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Ginataang Tulingan

Ginataang Tulingan is a Filipino fish stew made by simmering tulingan in a cream made with coconut milk, egg plant, ginger, onion, garlic, pepper, salt, fish sauce, green chili and vinegar. This Ginataang Tulingan recipe will guide you to cook Ginataang Tulingan with step by step instruction, Ginataang Tulingan ingredients and procedure. Impress your family and try this dish for your lunch today!

Ginataang Tulingan recipe


Whenever I pass to some karinderyas as I walk home, ginataang tulingan is one common dish from them all. But I am so sorry to these karinderyas because my mom makes the best ginataang tulingan at our place.

Tulingan is a very popular fish in my hometown, Batangas. You get a really big piece for your money’s worth. Here in our place, no tulingan is wasted. Just like a pokemon, it evolves. Tulingan is commonly first cooked as sinaing na tulingan. Salty, yes, but everyone really love it. When one wants to recook the sinaing na tulingan, it evolves into fried tulingan. For the second time that the tulingan will be recooked, it will evolved, finally, to ginataang tulingan. It’s a cycle many Batanguenos do. Somehow it became a tradition.

Sorry to sinaing and fried tulingan but the ginataan version of the tulingan is my favorite. Fish really does go well with cream or gata. The sauce of the ginataang tulingan enhances the flavor of the fish and compliments it with some rich creaminess. Some people I know uses heavy cream instead of the coconut cream but I prefer the one with the coconut cream, and that’s what will I share with you in this recipe. Another added points to this ginataang tulingan is that it ensures my vegetable intake. Ginataang tulingan is not complete without the eggplant but it really goes well with most of the vegetables.

How to cook Ginataang Tulingan


Dealing with fish recipes is actually not complicated than when you first imagine it. Grab you tulingan, clean the body and remove the gills. Do not forget to bend and pull the fish’s tail. For some reasons, some people have an allergic reaction to it. Score the body so that the fish can absorb more of the flavor later. A lot of fish are slighltly bland. But it is good since it can be a good blank canvass to a variety of wonderful dishes. What we are going to do now is to layer different flavors to the fish.

First, we are going to simmer the fish with just the aromatics and some vinegar. The vinegar helps with getting rid of the fishy smell of the fish. Next, add the coconut milk and just let it cook without a cover. The eggplant and chillies are added last since it cooks fast. When the eggplants are cooked, you are nearly done! Just wait a little for the oil from the coconut oil to come out, then yum! You can now enjoy your spicy and creamy ginataang tulingan! Serve it with hot rice and enjoy!

Ginataang tulingan with vinegar

Vinegar is added while cooking ginataang tulingan To improve the taste and reduce the fish smell. It also help to increase the shell life of the dish by fighting fungus.

Ginataang Tulingan Calories

If you look nutrition information about ginataang tulingan and its calories please this

Calories per serving (kcal) 329.3
Carbohydrates (g) 3.8
Proteins (g) 19.1
Fat (g) 26.5
Dietary Fiber (g) 0.5
Calcium (mg) 60.5
Iron (mg) 2.5
Sodium (mg) 296.8

Ginataang Tulingan

Course: Fish Recipes




  • ½ kilo tulingan

  • 1 ½ cup coconut milk

  • 1/3 cup vinegar

  • 1 thumb-sized ginger

  • 1 medium-sized onion

  • 4 cloves of garlic

  • ½ teaspoon black pepper

  • 1 teaspoon salt

  • Fish sauce to taste

  • 2 medium eggplant

  • 3 to 5 pcs green chili


  • Prepare the tulingan. Bend and pull out the tail gently. Score or slit the body of the fish. Discard the tail and wash well.
  • Arrange the fish in a pan. Add the chopped ginger, onion, garlic, black pepper and salt, vinegar. Cover the pan and simmer for 5 minutes using medium heat.
  • Flip the fish to cook the other side. Cooking until the vinegar dries up. Lower the heat and pour in the coconut milk.
  • Simmer uncovered to prevent the coconut milk from curdling. Basting the sauce into the fish as you cook. Add the eggplant slices and whole chilies. Continue cooking until the eggplant is cooked.
  • Do some taste test. Season with fish sauce. When the coconut’s oil starts to come out, it’s ready. Transfer to a serving plate. Serve with hot rice and enjoy!

Watch this Ginataang Tulingan Recipe Video

Paano Magluto ng Ginataan na Tulingan


  • ½ kilo tulingan
  • 1 ½ tasa ng gata
  • 1/3 tasa ng suka
  • 1 thumb-sized luya
  • 1 sibuyas
  • 4 na butil ng bawang
  • ½ kutsaritang paminta
  • 1 kutsaritang asin
  • patis
  • 2 pirasong talong
  • 3 hanggang 5 piraso ng siling pangsigang


  1. Ihanda ang mga tulingan. Baliin at hilahin ang buntot ng mga ito. Hiwaan ang dalawang gilid ng mga isda. Itapon ang mga tinanggal na buntot. Linisin ang mga isda ng mabuti.
  2. I-arrange ang mga tulingan sa kawali. Ilagay ang mga hiniwang luya, sibuyas, bawang at ang paminta, asin at suka.
  3. Takpan ang kawali at hayaan itong maluto sa loob ng 5 minuto gamit ang katamtamang apoy.
  4. Baliktarin ang mga tulingan para maluto ang kabilang side. Hayaan itong maluto hanggang matuyo na ang suka. Bago matuyo ang suka, babaan ang apoy.
  5. Ilagay ang gata. Hayaan itong kumulo gamit ang mababang apoy. Huwag nang takpan ang kawali para hindi mag-curddle o mabuobuo ang gata. I-baste ang isda gamit ang sauce nito.
  6. Ilagay ang mga hiniwang talong at sili. Hayaan lang ito hanggang maluto ang mga talong at hanggang lumabas ang mantika galing sa gata.
  7. Tikman ang sabaw. Lasahan ito gamit ang patis.
  8. Kapag lumabas na ang mantika galing sa gata, congrats! Ready na ang ginataang tulingan. Pwede na itong ilipat sa serving plate.
  9. Ihain ito kasama ang mainit na kanin. Enjoy!

I hope you like this recipe of Ginataang Tulingan! Don’t forget to comment for questions or leave feedback when you try this delicious Ginataang Tulingan Recipe! Happy cooking!

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