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Embutido is a filipino-style Meatloaf cooked by steaming. It’s a meat mixture with carrots, raisins, cheese, eggs, and other ingredients. It is wrapped in aluminum foil and steamed for about an hour. Usually served with ketchup, either fried or reheated by steaming.

Embutido Recipe

Embutido is the one of the popular recipe in Philippines and it is very tasty and delicious. If you are looking how to cook embutido then this recipe will guide you step by step to make a wonderful filipino embutido. This is one of the best embutido recipe and will show you how to make embutido. So we hope you will enjoy this authentic filipino embutido


Optional FILLING:


1. In a large mixing bowl, combine ground pork, carrot, bell pepper, pickle relish, onion, garlic and raisins. Add salt and pepper to taste. Add the grated cheese as well. Then, mix well.

2. In separate bowl, combine egg, milk and breadcrumbs. Mix well. Then pour to the meat mixture. Mix well until well-combined. To know if the taste is right, fry a small amount and taste. Adjust the salt and pepper as needed. Once ready, prepare to wrap.

3. Cut the foil into rectangles. This will serve as wrapper for the embutido. Spread some margarine or butter in a foil. Scoop some mixture and spread. Put desired fillings (this is optional, pwedeng wala). I put some hotdogs, cheese sticks and hard-boiled eggs. Then roll the foil to form a log-like. Secure both ends.

4. Arrange in the steamer and steam for 1 hour. The water in the steamer must be boiling already. After steaming, Let it cool before removing from the foil.