, by reducing and spreading out tomato sauce on wooden boards set outdoors to dry out in the warm Summer weather till it turns into a paste and looks thick enough, scraped up and molded to a rich dark red colored ball. Nowadays this artisan version is harder to find. The industrial version of making tomato pastes are much thinner, while the commercial production use thick pericarp walled tomatoes with lower moisture, different from tomatoes you typically find in the market or groceries. Manufactured tomato paste usually acts as a stabilizer or a thickener and often has additional herbs and spices added on, some even have options for double or triple concentrated tomato paste which are even more potent.

Homemade Tomato Paste recipe

How to enjoy Homemade Tomato Paste?

This paste has an intense flavor compared to it’s puree or sauce counterparts. These are typically added early in the cooking process to seep in a stronger flavor or sautéed with to get that nice aromatic caramelization. Some dishes you can use the tomato paste in would be pasta sauces especially in creamy bases, in lasagnas, pilaf rice, spiced fried rice, tomato risotto, soups, as a crispy sauce to coat with in for fried chicken or chicken wings to chicken parmesan sauce, you can even add them in ramen for something different, chilies, nasi goring, meatball stews, and braised meats. An example of using a tomato paste is basically adding a tablespoon or two in tomato sauce or broth, simmering with a sprinkle of basil and garlic or any more seasoning you like to make a nice pasta sauce to pour over your choice of pasta noodle, or to have a more intense flavor cook the pasts with the sauce to make it really cling into the noodles, and you’ve just made an easy spaghetti lunch, or just by adding tomato paste in your marinated beef makes a big difference to your usual barbeques and beef dishes. Tomato paste in an easy way to add some savory tomato flavoring in your usual rotation of meals. 

This rich in flavor, thick, and saporous seasoning is jut the piece de resistance to any tomato-based dishes you’ll be doing in the future.

Homemade Tomato Paste

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small jars

A homemade kitchen staple especially for pizza and pasta days!


  • 3 kilograms tomatoes

  • 1 tablespoon olive oil


  • Wash the tomatoes then slice them to chunks.
  • Cook the tomatoes in a pot at low heat, covered for 20 minutes, stirring regularly.
  • Blend the cooked tomatoes on medium speed till smooth. Transfer the tomato puree in a bowl.
  • Pour the puree over a strainer placed over a bowl. Stir the puree over the strainer to squeeze out the juice and separate the seeds and skin.
  • Once you have a smooth tomato puree. Transfer this into a pan and cook on low heat covered for 5 hours. Stirring often. The texture should be thick and dense.
  • Transfer into a container, mix in olive oil. Then transfer these into jars to preserve.
  • Cover the jars only after it’s cooled. And its ready to be left in the fridge and used for all your tomato based dishes!

Recipe Video

Tomato paste is a staple pantry item especially for those who love making and eating pasta or pizza, or a quick fix of pizza toast. It transforms a plain meal with just a few tablespoons and creates that vibrant red gorgeous color that creates such a pleasing looking dish that also looks like you’ve made extra effort on. A little bit of tomato sauce goes a long way which is why you find them sold in groceries and supermarkets in a small opaque packaging, or in small or medium sized glass jars. This tomato concentrate is a great way to mix up your dishes especially if you want a bite of something oozing with flavor.

Homemade Tomato Paste recipe (tagalog)


  • 3 kilograms kamatis
  • 1 kutsarang olive oil

Paano lutuin

  1. Hugasin ang mga kamatis ang hatiin sila ng tipak.
  2. Lutuin ang mga kamatis sa malaking palayok na may mababang init ng 20 na minuto. Haluin paminsan-minsan.
  3. Iblend ang mga lutong kamatis sa katmatamang bilis. Pagkatapos, ilipat ang puree sa mangkok.
  4. salain ang puree sa pansala na may mangkok sa baba. Pisilin habang hinahalo para maghiwalay ang juice at and balat at mga buto-buto.
  5. Pag makinis na ang itsura ng puree. Ilipat ito sa pan at lutuin sa mababang init ng 5 oras. Ihalo ito paminsan minsan. Dapat magmukang makapal ito.
  6. Ilipat sa lalagyanan at haluan ito ng olive oil. Ilipat sa mga jarapon para mapreserbahin.
  7. Takpan ito kung hindi na maiinit. Handa na ito iiwan sa ref at gamitin kung kinakailangan!
How to make Homemade Tomato Paste
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