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Chili Garlic Sauce

Chili Garlic Sauce is a popular dip sauce in Philippines and Southeast Asia, made by boiling a blend of red chili, garlic,, cooking oil, sugar and salt, then adding vinegar as tastemaker and preservative. This homemade Chili Garlic sauce is with fresh ingredients without any chemical preservative and have the same flavour and taste of that spicy sauce served in south Asia, Philippines, Thai and Vietnamese restaurants. This yummy kitchen recipe will show you how to make this recipe in your home.

A Small Introduction

If you are spicy lover like me, this homemade chili garlic sauce is perfect for you. Made with fresh chilies and garlic, this chili garlic oil would totally turn your boring dish into something hot and savoury. This is perfect for dumplings, siomai, soups and other sautéed dishes.

I love to add this sauce to my foods as it gives extra flavor especially on soups. The only problem is that most of store-bought chili garlic oil are too expensive. They usually come in a small bottle which can only last for a few days in our house since I am not the only one who loves it. So, the solution is to make my own homemade chili garlic sauce in larger batch.

How to Cook Chili Garlic Sauce

Cooking chili garlic sauce is pretty simple especially when you have the right equipment. I start by removing the stalks of the chilies and peeling the garlic. I make sure that I wear gloves when doing this as one time, I tried without gloves and I felt my skin and hand burning. Ouch! Lesson learned.

After peeling all the garlic and removing the chili stalks, time to put them in a blender. In this recipe, I used blender to make it even easier and more simple. Add cooking oil together with the garlic and chili and start blending it. I pulse it for the first few seconds then blend it until crushed and turned into tiny bits. I want my chili garlic oil with bits so I didn’t over blend it.

The harder part of making chili garlic oil is the cooking. Altho, it is pretty simple as letting it cooked in low medium heat, the cooking time might be a little longer depending on how much you are making. In this recipe, I cooked it for 40 minutes to get the right consistency and color of the sauce. Longer but low medium heat cooking would ensure longer shelf life without burning the chili and garlic. So the key here is PATIENCE.

Chili Garlic Sauce Recipe

Chili garlic sauce or chili garlic paste can be made in home with this recipe. If you are looking for how to make this sauce then this garlic chilli sauce recipe will help you to make homemade chili sauce. This is actually an asian garlic chili sauce and will be considered as hot chilly sauce. We are sure that this will teach you step by step how to make this sauce and you will get fresh and authentic garlic chili paste

Chili Garlic Sauce

Course: Sauce


Bottles (3oz)


  • 250 grams Chili (Siling Labuyo)

  • 150 grams Garlic (3 large heads)

  • 3 cups cooking oil

  • 2 tablespoon sugar

  • 1 tablespoon salt

  • 2 tablespoon vinegar

  • 1 teaspoon ground black pepper

  • 1 tablespoon oyster sauce (optional)


  • Wash the chilies then remove the stalks.
  • Put the chilies in a blender. Add the garlic and cooking oil. Blend for a few seconds until it becomes tiny bits. Do not over-blend.
  • After blending, pour in a large pan. Cook in low medium heat while stirring continuously. Cook for around 20 to 25 minutes until the chili changes color.
  • Then, add the other ingredients. Add the sugar, salt, black pepper and oyster sauce. Stir until well blended.
  • Add vinegar. After adding vinegar, do not stir for 3 minutes. Just let it boil. This is to avoid “raw taste” of the vinegar. After 3 minutes, stir and cook for another 20 minutes.
  • Once the chili and garlic is cooked, remove from heat and let it cool completely.
  • Put in a clean dry jar with lid.

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