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The galunggong fish or the blue mackerel scad, round scad, maachili or shortfin scad. Is a staple fish in the Philippines, a very relevant fish that the price of the round scad is said to be the barometer of the Philippine’s economy. Some even joke that this should be the Philippines’ national fish. The galunggong fish benefits aren’t to be missed! From lowering your cholesterol to giving the body it’s needed vitamins and nutrients. This humbly simple affordable fish isn’t just good for the body, it also tastes absolutely great with just a simple sprinkle of salt and pepper, fried and dipped with toyomansi (the combination of calamansi and soy sauce).

what is a fried galunggong fish blue mackerel scad, round scad, maachili or shortfin scad

One of Philippine’s favorite fish

A famous fish found in the Philippines. The Galunggong in English, ‘Blue Mackerel Scad’, ‘shortfin scad’, or ‘round scad’, sometimes referred to as ‘gg’ pronounced as ‘gee-gee’ in shorthand in some parts of the Philippines. These fishes are caught around the waters of the South China Sea and are dubbed as the ‘poor man’s fish’ in the Philippines.

What kind of fish is galunggong? This fish has been one of the more affordable fish for a very long time. Usually smoked, or pan fried, grilled, and always served with rice, occasionally with vinegar or calamansi on the side as a dip. This fish is so popularly cooked in Filipino homes there’s even a running joke on changing the national fish title from Bangus (or Milkfish in english) to Galunggong. That’s saying something about this small but definitely delectable fish.

full body of a fried galunggong fish blue mackerel scad, round scad, maachili or shortfin scad

Galunggong Nutrition Facts

Fish might be the first type of meat we think of when we want to be healthy. Galunggong  calories (Round Scad calories) come to around 115 grams per serving. These can be easily found in the Philippines and has as much health benefits you can find in many variety of fishes, these are just some examples:

  • Like most fishes, Galunggong is rich in potassium and omega-3 fatty acids. Lowering the risk of heart disease.
  • Omega 3 also helps treat depression from work and studies. Studies have provem that eating fish elevates one’s mood. It acts like an antidepressant.
  • Rich in vitamin D and calcium, which helps strengthen the bones and teeth.
  • Delays aging, this fish is filled with amino acids, protein, and collagen keeps the inside and outside the body healthy. Keeping the skin firm and tight.
  • Provides DHA required for the brain nerves to perform better. Helps prevent or at least keeps against getting Alzheimers.
  • Helps with maintaining a healthy vision, with a high level of vitamin A found in this fish.
  • These can also prevent the possibility of cancer as it contains all these nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Which help fight against free radicals and toxic substances.
head of a galunggong fish blue mackerel scad, round scad, maachili or shortfin scad

Galunggong recipes ( Round Scad recipes ): 

They are typically chilled depending on where you buy them. Just note that when buying the fish, they must still have bright eyes NOT bloodshot, the body should also be a shiny silver to make sure these are fresh. Plus, while these will smell a bit fishy as do all seafood,  they should not have a strange smell and feel too soft. Before buying,  check out some of our favorite Yummy Kitchen recipes for galunggong fish!

  • Adobong Galunggong – the best known Filipino dish ‘Adobo’ fused with galunggong! Chances are this dish will taste just as amazing. A soy sauce-based dish with a bit of heat, made more savory and rich with tomatoes.
  • Lumpiang galunggong – prefer a snack than a whole meal? This nutritious FIlipino snack is a mix of vegetables, aromatics, sauces, all rolled into a crispy rice wrapper.
  • Sarciadong Galunggong – the fish is simmered in a savory sauce before adding the eggs, making it similar to an omelet, great for a filling breakfast.
  • Or make the simple  fried galunggong recipe:
    1. Give the fish a good wash, patting them dry with a kitchen towel.
    2. Toss these with some rock salt while heating up the oil.
    3. Once the oil is hot enough add in the round scad cooking one side till golden and crisp, flipping making sure both sides have turned a nice golden brown.
    4. Place over a strainer or over a plat lined with a kitchen towel to remove excess oil.
  • After frying some sautee these after with sweet and sour sauce to make this Sweet and sour galunggong recipe.
fried galunggong fish blue mackerel scad, round scad, maachili or shortfin scad

A staple fish you can find in many Filipino household’s fridges. It’s an easy to cook fish that tastes great, with little to no effort, even without the need to remove the scales since they’re small enough and adds a crunch factor when cooked. In just a simple salt and pepper seasoning, then fried, to more complex but still easy dishes like paksiw, ‘steak-fry’, and escabeche. Any way this fish is made it’s sure to be a tasty filling meal paired with a freshly cooked steaming cup of rice.

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