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Hash Browns

Hash Browns are fried crispy cheese filled golden bars made with grated potatoes, corn-starch, salt, cheese and oil. Addictive crispy golden bars for breakfast! Hash browns are the most sought out breakfast items in the mornings, from McDonalds to home made ones. These little bars of golden savoury goodness are not something you’d want to miss out on! Follow our Hash Browns recipe to make this scrumptious breakfast dish in your home.

What are Hash browns?

Hash browns are mainly composed of potatoes, grated and sautéed to soften, mx with cornstarch and sometimes the suggested additive of seasonings aside from salt.

Formed into the shape we commonly see today and fried lightly or deep fried to a to give you a satisfying golden crisp, ready to serve to the next customer awaiting it. Considered as part of the American diner culture or seen in a Full English breakfast platter. Hash browns have become part of the food culture and breakfast scene since the 1890’s.  The term “hash brown” was coined a shorter name for “Hashed browned potatoes which was written and first mentioned by food author, Maria Parloa in 1888. 

“Hashing” was a concept in the 1500s which was a dish made of chopped meat, potato and fried onions. this was defined as a term applied to food that are finely chopped in preparation to be served similar to how corned beef or shredded roast beef looks. Hashed food were commonly sided with sauce, eggs, or gravy.

Traditionally hash browns are potato based, and commercialized as such especially by Fast food restaurants, which served exclusive breakfast items and combos. While the dish was getting popular as time went, more and more styles of hash browns were created, and example bing adding corn, garlic, and chilis with a side of salsa and guacamole which were eaten in the southern area of United States. 

Why try making these fried potato goodness ?

Hash browns are rich in dietary fiber from potatoes, though it is advisable to use healthier oils like vegetable, canola or olive oil to get better benefits when frying. Or depending on some, baking is one way to go about getting the crispiness out of potatoes. 

Try out this recipe and get your mornings started with this easy savory delight!

Hash Browns

Course: Breakfast Recipe, Snacks




  • 1 kilo potatoes

  • cold water

  • 2 tablespoons oil

  • ½ cup corn starch or potato starch

  • 1 teaspoon salt

  • Cheese (optional)

  • Extra oil for frying


  • Clean and prepare the potatoes. Peel the skin and suing a grater, grate these to thin or small pieces. Place then into a bowl and fill this with cold water. Wash this for a bit and use a strainer to squeeze out the remaining liquids. Set aside.
  • In a pan at medium heat, add 2 tablespoons of oil and the grated potatoes. Sauté these for 3 – 5 minutes or till these are soft. Take these out.
  • In a bowl, mix the potatoes, corn starch or potato starch, and salt.
  • To Form; Version 1: Place 1 cup of potato mix in the middle of 2 parchment papers. Use a rolling pin to flatten. Cut this into a square and remove the sides. Cut this in half then cut vertically to form rectangles. Take these out and fix the sides.
  • Version 2: Form a ball with 2 tablespoons of potato mix. Flatten and mold this into an oblong with your hand.
  • Version 3: to add the cheese, flatten the potato mix and add cheese in the middle, cover with another flattened potato mix and seal the edges by pinching these together.
  • To fry; in a pan at medium heat, add enough oil to cover the pan. Add the hash browns and cook for 10 – 15 minutes on each side. Or till it turns golden.
  • Cool on a rack before serving with ketchup.

Recipe Video


  • When using potato starch, frying may take 15 to 20 minutes for give it a nice golden brown.
  • You can also freeze these and fry for the next day. May sure to keep these in a zip lock bag and leave them in the freezer for 2 weeks to a month.

Hash Browns Recipe (tagalog)


  • 1 kilo patatas
  • malamig na tubig
  • 2 kutsarang mantika
  • ½ tasa corn starch o potato starch
  • 1 kutsaritang asin
  • Keso (opsyonal)
  • Mantika pang prito

Paano Lutuin:

  1. Handain and malinis na mga patatas. Alisin ito ng balat, kudkuran ang mga patatas para magnipis o lumiit ang mga ito. Ilagay ito sa mangkok at ibabad sa malamig na tubig. Haluin ito ng konti at salain o ipiga hangang mawala ang natitirang mga tubig. Itabi.
  2. Ilagay ang kawali sa kalan na may katamtamang init, lagyan ng 2 kutsarang mantika at ang mga patatas. Lutuin ng 3 o 5 minuto o hangang lumambot. Tangalin ito sa kawali.
  3. Sa panibagong mangkok, haluin ang mga patatas, corn starch o potato starch, at asin.
  4. Para ma porma

Version 1: Ilugar ang 1 tasa ng hinalo na patatas sa gita ng 2 parchment papers. Gamitin ang rodilyo patgain ito. Hatiin ng parisukat, tapos hatin sa gita, hatiin muli ng pahaba para makabuo ng rektanggulo. Itanggal ito at ayusin angg mga gilid.

Version 2: Magporma ng bola gamit ang 2 kutsarang patatas na halo. Patagin at iporma ng pahaba gamit ang mga kamay.

Version 3: para madagdagan ng keso, patagin ang hinalo na patatas at lagyan ng keso sa gitna, takpan ng hinalo na patatas at imolde ng mabuti para matakpan ang mga gilid.

5. Para iprito, ilagay ang kawali sa kalan na may katamtamang init. Lagyan ng mantika hangang ,matakpan ang kawali nito, ilagay ang hash browns at lutuin ng 10 – 15 na minuto sa bawat gilid, o hangang mag kayumanggi ito ng kulay.

6. Palamigin sa rack bago I handa kasama ang ketchup.

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